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Celebrities: Adele and Jennifer Lawrence Partied at Pieces Gay Bar This Weekend

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Adelettes’ Instagram Account)

Hello there, it’s me, Adele…with Jennifer. Lawrence, that is.

Well, it was not exactly how they introduced themselves when the BFFs were spotted at the Pieces Gay Bar this Friday in New York City in the West Village. Adele introduced herself as a stay-at-home mom at the moment, but I bet people there suddenly wanted to start singing “Hello” when they saw the two walk into the bar.

Yes, that Adele—you know… the Grammy Award-winning artist—and that Jennifer Lawrence, the Hunger Games actress.

Various video clips posted on social media showed that the duo, as well as the crowd in the bar, was having the time of their lives. They played this fun drinking game while Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” was playing in the background before horsing around to the delight of the fans. Somebody could be heard shouting, “Jennifer, this isn’t the Hunger Games!” 

Anyway, who do you think won the drinking game?

Shookt fans took to twitter to express their excitement (though it was disappointment for some for missing the moment). Take a look at what they are saying:

Don’t we all wish we were there, too?

Happy weekend, guys!  

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  1. Matt

    Tokenism. “Hey look at me. I’m at a gay bar. Buy my records.” and the gay pundits glom onto this as if this is a Rosa Parks moment. #NOPE This is 100% marketing and publicity. It’s very calculated.

    • Nathan


      I agree, wholeheartedly!

      When careers flatten out…much needed publicity beckons. Females going to a gay bar is nothing new; when I was a young man, straight females who went to gay bars were called either “Fag-hags,” or “Fruit-flies.” We males considered them annoyances and of No consequence and we males paid them little or no mind.

      • Hunter0500

        a troll walks in a blog and said… “I hear that the Blog Master ensures blog patrons left and right, in numerous posts, that he accepts anyone regardless of their opinions or views.”

        Numerous other patrons sitting at the blog shake their heads left and right. Many of them have repeatedly pointed out that the Blog Master’s statement is quite false; his Political Hate is only out-shadowed by his hatred for anyone who is not in lockstep with his views on all things LGTBQ+.

        So, back to the lighthearted question responded to ever so hatefully …

        A Diva and an Actress walk into a bar. And the bartender said …

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