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Which one do you prefer, men with hairy chests or men with smooth chests? Why or why not? Moreover, do you have a hairy or a smooth chest, guys? 

Anyway, did you know that 40 percent of men feel ashamed of their chest hair? 

This is according to a survey of 2,000 men conducted by OnePoll on behalf of BAKblade in 2019.  According to the results of the study, 55 percent of their respondents revealed that they are embarrassed of their body hair in general, while 20 percent of them confessed that “they feel this way ‘often.'” 

Their embarrassment of their body hair, often leads them to avoid swimming (31 percent) or the gym (27 percent). In addition, the study found that nearly 20 percent of the respondents feel that their body hair has had a negative impact on their sex lives. Read the study in full here.

How true is this study for you, guys? More importantly, should men feel ashamed of their hairy chests? 

Speaking of shame, it isn’t just hairy men who feel embarrassed, or have confidence issues, and who feel anxious about their chests. A gay man on Reddit revealed that he avoids “pools, locker rooms, beaches and every single place where you have to be shirtless only because I don’t really have chest hair.” He added, “When someone tells me that I’m attractive because I don’t have chest hair, I’m losing all my interest.”

When asked why he feels this way when he’s being complimented, he explained that he didn’t like being smooth. That it feels like he’s still in a body of a boy, not a man’s body. He elaborated, “And if someone likes that I’m smooth, I feel like it’s all about liking my boyish body and I don’t like it, because I want to be treated like a normal man.”

A gay man on the same thread confessed that he finds men with hairy chests attractive, “Especially when they’re wearing a t-shirt, and then you can see some little hairs come out at the bottom of their neck. The imagination of the rest of their chest hair gets me going lol.”

Some guys, of course, find hairy chests unattractive. One guy in particular, thinks his attraction to hairy chests get old quick especially he said, if the hair is all over the guy’s body and not just his chest and stomach. For another guy though, it’s a revelation. He said he didn’t know he liked it until he started dating a guy who had a sexy AF chest hair. He added, “Still like the hairless chests too but damn, cuddling up to a man with a nice chest full of hair is awesome.”

Meanwhile, one man confessed: 

I’m pretty much exclusively into bears so obviously I love body hair on men. That being said, I like smooth too. Doesn’t have to be either or. I like hairy guys because they’re hairy and smooth guys because they’re smooth. Men are just hot.

What about you, guys? Which one do you find more attractive, men with hairy chests or men with smooth chests? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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