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Survey: Are You Ready For a Gay President?

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Fox News’s YouTube Account)

One of the attendees in the recently concluded Fox News Town Hall event—held in Claremont, New Hampshire and hosted by Chris Wallace—asked Mayor Pete Buttigieg if “America is ready for a gay president with a husband?” (Watch second part of the clip below for the aforementioned moment).

Mayor Pete answered that he does and he also reiterated how it’s important for him to be out, adding, “At the end of the day, it’s worth trusting voters with that choice and that they evaluate you for who you really are.”

He received a standing ovation at the end of the event but let’s go back to the question at hand. What about you, guys, do you think America is ready for a gay president and a married one at that? 

Results of a national poll conducted by Quinnipiac University among U.S. voters revealed that “70 percent, including 46 percent of Republicans, say they are open to electing a president who is a gay man.” However, 52 percent of the very same respondents said that “the U.S. is not ready to elect a gay man as president.” The university, by the way, surveyed 1,044 voters nationwide. You can read the results of their poll here.

Often, I’d read online comments saying it’s not about someone else’s sexuality but rather it’s about his qualifications. In reality, the Equality Act and various other non-discrimination laws exist for a reason but never mind that, we are digressing, we are here to ask you this: what about you, what do you think? Are you ready to have a gay president? And what are the qualities that you are looking for in a president? Do you think he has these qualities? Sound off in the comments section below!

We leave you with a video that gives us a closer look at Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s life and career and some reactions on Twitter after the event.

Happy viewing!

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  1. Kirt28202

    I vote for the person I think can run this country, so it doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight or bi sexual. I would vote for him, because of his intelligence and military experience, but wouldn’t base it on the fact that he is gay.

    That was easy…….

  2. Glenn

    if you vote for him because he is gay or refuse to vote for him because he is gay and not because he is or isnt the best person for the job then your what is wrong with this country and this man is not the solution for this countries problems the liberals are what is wrong with this country for 3 years they have done nothing but spend taxpayer money with witch hunts passing no bills and doing nothing but crying about a lost election. get over it and look at what is actually happening the economy is booming unemployment is the lowest its ever been and we are growing as a country again. But the ignorance hate and stupidity of loss blinds those to that fact. SAD

    • Wayne

      Man this economy is a carryover from Obama’s policies. The present president hasn’t appointed not one person whose suited for o the position they hold re are ill equipped. I do agree that this guy won’t be the right on for the country, because like tRUMP he caters to a certain segment of the people. This trade war, the wall ect is money out working people pockets…..

      • FBC

        Carry over from Obama’s policies? Damn man, I want some of whatever it is that you’re smoking. The economy is booming because of deregulation and cuts to the corporate tax break. PERIOD! My city was HQ for Chiquita Banana for a few years. Back when we had almost the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world and Obama was President. They packed up, like so many other companies and moved to Ireland. Obama’s administration increased the corporate tax rate to 33% and Chiquita left. Ireland’s corporate tax rate is 12.5%. Why is this concept so hard to grasp? This is why and how we lose our jobs man.

      • Greg Esres

        What’s ignorant is not realizing the economy has been growing steadily since 2010. What’s ignorant is not realizing that the GOP grows the deficit every time it controls the budget, but the deficit starts going down when the Dems are in charge. What’s also ignorant is not realizing that the Democratic party really isn’t that liberal and, for the most part, Obama continued similar policies as the Bush Administration, without the invasions.

      • Branden

        I would definitely not vote for Mayor Pete, especially on the merit that he is gay. I think people voting for him based on the fact that he is gay and that they want to see glitter bombs during inauguration is sad. CHECK YOUR FACTS!
        He’s been mayor for 8 years with no strides in homelessness, crime, or education…he won with 8,515 votes in a city with over 100,000 residents!!! He can’t even run a city let alone the US.
        So many gays are walking away from the insanity that is called the liberal party. Seriously wake up. Trump is going to win by a landslide in 2020 and I am gay and will be voting for him. My body my choice right?

