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A frustrated gay man asked the question above online, he also quipped: “And why in God’s heaven do these sparks keep happening?” And then he added:

Thanks to everyone who has responded. I posted this because I’m a vers bottom and actually enjoy topping from time to time. I started dating a great guy and we had a great connection. He’s a bottom and said he got turned off at the idea that I bottom too.

Bottoming is not a sexuality, but why does this keep happening, where most bottoms are so acclimated to the idea of the other guy being a total top or nothing goes?

For our A4A blog readers who are bottom, is a fellow bottom guy a turn off for you? Anyway, we’ve gathered what some gay men online think about this issue. One guy in particular suggested that for this relationship to work, the couple must, “Buy a double ended dildo and have at it.”

Another gay man pointed out, “I swear why does every gay dude think being a bottom is a personality. Y’all got cocks don’t ya? Lesbians don’t have this issue.”

Meanwhile, a total bottom said, “I mean, most dude’s butts just don’t do it for me outside of porn. Yes, many are versatile, but some of us just plain ol’ prefer to bottom and like it that way.” This comment earned another response in agreement: “I always get turned off as soon as I’m about to put it in to be honest. There’s something about assholes that I just can’t seem to like.”

As to whether two bottoms can make a relationship work or not, one guy replied, “I absolutely HATE that gays have started treating being top, bottom, vers as a sexuality itself. It’s just a freaking position. I identified as a bottom only because it was generally less work and I was insecure about how long I would last.” He added, “I really hit off with another bottom once so both of us just switched up from time to time.”

It would seem that he’s not alone in this opinion as another guy replied, “You can use toys, your mouths, your fingers, let your imagination run wild and enjoy the process, it’s sad that 2 guys who have great chemistry can’t be together for something as trivial as their role.”

What about you, guys? What are your thoughts on this one? Do you agree with the others that two bottoms can make a relationship work? How? Share with us your advice and stories in the comments section below!

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