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Recently we had a year-end review, a reflection on LGBTQ+ progress and challenges in 2023. So of course, it’s only fitting that we also have one for our dating life, or at least a gay man on Reddit thought so. In a thread that he started, he asked: “How many dicks have been in your mouth in 2023?” He then reasoned, “Doing a little poll.”

The responses varied widely; while some answered zero, others boasted numbers reaching four digits. Clearly, some gay men have had quite an eventful sex life all throughout the year.

“It was the year of my first time, and I had 10 dicks,” one respondent shared. While another gay man replied, “I admit that the other day I had sex with a brand-new man and there was no oral contact of any kind. What I mean is oral genital contact. Other than that, I have two or three dicks a week in my mouth every week. So that’s 100 and 150… And they’re not all different of course. Sometimes I see the same man more than once.”

Here are the other responses, and we quote:

“It’s been a slow year so maybe about 40.”

“If the same one is counted many times so at least 365, if not just one.”

“Zero… looking to lose my virginity and everything next year hopefully.”

“Maybe 50 a week for 50 weeks (so far), so about 2,500.”

“1, I realized I don’t really like sucking dick. It not for me.”

“Lost count but will remember to keep count in 2024.”

Meanwhile, one guy responded, “I wasn’t aware there was a competition, so I didn’t count.”

What about you, guys? How many times did you have oral sex in 2023? What’s your hookup tally for 2023? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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