  3. Hunter0500

    US voters are as ready for a gay candidate as they were over 5 years ago for a woman. The woman lost, however, because her campaign admittedly spent far too much time bashing President Trump and Conservatives than demonstrating where she would take the country and how she and the Democratic Party would do it; failing therefore to pull enough Independents and Left-leaning Conservatives toward them. The “massive herd” of fractured Democratic candidates are, unfortunately, doing the same. Right now, President Trump’s numbers are creeping toward positive and economic numbers are better than they have been in a long time. Democrats are bashing him and continuing to discuss “Impeachment”, something that wouldn’t even come to fruition for months, if not years. House Speaker Pelosi can’t even stick to a position of “go for” or “no go for” impeachment. Along the way, the Party is locking Conservatives toward Trump and repelling the many in the middle they need to move their way.

  4. franz

    It would be wonderful , but the world would be in culture shock. I say lets do it just to push their buttons..hehe.

  5. DJ Smith

    If he had conservative values, strong spiritual beliefs, had good business sense, good moral values committed in his relationship and experience with world affairs I would consider him as a REPUBLICAN candidate. NOT as a part of the nutty stupid inexperienced inept haters in the Liberal sesspool of a democratic party

  6. DayShadow

    I don’t trust the majority of gay men now so I’m sure as hell not trusting one as my president. Gay people have a long way to go. Too bad they majority of you are entrenched with shoving your sexually down everyone’s throat and your preoccupation with your cock instead of concentrating on developing the content of your character. And no, I don’t have issues with self loathing, I trust and love myself. It’s the majority of you I don’t trust. You’ve all well defined that as a punchline.

  7. Randy

    NO. To be identified as a “gay president “ would be the opposite of equality. The person who is elected should be so based on merit and experience. What he/she does or loves in their private life is no ones business and no one should care. For anyone to think they have to announce what makes their dick hard or to think the public should care is obviously not suitable to be president.

  8. Bill

    yes, American is ready for gay president but not for an ultra liberal socialist president…We are the richest country in the world and we got that way through capitalist government. once we allow a socialist to get power it’s very difficult to get rid of him….The latest country to fall to socialism is Turkey….so sad, The greatest danger to a democratic government is the people will vote for the person who offers them the most goodies..

  9. Phillip Link

    Even tho i like mayor Pete its not going to happen ! America will not have the rest of the world saying that , ” Look at Americans, they elected a actual cock sucker for persident!” an anyone with any scence knows thats true. Wish it wasent but there you have it.

  10. Hank Crandell

    He speaks well on his feet but lies like a fish. His policies are so far left he’s likely to fall off the cliff. I’m prepared for a gay president, but not this guy.

  11. Robbie

    The thing is with Pete is that hr is a corporatist. We need to not focus on what his sexuality is but more on his policies. Which btw he has none. We need someone in office that has a record of standing for the right things before they were popular. Equality for all. Healthcare for all. Unions and a living wage and free college. Bernie is the only one running that has bern consistent on these issues that would help move the country forward and not backwards.

  12. Matt

    He’s unelectable. He’s 100% identity politics i.e. “Vote for me solely because I’m gay.” A gay president? Sure! One with a last name that sounds like an anal toy? Nope! Trump will win easily in 2020 because all the Democrats have are identity politics candidates and tokenism burned us before. As a gay man I would never vote for a candidate solely because he is gay and asking “Are you ready for a gay president?” make it tokenism.

  13. Greg Esres

    Mayor Pete seems like an impressive guy, but he’s basically running on personality, just like Beto, and not on any progressive agenda. If you’re in favor of progressive policies, Pete hasn’t yet shown he should be a top contender.

  14. kinky daddy

    First of all Mayor Pete wouldn’t be the first gay President. We’ve had two other closeted presidents. We all know who they were but it isn’t talked about cause they don’t want to out them. Secondly it shouldn’t matter who he loves or has in his bed at the end of the day. What matters is if he has the head and ideas to get this country on the right path. Pete is the only one of all the Dems running that makes any sense so wake the fuck up people and do the right thing and make this man our next President.

