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Hey, guys! Do you find butts/asses hot or not? Why or why not? Moreover, are you a top, bottom, or vers? And what if a guy has a hairy butt, is it a turn on or off for you?

More importantly, have you ever been blocked on Adam4Adam like this guy on Reddit because of his hairy ass? He shared, “This guy I was talking to blocked me after he saw how hairy my ass was. Why does everyone hate hairy asses?”

One guy told the original poster (OP), “Couldn’t tell you why. I’d keep you around for that exact reason.”

Another respondent replied, “Believe me, not everyone hates hairy asses. Let me pull up a chair while I munch for a while before I deliver a nice load.”

In addition, another gay man responded, “Too many guys today are into ‘smooth’. Ridiculous! Your hairy ass is masculine and hot! As are your hairy balls, and your pubes. My tongue would spend a long, long time exploring that hairy crack and that great pucker….”

“He must be under 30,” one guy reasoned. Do you agree with this view, guys? Do you also think that gay men under 30 dislike hairy ass while those aged 30 and above love them?

Meanwhile, a guy confessed that he’s not into ass pics at all, but that blocking someone for that is somewhat drastic. “I honestly don’t like looking at buttholes at all. Though, I wouldn’t block someone for something so petty.”

On the other hand, another guy who dislikes hairy asses said, “Because nobody likes hair in their meal.”

“It’s the trend right now,” another guy chimed in. “Men are supposed to have the hairless body of a prepubescent girl now. It’s dumb, but it will pass. Don’t worry. There are plenty of guys who like a hairy ass out there.”

I always say this, that everything in life is relative. That we love different things, have differing opinions and preferences, and that’s what makes us unique. And for me, it’s not really about whether an ass is hairy or not, for me it all comes down to the person who owns that ass.

So, what about you, guys? Hairy asses, are they hot or not? Would you block someone because they have a hairy ass? Is it a dealbreaker for you? On the other hand, have you ever been blocked because of your hairy ass? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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