Hey guys! How are you today? Would you say you’re happy? Feeling Anxious or stressed out? Are you maybe in a dark place right now? 

We’re asking because few weeks ago American singer, songwriter, and actor Adam Lambert took to Twitter to open up about his mental health struggle. He posted a letter to fans revealing that he “is coming out of a dark period” and that there was a time “he was lonely and becoming depressed.” 

But depression and other forms of mental illness can affect people from all walks of life, not just celebrities. In fact, earlier a friend texted me saying she’s feeling depressed and no, she wasn’t just expressing her sadness. Two months back, one of my gay friends revealed he was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) almost a decade ago, that at the time he felt like he was going to die. And just this month, a cousin confessed he suffered from depression and was experiencing suicidal ideations due to a childhood trauma he endured for years. The sad thing is that we’d only learn about the struggles of our loved ones years after the fact, when they are finally able to talk about it. But let’s not go further because I think it’s safe to say that at one point in our life, most of us if not all, had suffered from poor mental health… that we’ve all been in that dark place.  

Which brings us to this question: How do you take care of your mental health?  

According to The Mental Health Foundation, there are many ways we can look after our mental health, and we quote: 

  • Talking about our feelings
  • Leading an active lifestyle
  • Eating well
  • Drinking sensibly
  • Keeping in touch
  • Ask for help
  • Take a break
  • Do something we are good at
  • Accept who we are
  • Care for others.

But how do we know we are in need professional therapy and counseling? Psychology Today has a mental health assessment which we can take here. 

That being said, do you pay attention to your mental health and what do you do to take care of it? Sound off below!

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