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A duo’s COVID-19 parody video of Beauty and the Beast’s “Be Our Guest” is currently making waves on social media, guys, and for all the right reasons!

Titled Wear a Mask, the song is a public service announcement of sorts reminding viewers to well, wear a mask. And there’s a bonus, the song contains an amusing and biting lyrics courtesy of singer-songwriter Noah Lindquist. Lindquist performed the song as well together with Ashley Young

Wear a Mask takes aim at Trump and tells people that COVID-19 is not “just the flu,” that we “are not oppressed.” 

It reminded everyone to “Get your head out of your ass!” and to “Try to think of someone other than yourself.” The song also explained that while we are “ignoring science and the docs,” that our “ignorance is showing as the death toll keeps on growing.” 

Most importantly, Wear a Mask encourages people to “try not to be so grouchy” and to instead “have some faith in Fauci.”

In the first verse, Lindquist sings:

Wear a mask. wear a mask/Is this really much to ask?/tie some fabric round your face. Oh, it’s the simplest of tasks!/At the gym, at the store…/Don’t treat it like such a chore!/No, these mandates aren’t malicious/All your theories are fictitious!/Stop the lies, stop the fights/No one is taking away your rights!/All this speculation makes me need a flask./

Lindquist then encourages listeners to educate themselves: 

Come on and read some data/All you mask debaters, wear a mask/Wear a mask! Wear a mask!

I totally thought “mask debaters” were something else entirely until I’ve read the subtitle of the video. You’ll have to listen to the song to see what I mean. Anyway, Ashley Young then sings:

It’s a mask! It’s a mask!/Heaven’s sake, it’s just a mask!/Such a shame that asking folks to follow rules gets you harassed./You can shout. You can glare/But listen, Karen, I don’t care!/

The song then takes a jab at anti-maskers: 

Never seen folks so dramatic…/…over a fucking piece of fabric!/”HaRd to BReAtHe!”/”fEelS ToO hOt!”/Quit your bitchin’/There’s a thought!/Suck it up!/And don’t you give me any sass!

Watch the video below:

We thought that not only is this song golden, it could not have come at a better time, too!

But the “‘darkest’ period of the coronavirus pandemic is still to come,” says Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.

Dr. Osterholm added that “the next six to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic.” 

Speaking with “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, Dr. Osterholm also said that “vaccines will not become available in any meaningful way until early to third quarter of next year.”

“And even then, half of the US population, at this point, is skeptical of even taking the vaccine,” Dr. Osterholm said. “So what we have right now is a major problem in messaging.”

Watch the show’s interview with Dr. Osterholm at the 23:35 mark:

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