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The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has made relationships or dates a little harder to manage. This is because self-isolation and social distancing have been recommended by health authorities to stop the spread of the disease.

That said, love moves in mysterious ways, as it did for Aaron Hussey and Reed Badman. As reported by Pink News, the pair had only been on five dates before they found themselves stuck together because of the lockdown orders given by Boris Johnson.

Hussey, 34, and Badman, 25, met on Instagram but had not met as often because Badman lived in Cardiff and Hussey in London. When Badman moved to London for work, the pair did not decide to move in together because they felt they did not yet know each other that well.

The coronavirus, however, changed all of that.

While visiting Hussey, Badman discovered that one of his roommates had been in contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19, so the two of them decided to stay together just to be safe. That decision would prove fortuitous, as Boris Johnson would shortly announce a lockdown afterward.

It has been almost a month since the two were put in lockdown together, and now the two have become boyfriends. Badman has even cut Hussey’s hair with just a beard trimmer and kitchen scissors, an experience that definitely shows how much the two trust each other.

The two agree that being in lockdown together definitely accelerated their relationship since they got to know each other without any distractions. They have cooked and baked together and Badman had met Hussey’s mother over FaceTime. Zoom parties have helped them introduce each other to their friends.

Neither of them is sure about what is going to happen after the lockdown, but they do want to go out once the pandemic dies down. Hussey says he is looking forward to actually taking Badman on dates that aren’t in the living room once the lockdown is over.

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