      • Nathan


        It is considered “De Facto” that James Buchanan was our “First, Gay President” who lived ‘openly’ with “William Rufus King.”

        This was acknowledged within Buchanan’s Presidency and was considered a private matter; therefore, it was not noted or was he outed.

        The Democrats and Peter should have noted this prior to Pete proclaiming himself as “America’s First Gay President”; regardless, of whether Peter and his partner were/are open about it.

        Also, Pete touts his “Military Career.” I would ask all who will read this reply, look up Pete’s Military Career. It is perfunctory, and unremarkable.

        Yes, he did wear the uniform as did I, and out of respect to those who wore the uniform, I do accord him the respect he earned for having worn it.

        But, a warrior, he never was… .

      • Gorgeous George

        Sharing and boning are two different things. It was not uncommon for single, poor men, of which Lincoln was in his younger years, to share a bed in shared accommodations back then nor was it uncommon for military/government men to share beds while traveling in extreme cold weather to keep from dying of hypothermia. We didn’t have Hilton Hotels, automobiles and cell phones around back then, something that the current spoiled generation seems to forget. This man is due respect and less gossip for being one of the greatest presidents ever to truly serve this country.

          • Gorgeous George

            Well for someone who pumped 4 kids out of his wife Mary, he was pretty lousy at the job of being gay but I suppose everything you see on TV is true….

  15. Libertarian Queer

    A couple of points first; the Equality Act does NOT exist as a law regardless of how often the term is used here, and, do we really want to listen to what somebody in the UK thinks about a US presidential candidate (@Oconnell57Kim)? Foreign influence, anybody?

    He’s cute, I’d hit it. But President? His gayness or lack thereof has absolutely nothing to do with it. Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? I’m getting my data from:

    He favors Democracy to the point that he says demagoguery like “Democracy means protecting voting rights so every eligible voter has a voice.” Gee, Pete, doncha think all ELIGIBLE voters already have their rights protected by Federal law? He goes on to mention badly run elections. Like Broward county Florida, maybe? He next informs us it is the’s responsibility to prevent voter suppression. Is that what we call it now when some voters are either too disinterested, dumb, or lazy to actually go register and vote when it’s time to? DO we actually want disinterested, dumb, or lazy voters deciding something as critical as the future of this country? I think not. He wants to further expand voting rights. To whom, Pete? Illegal aliens? Corporations? Who, exactly? His additional talking points are below with my comments after a dash:
    Introduce automatic voter registration – To who, Pete? Dead people? Aliens? The lazy, dumb, and disinterested? Why?
    Expand early voting – There is plenty of opportunity to vote as it is without extending early voting.
    Restore voting rights for the formerly incarcerated – Sure, just as soon as firearms rights are restored to convicted felons.
    Institute voting by mail – Already there. Want to expand it? For what?
    Make Election Day a holiday – where I live employers already must allow employees time to go vote. Is this just another day to pay holiday wages for zero work?
    Protect birthright citizenship – This one actually needs to go away. Study the legal doctrine of “Fruit from the forbidden tree” and explain to me how an illegal act makes something legal.
    Provide access for people with disabilities – Sorry, Pete, already there with the ADA.
    Protect voting rights on tribal lands – Huh? We either abide by the treaties or we don’t. Which is it gonna be?
    Ensure an accurate and depoliticized Census count – Not gonna happen unless the only questions are “How many people live here and what are their ages and genders”, that’s it.

    Regarding special interests, he says “Democracy means that dollars shouldn’t be allowed to drown out the will of the people.” No, Pete, Democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what’s for dinner. It sounds good in politics but in practice it can be deadly. I’ll stick with my Constitutional Republic, thank you. With respect to dollars and politics, I believe something should be done about the influence of money in politics. One of my favorite thoughts on the subject is one I came up with on my own and that would be a Constitutional amendment stating “No person seeking political office shall derive or benefit from any campaign funds from sources other than natural persons residing within the political subdivision the candidate seeks to represent.”

