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Are you a bottom? If so, exactly how often do you encounter this kind of question?

I see this often online, in fact I saw it pretty recently which is why we are bringing this up with you today.

Anyway, the gay man who brought this up said, “When talking about sex with others, and I reveal I’m a bottom I’m sometimes posed with the question if I’m a good bottom?” Further, he said, “I don’t bottom often, and don’t top. The times I have bottomed I assume went well, I enjoyed it and I’m sure the top did too. But what makes a good bottom?”

One guy in particular replied, and we quote:

  • Having good cleaning out routine and knowing your body.
  • Knowing how to relax and making it easier to get penetrated.
  • Being able to take dick deep and working with your body.
  • Working with your partner, and not being a dead starfish unless both of you are into that.
  • Having the stamina to not tap out early.
  • Being able to ride the top, and not just take it in passive positions.
  • Knowing how to contract and release your ass to provide more stimulation to the top.
  • Being knowledgeable and on top of your game when it comes to safety practices.

Most of this comes with self-exploration, confidence (both with knowing your ass is not dirty and having the confidence to take dick) and practice.

Meanwhile, another guy said, “A good bottom is only as good as the top that’s fucking him to be honest. I’ve been with bottoms who are all talk and then when it comes down to it they lie there like a dead fish and can never just relax themselves.” He added, “On the flip side when I’ve bottomed I’ve had guys who just drill into me like they have a bus to catch in 20 minutes. I’m normally quite accommodating but if you’re just violently thrusting into me it’s going to hurt and I will request a time out!” Read the thread in full here.

Having said all that, what do you tell the tops who ask you this question? Do you agree with the men above? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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