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What underwear do most gay men prefer? Ones that, you know, you find the most comfortable to wear. More importantly, what, for you, is the sexiest or hottest underwear on men, guys?

As we always say here, everyone has different preferences. We scoured the internet for gay men’s favorites and among the most favorites are jockstraps, briefs, and boxers. One gay man said, “Boxers, I don’t why, but every time my boyfriend wears those it’s an instant boner. He hates them so sadly he hardly ever wears them.”

Another one confessed, “If I was wanting to wear sexy underwear it would be Low rise briefs, jockstraps, and male thongs, or nothing. But if I am going to a bathhouse, definitely (a pair of) JOCKSTRAP.”

Meanwhile, one gay man said, “Unpopular opinion: jockstraps are a turn-off. They look/fit weird.” Read more comments here.

But would you wear boxer panties, guys? If you don’t know what that is, see below:

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Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic briefs. If this underwear is your favorite choice, you may want to check our Adam4Adam Briefs. This underwear is made with a soft cotton/spandex blend for comfort and style. It’s one of our bestsellers because it will hold your junk in place while making you look sexy. Purchase it here.

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