The New York Times reports that Kious Kelly, a 48-year-old assistant nurse manager at Mount Sinai West Hospital in Manhattan, is the first nurse to die because of the coronavirus in New York City. Kelly was also a gay man.

According to the New York Times, Kelly first tested positive for COVID-19 back on March 18. Kelly also had asthma and by the time he tested positive he was already in the Intensive Care Unit and breathing with the help of a ventilator. He died March 24.

Kelly’s death is being blamed on the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the employees of Mount Sinai West Hospital. According to a source talking to the New York Post, the hospital already had supply issues for close to a year now. An anonymous nurse also told the New York Post that the hospital should be held responsible for Kelly’s death.

New York has been struck hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 37, 258 cases reported as of Thursday morning. According to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, 53 percent of the state’s total cases are aged 18 to 49. Cuomo also warned that New York’s coronavirus crisis could last for as long as nine months.

Thursday also saw America become the country with the biggest number of confirmed coronavirus cases at 81,578. China has 81,285, while Italy has 80,539.

According to the March 25 World Health Organization situation report, there have 413,467 confirmed coronavirus cases all over the world. The number of deaths stands at 18,433. The European Region has the bulk of confirmed cases at 220,516, with the number of deaths at 11,986.

Experts continue to recommend social distancing and the washing of hands as an effective way of stemming the spread of the virus.

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