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As cases continue to mount around the world, it is only proper that we keep ourselves informed about what is true and what is not about COVID-19.

To help everyone out and ensure that everyone has the correct information at their fingertips, here are 14 debunked myths about the coronavirus compiled by the World Health Organization.

1. Hot and humid climates do not stop COVID-19

The World Health Organization says this is simply not true, as all scientific evidence shows that COVID-19 can be transmitted in all areas, whatever the climate may be.

2. COVID-19 cannot be killed by cold weather and snow

In the same way that hot and humid climates cannot stop the spread of COVID-19, snow and cold weather cannot kill it as well.

3. Taking a hot bath does not make you safe from COVID-19

Whatever the temperature of your shower, your body temperature remains anywhere from 36.5 degrees Celsius to 37 degrees Celsius.

4. Mosquito bites do not transit COVID-19

The coronavirus is not like dengue, which is transmitted through mosquito bites. What is spreading COVID-19 are droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose.

5. Hand dryers do not kill COVID-19

Hand dryers do nothing towards the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. Handwashing with soap and water is what stops infection.

6. COVID-19 cannot be killed by an ultraviolet disinfection lamp

The World Health Organization warns that rather than kill the coronavirus, an ultraviolet disinfection lamp is going to end up causing its users’ skin irritation.

7. Thermal scanners cannot detect people with COVID-19

What thermal scanners do is detect people with fever, which is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection. That said, it does not detect asymptomatic people — people who have the coronavirus but are not showing any symptoms yet. This is because it takes anywhere from two to 10 days before an infected person starts showing symptoms like fever.

8. COVID-19 cannot be killed by dousing yourself in alcohol or chlorine

If you already have the coronavirus, spraying yourself with chlorine or alcohol is not going to remove it from inside your body. Both chlorine and alcohol, however, can be used to disinfect surfaces that may have the coronavirus.

9. Existing pneumonia vaccines do not work against COVID-19

There is currently no vaccine for the new coronavirus. Vaccines for pneumonia and the flu will not protect you from it.

10. Rinsing your nose with a saline solution does not protect your from COVID-19

No scientific evidence exists that confirms using a saline solution on your nose will protect you from coronavirus.

11. Garlic will not prevent COVID-19 infection

Garlic has a lot of health benefits. Unfortunately, coronavirus prevention is not one of them.

12. Only older people are affected by COVID-19

While older people are more prone to become severely ill when they catch COVID-19, this does not mean that they are the only ones that get infected. People of any age can catch the coronavirus.

13. Antibiotics will not treat COVID-19

The coronavirus is a virus. Antibiotics work against bacteria and will not be of any help against COVID-19.

14. There is no medicine for COVID-19

COVID-19 is so new that there are currently no medicines available to prevent or treat it.

The best thing that can be done right now is to regularly wash our hands and to practice social distancing. Stay safe out there!

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