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Hey, guys! Does anybody here wear nail polish?  

We’re bringing this up because we stumbled upon a thread on askgaybros asking the first question mentioned above as the original poster (OP) is thinking of painting his nails. As for the second question, well, we often read this concern online. 

Anyway, one of the respondents named gouplesblog replied, “No, I’ve never seen the point, but 👏 to the guys who do.” While another reader named NV7X admitted, “Tbh I’ve been considering it—just starting with black probably.” Then he added, “I was thinking about trying some light makeup too but was worried I might break out haha.”

In contrast, reader Geavanny is already into nail polish and fake nails. He said, “I went for a walk with my sister; both of us are wearing fake nails. I look masculine enough and people didn’t seem to get weirded out. Society is progressing.” 

Meanwhile, respondent Valus_ said that nail polish on men is a turn off for him. He shared, “Personally no. I’m all for men being ‘able’ to as it’s literally just paint on nails, but like some others in here I just don’t find it appealing on others.” Further, he explained, “Def [Definitely] some hard ingrained gender roles going on in my head there because I don’t mind at all on women, yet it’s a turn off on men for me. Yet at the same time my brain supports everyone doing whatever they want. We love a conflicted cerebrum.”

All that being said, can men wear nail polish?

We say you do you, whatever that may be—which, in this instance, is wearing nail polish—if that’s what you want, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others, then why not? 

In any case, according to Esquire, “2021 is the year of the manicure,” they explained that “men everywhere are more and more comfortable wearing nail polish.” The magazine mentioned Ansel Elgort and Harry Styles as among those who are part of the “Menicure Movement.”

Going back to our initial question, do you wear nail polish? If not, would you? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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