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Your Name Engraved Herein is a Taiwanese coming-of-age romance film that has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with its poignant storytelling and heartfelt performances. Set in 1987 against the backdrop of Taiwan’s transition to democracy, the film follows the journey of two young men, Jia-han and Birdy, as they navigate their feelings for each other amidst societal expectations and personal struggles.

Directed by Kuang-Hui Liu, Your Name Engraved Herein explores themes of identity, love, and self-acceptance in a deeply conservative and repressive society. Jia-han and Birdy’s burgeoning romance unfolds against a backdrop of political turmoil and social change, highlighting the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in a society that struggles to accept them.

The film’s official synopsis reads:

Adapted from the Director Patrick Liu’s high school memories, Your Name Engraved Herein is about two high school boys in an all-male boarding school exploring their friendship and genuine love for each other against the backdrop of the 1980s when Taiwan recently lifted its strict martial law, amid a transition from conservative society to become the most LGBTQ-friendly country in Asia. When the boarding school begins admitting females, their relationship faces an ultimate test with the emergence of a school girl.

Your Name Engraved Herein is Taiwan’s all-time highest-grossing LGBTQ film, receiving 5 Golden Horse Award nominations in 2020. The film is produced by Arthur Chu, directed by Patrick Liu, starring Jing-Hua Tseng and Edward Chen.

In Your Name Engraved Herein, the main characters and their roles are central to the film’s narrative. Jia-han, portrayed by actor Edward Chen, is a reserved and introspective teenager grappling with his burgeoning feelings for his classmate, Birdy, played by Jing-Hua Tseng. Birdy is charismatic and rebellious, serving as a catalyst for Jia-han’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance.

The film’s title, Your Name Engraved Herein, serves as a powerful metaphor for the indelible mark that love leaves on the human heart. As Jia-han and Birdy grapple with their feelings for each other, they must confront their own fears and insecurities, ultimately learning to embrace their true selves and the love they share.

Featuring breathtaking cinematography and a hauntingly beautiful score, Your Name Engraved Herein is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant cinematic experience. The film’s evocative portrayal of forbidden love and personal growth has earned it widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike, solidifying its place as a modern classic in LGBTQ+ cinema.

With its universal themes of love and acceptance, Your Name Engraved Herein has touched the hearts of viewers around the world, sparking important conversations about LGBTQ+ rights and representation. As society continues to evolve, films like Your Name Engraved Herein serve as a reminder of the power of love to transcend barriers and change lives.

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