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Do A4A users lie about their height here on Adam4Adam? If so, how did you feel when you met them in real life and it turned out that they lied to you about their height? Did they still get a second, third date from you? Moreover, does height matter to you? Would you say that height is a major factor or even a deal breaker for you when it comes to choosing a partner, boyfriend, a hookup etc.? 

A survey says that yes, majority of gay men have height preferences but that “these preferences were dependent on the participant’s own height,” meaning, taller men “preferred shorter partners, whereas shorter men preferred taller partners.” Further, they found out that men who “preferred a more dominant and more ‘active’ sexual role preferred shorter partners,  whereas those that preferred a more submissive and more ‘passive’ sexual role preferred taller  partners.”   

How true is this for you, guys? Meanwhile, some of the gay men in Reddit have spoken and they’ve confirmed the findings of the research but it’s not quite what you think. For instance, those blessed with towering heights said that it’s because when you’re already tall—when your height is already 6’3,” 6’5,” or 6’8″—it’s rare to find someone who is taller than you which kind of makes sense when you look at it that way. But the challenge lies in the fact that indeed, when you’re that tall, people expect you to top which, of course, we know is one of the myths in gay sex.  

Having said all that, do LGBT people lie about their height online? The Redditors said that yes, they’ve met some who apparently lied about their height, but is height a deal breaker for them? Some said it is while others said it isn’t. Lying, however, is another matter, they say. They think that if a person lied about their height, then they can only imagine what else that person is lying about so no second date for them, thank you very much.

What about you, guys? Do you care about height? Do you have a height preference? Is lying about height actually a thing online and offline? Sound off below!

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