    Pete has lots to say for sure. But lots of it are regurgitated talking points designed to garner attention and other parts of it are downright ignorant of the reasons we ARE a constitutional republic INSTEAD OF a democracy. If he wants to change my country he better come up with some details. If he won’t, gay or not, he can go pound sand. I will not vote for him.

  16. Richard W Hoehn

    Hoo boy. Yes! More than yes! I’m ready for a gay president. But pretty sure this story would cause apoplectic fits among some fundamentalist cousins of mine (one of whom pastored a sort of mega church for many years). These cousins love sending me fundamentalist links via Facebook…but run, Pete. Please get elected.

  17. Jason

    Yes…we are ready for a gay president. Mayor Pete has handled himself quite well so far. He may just be a mayor, but has a lot of real life experience that other presidents did not and do not have. The person that occupies the oval office right now had/has no real political experience and he certainly has no world leadership qualities. At least Buttigieg was in the military and has an understanding of how things are done.

    Furthermore, his sexuality is just a part of him. He will have to put up with a lot of nasty remarks in the near future from a lot of ignorant and close minded people….not all of them republicans. The religious and far right will denigrate him and all gay people nonstop. I feel he can cope with that but he should not back down from being blunt with them like the their present leader is if need be.

    He must also tell the voting public what he wants to accomplish and how he is going to accomplish it. We hear enough promises with no real answers as to how it will be done.

    And most importantly….the voters of this country have to elect congressmen/women that will do what is right for the country…and not their party or president. I am tired of all the fighting with nothing getting accomplished.

  18. nunya

    As long as he adheres to the restrictions in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution and the 10th amendment, I don’t care who he has sex with.

  19. Carlos Costa

    Mayor Pete is an impressive young man. He shows knowledge and confidence in his answers and comments and that is what should be relevant when voting for somebody who is running for the most powerful office in the world. He is capable and competent and those should be the attributes that will elect the next President of the US.

  20. Ken Y

    Go Pete! Finally a serious contender who brings out the best in us: intelligence, thoughtfulness, humility, public service, gay and loving!

  21. Rudee

    If and when Mayor Pete steps out of the Democratic lineup for president…i would like to see whoever wins the primary pick him for their running mate…i think he would be fabulous as a VP…hes smart…hes young… hes good-looking…hes intelligent … and hes a war veteran… hes fresh and he has fresh ideas and i think the country will love him…but is the country ready for a gay president… i think we are, but, not this time around.. we wait and we watch…

  22. LEO

    Rumor has it that the USA has had a few Gay Presidents already . Two of which was President Abraham Lincoln and President Barack Obama.
    I’ll never vote for any Presidential candidate based solely on their sexual orientation, skin color, gender, or religious beliefs.

  23. Harvey

    Polls can read whatever the pollsters care to skew. I’d say that the numbers in this ‘poll’ are merely representative of that particular school, which is in itself a niche market. Clickbait by any other name

  24. Gorgeous George

    Look at all the meerkats running to the next pretty face, with pretty words that make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside, with no thinking required! Poor Beto-no-more, Alfre has kicked you off your skateboard! Oh, the smirk on Putin’s face now. No, thanks. I’ll feel safer with a red-blooded American pussy-grabber.

    • Edward

      You want the entire world to continue laughing at the US, re-elect trump. His policies are failing us. We are giving welfare to farmers because if him. He truly believes corporations are paying the tariffs.
      Mayor Pete may not have actually fought but he was the front line. The only thing bone spurs fought was VD, by his own admission

  25. TiredOfIt

    Buttigieg = zero probability…but he’s broken new ground and is a million times smarter than Dotard. Then again, my dog’s a million times smarter than Dotard.

