According to Forbes, more and more people are buying sex toys (they’ve been watching more porn, too!) since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it will only skyrocket from there. In fact, the global sexual wellness market is forecasted to grow from £55million in 2019 to £80million by 2027, Daily Mail UKreports.  

The year 2021 also started strong for sex toys, or at least on Adam4Adam Store. And this is why, to celebrate auspicious beginnings, we are giving away this Dildo to customers who purchase anything amounting to $19 and above starting today. You’ve got to hurry though guys, because we only have 300 units available for free!

All that being said, here are the top 6 sex toys that sold the most on Adam4Adam Sex Shop in the last 4 weeks. 

  • Super Stretch Universal Cock Ring – We all need a cock ring but why spend a lot when, for only $2.50, you can get the best-selling cock ring in the world? Made of TPR, this cock ring gives you a longer-lasting, bigger, and more powerful erection. We suggest that you buy 3 to 4 pieces at once because we always lose a cock ring or it breaks or what not so this way you can have a bunch in advance.
  • 34oz Passion Natural Water-Based Lube Pump – Passion Natural is always in the top 3 of our best-seller list all throughout the year because it is the best on the market and it’s 43% off. What’s more is that it’s a big enough bottle that you don’t need to buy some every other week.
  • Palm-Tec LX20 Intense Stroker – Masturbating devices saw a huge boost in sales in 2020 because people meet less due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will continue this 2021. A4A customers love this stroker because it feels amazing thanks to its ribbed chambers that provide extra stimulation. Get this one for only $15.95.
  • Power Pounder Vibrating and Thrusting Silicone Dildo – the best-selling product of 2020 by far. It seems like you guys love to have a dildo that simulates a real top fucking you roughly. If you are bottom or vers who like a rough fuck, this is what you need. We even ran out of stock of this product at one point, but fear not, we bought hundreds of units to make sure it doesn’t happen again. This week, the power pounder is 20% off, so hurry and take advantage of the sale; purchase it here.
  • LoveBotz Robo Fuk Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine – Speaking of simulating a good fuck, when you are alone, the LoveBotz is for sure a deluxe product made to fill you and satisfy your needs. LoveBotz is not cheap, but consider it an investment. I mean, who can plow your hole on demand after curfew or when it is illegal to meet people outside of your home bubble? Certainly the LoveBotz will, and the good news is that it’s currently 33% off this week.
  • Electric Auto-Spray Enema Bulb – If you don’t have it yet, now is the time to get the Electric Auto Spray Enema Bulb as it is 33% off this week. This is also a product we sold-out at the beginning of the pandemic because almost everyone was buying it. While some people were buying toilet paper or Scott towels, gay men were buying the electric enema auto spray! To each their own! Priorities! 

And the best thing is that you get a free gift if you spend at least $19 on A4A Store so don’t forget to add the free Dildo to your cart and enter coupon FREEDICK21 at checkout.

Happy shopping!

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