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How far are you willing to go for sex?

Sex can lead us to do some pretty unexpected things, which often leads to embarrassing moments and awkward encounters. It’s a topic that often elicits a mix of curiosity, amusement, and perhaps a touch of discomfort. Yet, exploring these experiences can offer insights into our desires, vulnerabilities, and the lengths we’re willing to go for sex.

Anyway, a number of gay men on Reddit found themselves sharing their own stories after one gay man asked, “To what embarrassing lengths have you gone for sex?” He then shared, “Found myself douching in the office bathroom today because I was going to a hookup straight from work. I was like: ‘Wow. How did we get here?’” Further, he asked, “What ridiculous or mortifying things have you done just to get some dick or some ass? Tell me your stories!”

One guy responded, “Traveled six hours across Japan on local trains from Tokyo to Nagoya on just a vague possibility of sex. Didn’t even transpire in the end.” While another revealed, “In my 20s, while I was in college and still living in Alaska, I drove across down on some super treacherous roads for a hookup without winter tires on my car (I didn’t really leave town 99% of the time, and stupidly decided I didn’t need them). My car ended up sliding backwards in his steep driveway, and got caught on a tree stump.” He added, “The sex was okay, but he was not happy that I had to stay the night to wait for a towing service to open.”

Meanwhile, one guy confessed, “I was staying with my family on vacation and couldn’t even douche in the house because it was super late at night (couldn’t even shower) so I filled up my bulb, then held the water in until I went outside to push it out in the woods. I felt like such an animal.”

Further, one guy shared, “I was on holiday in Belize and got speaking to someone across the border in Guatemala, so literally travelled across the border to try to get some dick.” He added, “+Didn’t end up meeting him either because I lost phone signal and halfway through was like ‘this is fucking stupid.’”

These stories goes to show that the pursuit of sex can sometimes push us beyond our comfort zones and into situations we never imagined. And yet, it’s these moments of vulnerability and embarrassment that remind us of our humanity and the complexities of desire. Whether humorous or cringe-worthy, these experiences often leave lasting impressions, shaping our understanding of intimacy and the lengths we’re willing to go for it.

What about you, guys? What’s your story? Share it with us in the comments section down below!

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