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Yes, there are gay Muslims, too, and this romantic comedy film titled Breaking Fast gives us a glimpse on how it is to be gay and a Muslim at the same time. 

Breaking Fast, which was written and directed by Mike Mosallam, follows the love life of a gastroenterologist from West Hollywood named Mo (played by American-Lebanese actor Haaz Sleiman, The Visitor).  Mo is in his 30s, a religiously observant gay Muslim, and someone who is reeling from heartbreak. 

A year ago, Mo was unceremoniously dumped by his closeted boyfriend Hassan (played by Patrick Sabongui). Hassan, who has a religiously conservative family, has decided to marry a woman. 

Fast forward to today, Mo is still trying to put back the pieces of his broken heart. But then he met an all-American aspiring actor named Kal (Michael Cassidy, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) through their mutual friend Sam (Amin El Gamal). There was no denying that sparks flew between the two, but why did they have to meet just when Mo’s about to observe the holy month of Ramadan? You see, during Ramadan, Mo must fast every day from dawn to sunset, which means no food, no water, no sex, not even impure thoughts! Will Mo find love anyway? Watch the movie’s trailer below!

The film’s writer and director Mike Mosallam told HuffPost during an interview that Breaking Fast was “born of his own frustrations with the lack of queer Muslim representation in television and film.”

Mosallam said in a statement:

I was really stumped when asked about what best represented a journey like mine in film and TV. I could not think of an answer. … A lot of Julia Roberts’ rom-coms taught me what it meant to love, to receive love, to give love, even though none of those characters looked like me. So it was really me wanting to insert myself, and my journey, into a familiar structure.

Further, Mosallam said, “Above all, I want audiences to see this film as an ideal. I’ve tried to create a sense of happiness for people in a time of real divisiveness.” He added, “Whether a person feels this film represents them or not, I hope it’s enough to make them share their true authentic story or their version of their lived experiences.”

You can watch Breaking Fast on Apple TV, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

Happy viewing!

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