The year 2020 has been particularly challenging for everyone because of COVID-19. Which is why now, more than ever, it is important that we get ourselves a Christmas gift—something nice, or perhaps something naughty—this holiday season. 

Besides, we are always focused on buying our friends and family gifts that we forget one important person: ourselves. 

Anyway, even with the COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon, we believe that the coming months will still be more about staying and feeling great inside the comforts of our home. With this thing in mind, we have chosen eight amazing gifts that you deserve to give to yourself. Take a look below:

  • Mariah Carey’s memoir co-written with Michaela Angela Davis titled The Meaning of Mariah Carey – we have a lot of me time at home right now so it’s the best time to discover the story behind Mariah Carey. There’s her dysfunctional family, her sister who tried to sell her to a pimp, her friendships with people who wanted to take advantage of her and her money, her marriage with Tommy Mottola which was a nightmare for her. 

Indeed, life is never simple, especially when you’re someone like Mariah. With this book, we learn that there’s always something more to people than meets the eye. Purchase The Meaning of Mariah Carey here.

  • Bro Mask – it’s a Korean face mask designed for men. This 100% hydrogel face mask is power packed with 12 vitamins, collagen, and plant extracts and works by targeting breakouts, blemishes, fine lines, sun damage, and redness. Bro Mask hydrates your skin, giving you a vibrant glowing skin. You can purchase Bro Mask here and don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter to get 10% off your first order.
  • Mühle Rytmo, Four-Piece Chrome and Resin Shaving Set – we all use a shaving kit, but why not buy a nice one?  This high-quality product is German made and it comes in a complete set which means you already get a high-grade brush, closed comb safety razor “for a close, efficient shave,” a rust-resistant metal soap dish, and a stand. Get it here.
  • Men’s Classic Fit Piped Pajamas – because we all need a pair and why not buy a comfortable one? This pair of pajamas boasts of its ability to help you withstand the cold winter akin to Scottish weather thanks to its unbelievably soft and warm brushed cotton fabric. It is available in sizes ranging from small to XXXL, too! Get it here.

  • Le labo scented candle – there’s nothing more amazing than taking a bath surrounded by scented candles! It’s a quick way to destress and clear our minds. CEDRE 11 or the classic candle is one of the ultimate candles in my opinion. There are other scents that you can choose from here but this one is super masculine and nice.

  • Barack Obama’s memoir titled A Promised Land; purchase it here. In the memoir, the former U.S. president talked about the evolution of his attitude regarding LGBTQ rights and how he, as a teen, used anti-gay slurs along with his peers. Further, Obama also revealed how his Aunt Arlene “felt obliged to introduce her partner of twenty years as ‘my close friend Marge’ whenever she visited us in Hawaii” among many others. 

  • Adam4Adam’s New Mesh Jockstrap – because we all should own something sexy in our underwear drawers. Get a pair here for $14.95 or two, because you know, one is never enough! Adam4Adam’s new Mesh Jockstrap is available in sizes ranging from small to XXXL.

  • English Bull Dog Harness with Cock Strap – because we already talked about something nice, and because we also deserve something naughty this Christmas. Nothing screams “we’re gonna fuck” more than a piece of leather harness so wrap up yourself or your partner with this English Bull Dog Harness with Cock Strap to set the mood. Buy it here!


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