Over the past year, Adam4Adam has introduced several new elements and features, and one that we’d like to discuss here is “I am”, an element that is very important if you want to maximize how often you are being seen by other users.

What is the “I am” feature exactly? Once you sign up on Adam4Adam, you can now either register as a trans, a couple, or a male. Basically, you get to say “I am a male, a couple, or a trans.” This isn’t just a cosmetic change, either. We introduced this particular feature to make it easier for you to find your match. So for guys looking for Trans only, or couples for threesome or group, or just guys, it is now easier than ever, you can simply identify who you are looking for when you use there search feature. If you’ve left this info blank in your own profile, you won’t appear in searches. If you’ve been on Adam4Adam for many years, this field is now blank on your profile, so please make sure to identify who you are in order to come up in searches.

There are two ways to go about filling this feature. If you’re using the Adam4Adam website or mobile website, go to Edit Profile, click the “I am” field, and select either male, couple, or trans. If you’re using the Adam4Adam app, tap your own profile, select the pen icon so you can edit your profile, scroll down to “I am,” and then select either male, couple or trans. It’s really easy to do and it will definitely have an impact on your visibility on Adam4Adam.

What are you waiting for? Fill up the “I am” feature right now so you get better chances at finding the right person. Oh, and if you didn’t download Adam4Adam app yet, please do it here if you are reading this from your mobile. For those who wish to become VIP and enjoy amazing features, go this way, for guys who wish to make money and advertise their services on Adam4Adam, become a PRO here, and if you’d like to support Adam4Adam and donate to help us improve our website and app, it’s here! Thanks guys!

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