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Let’s talk about sex, baby! What gay sex positions have you tried and what, among those, is your favorite and why? Moreover, are you a top, bottom, versatile, or sides?

The gay men on Reddit are currently abuzz because of this topic. The original poster of the thread provided a photo and asked which of the positions shown on the picture are the readers’ favorites. Please feel free to tell us yours in the comments section, guys.

Anyway, some of the readers (who are bottoms) said they prefer being flat on their stomach because it “hits just the right spot every time.” A top on the other hand, said he loves this position mainly because he has a “perfect view” of his partner’s back. He added that it’s the “best position and the most pleasurable as a top.”

Many of the readers, however, said their favorite gay sex position is missionary. Some of the reasons cited why they think nothing beats missionary were, and we quote: “it’s the most intimate,” and, “he’s got a pretty face and nice eyes, why not look at them?” In addition, another reader said that for him, the missionary position is “good for that slow fuck after a long day when your goal isn’t necessarily to cum, but to just be close.”

A reader, however, dislike the missionary as he is “too self-conscious” for it. Another reader agreed and explained, “Same, looking [at] you in the eyes while I plow you just seems too much for me.”

Having said all that, what are your favorite gay sex positions, guys? If you’re a side, which is your favorite: intercrural sex, frotting, handjobs, etc.? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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