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To shave or not to shave, that is the question.

For sure we’ve asked ourselves this question once or twice. What did you decide to do, guys? Do you shave or leave your body hair be? Why or why not? If you shave, which body part? Would it be the hair down there? Your chest? Legs? Armpit? Perhaps you are the type who shave all your body hair? More importantly, do you find body hair hot or sexy?

A study revealed gay men’s preference when it comes to body hair, it said that majority of gay men or 58% preferred their man to be hairy. This is contrast to women to like their guys hairless at 61%.

How true is the study for you, guys? Do you agree with the results?

Everything is relative, as shown by gay men’s answers online regarding this topic. For example, one guy said, “If my guy is wolverine, as long as he just trims his dick shortly, easier to suck and deep throat. I hate the feeling of hair in my mouth.” Meanwhile, another man replied, “Depends on the guy. An attractive guy with body hair sure. A schlub of guy I’d probably find gross.”

In summary, a lot of guys said that they love body hair, that it’s a turn on for them but others say they prefer their man to be smooth. Occasionally though, there are those who say that they prefer scruffy men.

Scruffy, by the way, is the “short, bristly hair men get out of not shaving for a while.”

Anyway, if you wish to trim, shave, or to keep your body hair, you may want to read this article and this one as well first.

Having said all that, do you want your guy to shave, trim, or keep his body hair? What about you, do you shave your body hair, trim it, or do you go au naturel? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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