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Yes, it is a little stereotypical imagining a gay couple happily raising a dog together. But as a study by the website has discovered, there may be something behind that stereotype after all. As it turns out, the relationships of LGBTQ couples are improved once they adopt a dog.

As reported by QNews, is a pet-sitting website that looked at how romantic relationships are affected by the inclusion of a dog. What the website found out is that whatever their sexual orientation, 56 percent of couples tend to spend more time together of they also had a pet dog, resulting in a stronger relationship.

Another thing that the study found out was how seriously couples tool pet adoption. Compared to opening a joint bank account, the study participants viewed adopting a pet dog as a bigger commitment. More than 30 percent of the study participants also said that they would not date people who were not into dogs.

LGBTQ couples distinguished themselves from their straight counterparts when it came to what to do with their pets should the relationship end. Only 12 percent of the straight couples had any arrangements for their pets in case the two of them split. LGBTQ couples were more involved, with 21 percent of them having a “pet-nup” in place with regards to sharing custody once the relationship ends.

The study also pointed out that perhaps another reason why adopting a dog improves a relationship is perhaps because couples — whatever their sexual orientation — view it as preparation for raising actual children.

The study also revealed other ways that dog ownership can impact a relationship. Because some couples share a bed with their dog, 17 percent of them saw a decrease in their sex lives. A third of the couples also revealed that since they preferred always having someone at home pet-sitting, they have ended up spending less time together as a couple.

Adam4Adam blog readers who have pets, how have your furry friends helped or hindered your relationship? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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