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What do you do and how much do you make?

If you were asked this question, what will your answer be?

An interview has been making the rounds on social media. The short interview is all about one’s job, so the questions are actually pretty straightforward and generic. The answers that the interviewer got however, were somewhat far from the usual answers like, say, “accountant” or “engineer” or maybe even “doctor.”

Dressed in a red baseball hat and snug green shorts, “the Girth Master” (or more accurately, the girthmasterr) guy’s height has him towering over the interviewer. He disclosed that his lucrative occupation as an OnlyFans creator is earning him between $40,000 and $80,000 monthly – prompting a widespread interest, with one tweet featuring the interview video amassing nearly 100 million views as of this writing.

Now, OnlyFans models come a dime a dozen, as do handsome and attractive men, you might be wondering why this particular guy is up there at the .1% top earners on OnlyFans. Well, it’s mainly because of his “eight-inch-long, seven-inch-circumferenced penis.”

Before pursuing his current career, Girthmaster revealed that he dabbled on a variety of random jobs typical of entry-level positions. These included a year of customer service in an office, stints as a handyman, landscaper, baggage handler, and pizza delivery person, as well as roles in grocery stores, receiving, food service, clothing, and retail. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Girthmaster quipped that looking back, “A lot of them are kinda like porn storyline jobs too, like the pizza boy, the landscaper, things like that. [Laughs] But yeah, I just got a whole range of entry-level jobs under my belt.”

Further, the 30-year-old Australian shared that he has been producing content on OnlyFans for approximately two years. His content primarily consists of boy-girl videos, although he receives numerous requests from his gay followers. Despite the demand, he currently has no interest in collaborating with another man, at least not at this point. “I only want to create things that I enjoy and that I kind of have a vision for,” he said in an interview with the Rolling Stone. “I kind of feel like [if I shot gay content], I’d be ripping [gay fans] off. It would kind of be a cash grab in a sense. And I just wouldn’t feel ethical.” Surprisingly, the Girthmaster revealed that although the majority of his audience is male, he approximates that only about 15 percent of them identify as gay in their personal lives. However, he believes there may be some flexibility in their orientation, as he puts it.

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How does he feel about all the attention? Well, the Girthmaster is aware that many people are consuming his content in a frenzy right now. He has no issue with this. “My name is the Girthmaster. I am there to be objectified in a way,” he tells the Rolling Stone. “It doesn’t bother me. Feel free to objectify the Girthmaster all you want. He’s there for your entertainment.” You can read more about this story here and here. You can find him on Twitter here.

Of course, the comments section is a riot. One netizen quipped, “It’s like the thickest thing you’ll ever see.” While another said, “Listen. That’s crazy. But also. That thing is huge. So. Be careful. Get the poppers y’all n.”

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