  26. Marcus

    I think America is ready for a gay president. Americans are very smart people and will vote for the best qualified candidate regardless of their sexual orientation. As a black American, I realized that after President Obama was elected. If Mr. Trump had a halfway decent opponent in 2016, no way in hell would he had won. I’m still not 100% convinced that he won that election fair and square. My only concern that I think may hurt him is that fact that he’s married. A lot of modern day straight people don’t care whether a person is gay or not as long as they don’t show it. Him kissing and hugging his husband in public might hurt him. Plus the thought of two men in bed together inside the White House might freak some people out…
    But again if he’s qualified and say what the majority want to hear, then yes America would vote him in as President.

  27. buz

    It shouldn’t matter what his sexuality is, the only thing that should matter is his qualifications. Right now he is a little light on his policies and seems to be very progressive. But he has to put out a lot more. His website is very vague at the best.
    He is very bright and an eloquent speaker. Listen to what he says and see if you agree with his ideas.
    Portrays himself as quite an impressive young man and it’s wonderful to see that America is at least willing to listen and accept a gay candidate. That says more about Americans than it does about the candidate, however.
    Certainly worth listening to and making a decision about him. We should not vote for anyone with their sexuality being their biggest attribute.

  28. chiefconsultant

    Sure why not? Look at some of the past characters we have had and this guy would be a breathe of fresh air? He is very cute and I hope he has some dick pics!! lol

  29. Aquaman

    We had some of the worse past presidents, we need a good gay man now to set it all straight (no pun intended)

  30. anonimatovato

    I like the guy, but we need one hell of a mutha—– to beat down a character like Trump. his base is too loyal despite the rubbish he brings out on twitter every week. Plus, what are his actual policies? Yes it be nice to have an out gay president, but what do you bring in the table?

    Oh and if he does become president, better keep it in your pants and stay faithful to your man. Last thing we need to know is your ‘dick pick’ like one commentator said here lol

  31. E. Hester

    I personally don’t support Mayor Pete. I don’t foresee that I would cast a vote for a gloryhole in the oval/oral office. Would he as president Tweet out messages, or send them out on Scruff, Adam4Adam, or Grindr? Maybe all of them? This guy’s sexual skeletons have not fell out of his closet. Gay society in the United States has just earned the right to marry. I don’t think it will happen, a pink White House.

  32. Lamar

    I don’t see this happening frankly, I don’t think this country is sophisticated enough for that. It’s too much like “guess whos coming to dinner,” really. Too many suffering rigidity for that, easily distracted by his sexual-orientation. We’re only going to wind-up hearing about ‘that’ and him having to defend himself on that count.

    I just don’t want another sexist, pathological-criminal posing as President, surrounding himself with other criminals. I want someone whom can concentrate on the betterment of all Americans,
    period, not someone who’s always and rightfully so, under various investigation. What-who we have now, is just too messy and embarrassing.

    Unlike the present, I want what we had prior, not necessarily black, lol, or even Democratic but “clean”, I think it’s a shame to have to use such a term; applying it to the one occupying highest seat in the land, but, there it is….

  33. Rubin

    You guys don’t be so naive ! I would love to see a gay president in the White House, but 70% of the Americans will never vote nor will elect a Gay man as a President. Are you kidding me !!!!

  34. marc

    I’m ready for a president that has the best interest of this nation in mind. There was a time when the question was asked are we ready for a catholic as president. Eventually, we got one and it wasn’t a big deal. There use to be a time when the question was are we ready for a black president. Eventually, we got one and it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t think that we are going to get a gay president this time around, but eventually it will happen. Ultimately, the president is going to be the one that the majority of the citizens who feel he or she will have the best interest of our great nation in mind. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes not so much. I will vote for the person that I think is best to move our constitutional interest and ideas forward no matter his or her sexuality, religion or race.

  35. FBC

    Americans typically will vote with their pocketbooks and wallets. If your policy is to raise taxes and regulate companies until they leave the US for more business friendly countries, then you probably will not win.

