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How big is too big, guys? And is big always better?

A gay man on Reddit is wondering about the same thing. He shared:

Hi y’all. Recently started talking to/messing with an older guy. He’s in his mid-40s and likes to throw gifts my way pretty often. Anyways, recently he got me a dildo that reads 12.1” on the box which to me seems almost unsafe. I’ve only ever used one that is around 5 or 6 and could take it fairly easily. How should I approach using this thing? I’m definitely interested in trying but I guess I need advice or something.

The post garnered a lot of comments. Some of them were sharing stories about toys up there gone wrong, while others were saying how long they could take. This guy below, on the other hand, gave readers a quick anatomy lesson. He said:

Ok, anatomy lesson. After about 6” or so you hit the sigmoid bend and then you can go like 18” before you hit another bend/dead end. So technically there’s no physical limit. The deepest toy I’ve taken is about 16-18” total. Comfortably I can take toys in the 12-15” range without any discomfort or anything but you gotta practice and use a lot of lube for depth play. If you want recommendations or more info DM me. Often depth play accompanies width play so you practice both. The sigmoid bend feels really really good when relaxed. At first it was a little weird. DO NOT EXPERIMENT DEPTH WITH A TOY THAT HAS NO BALLS/STOPPER END. I’ve lost a toy up there before and had to get it removed (they put me asleep and massaged it out of me).

If we are talking about how long is the rectum in inches or how long it can accommodate, then these pieces of information are easily searched for online. Going by this doctor’s article where she revealed the many things she fished out of her patients’ ass, YES, the rectum is spacious and yes, it can accommodate many things, BUT, it doesn’t mean it should. Meaning, things can go wrong, it can lead to surgery, even infection aka septic shock, and the worst thing of all: loss of life. Needless to say, this means we’ve got to be careful about the things we put in there. See the list below of the things that the doctor said she got out of her patients’ ass:

Bedposts, doorknobs, mayonnaise jars, candles, a small pistol, a grocery and newspaper combo, a 12-inch long and 8-inch-wide salami, tennis balls, an aluminum tube, axe handles, soldering irons, and a frozen pig’s tail to name a few.

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Anyway, reading the guys’ replies on the thread, some of them said they can accommodate 6 to 8 inches and anything beyond that is considered big. What about you, guys? What size is too big for you? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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