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Are you a religious person? Why or why not?

There is quite an extensive discussion about this topic on Reddit. Some of the respondents revealed they were able to reconcile their sexuality and/or gender identity with their faith. But, of course, it also follows that some of them were not able to (reconcile their sexuality and/or gender identity with their faith) because they feel that they are living in sin. Then, there are also those who found a religion that is “accepting of gays” while others simply don’t believe in religion.

This is the case of one particular Redditor who replied, “I don’t see any point or value in religion. It seems like some kind of mass delusion: Billions of people essentially believing in magic.” He then reasoned, “I don’t need a book and a preacher at a pulpit to tell me I need to be kind to other people.”

A guy responded to his post. It reads:

“I suppose the big thing religion offers is community and purpose. I feel like I yearn for these things and that we are increasingly lacking this in today’s society, shame I can’t force myself to believe the things they require you to.” To which the former respondent replied, “I get that, but IMHO, you don’t need religion to have purpose and community.” He added, “I have both without it.”

Meanwhile, another guy commented on the topic at hand: “Because it ruined my life, and put me through the horrid process of being ‘cured’ of being gay. Fuck religion.”

Anyway, you can read the whole thread here.

Unfortunately, a study found that “greater religious feeling and engagement was tied to increased risk of suicidal thoughts and actions for (survey) participants who identified as LGBQ.” Read Reuters’ article in full here.

Their comments were one of the most popular ones and many people agree with their thoughts.  But what about you, guys? Are you a religious or spiritual person? Why or why not? Do you agree with some of the comments of the other gay men above? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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