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“For many, the road to Pride is a long one.”

Hey, guys! You might remember that last year, Dublin Bus released a video that shows several proud dads who were attending the Dublin Pride Parade 2018 together with their teenage kids. This year, they released an equally heartwarming video that features LGBTQ elders who were invited and then taken to Dublin Pride on a “big Pride bus” by younger LGBTQ people. 

The video starts with the elders opening up about what it was like for them to be young and gay in Ireland; one of them shares, “When I grew up, I didn’t know I was gay because there was no word – I’d never heard of the word.” While another one says, “I felt different when I was young. I always felt ‘girly.’ I started to dress, a lot of times, indoors.”

The ad then shows several younger LGBTQ people next as they make their way to said LGBTQ elders’ homes. One of them says, “I’m here today to invite someone very special with me to Pride,” while another states, “They’re the ones that fought for our right to be who we are.”

None of the elders have been to Dublin Pride before and although for a moment they seem to hesitate to accept the invitations, they all said yes in the end. Watch them have fun at the parade below but you might want to prepare your tissues first for this one, guys.

My favorite part of the ad is when one of them says, “You shouldn’t look on life as a journey. You should look on it as a dance. I was just thinking about that this morning and I thought, it has to be a journey until you can actually shed the loads that you’re carrying, and then you can dance!” 

Here’s what the netizens are saying about Dublin Bus’s The Long Road to Pride on Twitter:

Happy viewing!

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