  36. JR

    This old trick of finding a gay/black/female candidate that will “play ball” with the existing establishment is SO pathetic. It doesn’t matter if the President is gay or black or female or whatever…he or she will still be bought and paid for, thoroughly corrupted. Let’s take Obama as an example: He was completely corrupt, and his interests were in line with the rich and powerful, not the American people. If you have any faith in the fraud that is the US election process you are a fool. Both political parties have been invaded and corrupted, and that’s expected when you allow legalized bribery of your elected officials. At this point we should all be in the streets demanding that political parties be banned…I’d much rather have an issues-based government, not this divisive identity politics. I refuse to play the game anymore..I will never vote for anyone with an R or a D by his or her name ever again, and you should do same.

  37. Brady McCoy

    Lamar, you state that President Trump is a “pathological-criminal posing as President”. First of all, he is not “posing” as President, he is President. Secondly, what proof do you have that he is pathological or a criminal? You also say that we need a President who is not: “Not someone who’s always and rightfully so, under various investigation (sic)”. Actually, he is not rightfully under investigation. The Mueller Report put the lie to that. He also just announced the declassification of all documents pertaining to how this investigation began, such as the lies by Comey to the FISA court, the fake Russian dossier, etc. It is Hilliary who should be under investigation, the 33,000 deleted emails after being subpoenaed by the FBI, smashing cell phones with hammers, removing the SIM cards, etc. Are all gays liberal sycophants? Gee, I hope not!

  38. Rudee

    Don’t be so sure America wouldn’t vote for him… we have a good Representatives of gay Americans in the House and the Senate will have its fair share come 2020..other countries around the world do have gay presidents and prime ministers and many gays in other positions as well.. so dont sell yourself short…it could happen

  39. rparktop

    Considering we’re on number 44, odds are we’ve already had a gay president, just not an openly gay one. Just a matter of time. Chicago just elected a black openly lesbian mayor. Lori Lightfoot won all 50 wards with another black woman as her opponent. If a segregated city like Chicago did that, there is hope for the country.

  40. Bill

    Most people don’t know that when this country was first founded only white men who were land owner were allowed to vote… So you think that’s horrible..well, it gave us George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Madison and Monroe.. Not bad beginning.. Move forward to the present and we get to choose from a gang of socialist…and we have a lot of stupid people who would vote out capitalism for socialism because they are being promised lots of free stuff. Maybe out founding fathers were right, Maybe only white land owners are intelligent enough to vote….what a shame?

  41. b

    We’ve had our first black President.our first white trash president is serving now,so why not our first gay President.

  42. GoodolFuckBuddy

    America is not ready for a gay president. But I am. I would vote for him if he’s the democratic nominee. I wouldn’t be voting for him because he’s gay though. I’d be voting for him because he’s the democrat.

  43. PJ

    I am very glad to see that there seem to be many other conservative gay people out there! I have never been a one-issue person such as voting for someone based just upon they were for gay marriage, when the country had/has a whole host of other very important issues that affect everyone. I also never based my vote on the race/sex or orientation of some candidate or ONLY to go with the pack to make “history” as in the first black, gay or woman president. Why do some of you always resort to the petty name-calling and labels? You may not like the election results or that your dear hillary was not elected, but time to move on…..I now read that we have lowest jobless rate since December 1969 and some wanna claim it was the previous administrations doings really, a 50 year history? Almost 4 million jobs created since this election-more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs created -Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES…It’s so funny how many of you wanna give obama way more credit for things he had nothing to do with and yet would never give this administration credit for anything! How many presidents actually have taken NO SALARY while doing this job?

  44. Okzebra

    Yes but not this one. He’s a cagey conservative portraying his social liberalism to downplay his corporate economics. A gay Eisenhower.

  45. DRK

    Love, Love, Love Mayor Pete…who if not in 2020 will one day be President of the United States…he’s great, he’s got it together and has my vote now and every time he runs…I’ve been so ready for a gay president…He is by far the best candidate and I’d love to see him wipe the streets up with Douche Trump’s bad wig.

  46. swxslave67

    Whether Gay or not, it makes no difference as long as he/she is appropriate for the job.
    Will having a gay president make a difference is up to the person occupying the office.
    Today’s gay movement has established itself and has become more active in all aspects of society.

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