We’re midway through summer 2020, guys, how is your sex life faring?

We are asking because we stumbled upon this article from health.com titled, “Sex During the Coronavirus Just Isn’t Happening—and It’s Totally Normal” and it’s made us curious just how true this is for you, our beloved Adam4Adam readers.

According to the article, NBC News conducted a study wherein at least 50% of roughly 11,000 survey participants revealed that “coronavirus has negatively impacted their love life.” The article added, “That’s a lot of people not dating, not being intimate with others, and most likely not having sex.”

If you are stuck in a sex rut like many others, Ian Kerner, PhD, has several suggestions on how single people can improve their sex life amidst the coronavirus pandemic (Dr. Kerner is a New York City-based psychotherapist and sex counselor). Check out some of his suggestions below:

  • Take sexy selfies
  • Take up sensual dancing
  • Read erotica
  • Explore our sexual fantasies 

Further, Dr. Kerner said, “Don’t be so hard on yourself—there’s light at the end of the tunnel.” He reminded readers that we can reach orgasms even without a partner—that we just need to “Find ways to stay connected, get in touch with your fantasies and things that are unique to you and turn you on.”

Meanwhile, Los Angeles-based psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez revealed that her clients have taken up “reading sex books, watching porn, buying sex toys, talking to their partners about fantasies and having more relaxed sex” during their quarantine at home.

And below are the many ways Adam4Adam can help you get out of your sex rut (But before that, we’d like to remind you first to reread our previous article titled “Sex Advice in the Time of Coronavirus” as there is a surge in coronavirus cases everywhere):

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