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You might want to take the time off, relax, and watch a movie, guys! A must-see Italian LGBTQ drama is coming to theaters near you starting this June 2, 2023.

Titled The Neighbor, the film follows the love story of two young men and their struggles with bullying by “a group of neo-Nazi skinheads” who lived in their neighborhood which not only made their life difficult but miserable as well. In the trailer, the first bullying incident seems to have been defused without serious consequence, apart from the terror and fear they felt, that is.

However, the last one takes a deadly turn. Luca (played by actor Michele Costabile) was kicked and beaten badly and left for dead by these neo-Nazis. Riki (played by actor Jacopo Costantini), who heard the harrowing news from Luca’s sister thru a phone call, is left with regrets. Riki now thinks he should have listened to Luca; they should have moved away instead of doing what he wanted by standing their ground and ignoring these bullies and their hate. But now, Luca lies in a hospital bed in a coma.

But that’s not all, because Riki can’t visit Luca as the latter is with his family.

The official blurb of The Neighbor reads:

“An intense love story between two young men hit from an incident. From that moment on nothing will be like it used to be and the love between the two men will leave space to Luca’s parents’ hate and intolerance towards their love story.”

The Neighbor, originally titled Hotel Milano in Italy, is written and directed by Italian director Pasquale Marrazzo. The Neighbor is his fifth feature. His other works include South of the Sun and I Dream of the World on Friday.

Happy viewing!

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