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Hey, guys! The term ‘bottom dinner’ is trending on X (formerly known as Twitter), making me do a double take. I mean, what does it even mean?

I did a little bit of digging and discovered that before ‘bottom dinner’ there was girl dinner and gay food first. Apparently, these terms have originated from TikTok.

‘Girl Dinner’ is defined as “a plate of small bites or a grown-up lunchable that’s supposed to be a full meal. Common plates include leftover pasta, a few pieces of deli meat, a hunk of cheese, and maybe a cookie. Some ‘girl dinners’ have been as simple as a bowl of cereal or hummus with crackers.” On the other hand, Gay Food is a “food that prefers the company of other food from the same food group.”

But wait, there’s more. There’s also Gay Chef which is “usually the best dressed in the kitchen” and then there’s Gay Restaurant which is supposedly a place “where the attention is not on what’s on the plates but who’s in the seats.”

Oh, okay. But there’s more and it’s called bottom dinner. Bottom dinner is simply “an incredibly elaborate drink out of just ice (shaved ice, grated ice, melted then refrozen ice) and water.”


And there you go! Consider me updated. However, all this talk about dinner and restaurants made me hungry so I’m off to get my breakfast. See you later—ciao!

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