News: Pride Flags Not Allowed To Fly On Flagpoles In US Embassies

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NBC News is reporting that the Trump administration is rejecting requests from US embassies to fly the rainbow flag on flagpoles during Pride Month.

According to three American diplomats that spoke with NBC, embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia are just some of the embassies whose request to fly the Pride flag from the flagpoles was denied by Trump’s State Department. While they are allowed to fly the Pride flag anywhere else, they cannot be raised up on the flagpole.

The decision is in contrast to the Trump administration’s recent push to decriminalize homosexuality in dozens of countries around the world. The fact that the request of the embassy in Germany was rejected is also ironic, especially since the ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, is the one leading the campaign to decriminalize homosexuality.

This rejection was not addressed in the statement Grenell released to NBC. His statement reads: “The President’s recognition of Pride Month and his tweet encouraging our decriminalization campaign gives me even more pride to once again march in the Berlin Pride parade, hang a huge banner on the side of the Embassy recognizing our pride, host multiple events at the Embassy and the residence, and fly the gay pride flag.”

Despite Donald Trump’s recent tweet that called attention to his administration’s global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality, his regime has actually tried to advance a number of policies that have not been best for the LGBTQ community.

For instance, the Supreme Court that he has stacked with conservative judges is now deciding whether firing people for being gay is legal. The Supreme Court has taken up three cases related to LGBTQ employment discrimination, and any decision made could set in stone whether firing someone based on their gender identity and sexual orientation is legal or not.

The Republican-controlled Senate will also probably kill the Equality Act that the House of Representatives passed by a vote of 236-173. A spokesperson for Senate Majority Floor Leader Mitch McConnell has already told Buzzfeed News that there are “no scheduling announcements regarding Senate action.”

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  1. Lamar

    . . . I only care, about the “deciding, ‘if’ it’s legal to fire someone for their sexual orientation,” Really? That just say’s “they” really cannot discern between right and wrong, vs.- what just simply is (nature.)

    I don’t understand, why, in all this time, we are still dealing with this, which is actually, a humanitarian issue, in terms of rights of freedom to pursue happiness, justice and to prosper!

    OLD FUCKING WHITE MEN FOR YOU!!!!!! Same old fucking shit, man!!!!!!!

    It’s a good thing, I’m no longer working; black and gay, whew!!! I know, if I were ‘still’ having to dealing with that, I’d kill, motherfuckers, I’m sure of that. Freedom, in our own country, ain’t free!

    If, you cannot tell, this just enrages me!!!!

    • Libertarian Queer

      Hmmm… I’m curious, Lamar. Why are you no longer working? It wouldn’t have anything to do with personality conflicts between you and your former employers, would it? What about that old fucking black man on the SCOTUS? Or the fucking wise Latina?

      Yes, I can tell you are enraged but there’s nothing new about that. I’m just trying to figure out why you’re enraged. Didn’t your Momma ever teach you that nothing in life is free except air and sunshine? (Don’t you worry about that none. I’m sure they’ll figure out some way to tax those one of these days.)

      Let me again try to explain to you what freedom means in the context of individuals in the US under our Constitutional Republic form of government. You ARE free, Lamar. You are free to start your own business, hate white people, suck dick, and do or not do or think or not think a bazillion other things. You are free to either prosper or be a total failure or anything in between. You are free to pursue happiness. Hell, you’re just as free as this old white man typing on my keyboard. In some cases, you have even MORE freedom than I do. You’re free to use the N word with little or no consequences but I’m not. You get special laws written by old white men that entitle you to more public benefits, provided by working white and black men, than I can get since those men, black and white, endeavor to understand and get along with others in order to actually have a job. What you ARE NOT free to do is force your will upon another to the extent you violate their freedom.

      Freedom and entitlement are two different things and I think you confuse the two. Freedom is a given under our Constitution. Entitlement has to be earned. You are not entitled to a job but you are free to seek one. You are not entitled to prosperity but you are free to work towards it. And you are most certainly not entitled to respect but you are free to earn it. I’ve got news for you – you will never gain anybody’s respect by blaming all your problems on somebody else.

      • Lamar

        Oh, I’ll engage you! For all of your psycho-babble, you, have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re stuck in your own bubble, getting-off on yourself, lmao!

        I once said to a psychotherapist after he said I don’t know how I can help you. I said, “If, you could rid the world of racism in this world, I wouldn’t be here today.”

        I said, “you can’t, all the drugs-words in the world are not going to solve my number one problem, racism-across the board in my life.” That was back in Minneapolis 02′, I’m here in Florida now; I went on to tell him, “the only thing you can do, is learn by hearing what I have to say, about the “stress-anxieties-depression” that racism is causing ‘us.’

        That, was why I went for help, to defuse what I was feeling, yeah, man, I have no problem, in telling you or anybody else reading this. I ‘was’ planning, stalking, those responsible for what I experienced for the 2nd, 2nd corporation, AGAIN in the corporate setting. Stuck in their denial, perhaps like yourself; except their own racist attitudes/ways/actions.

        Yeah, its not about me-or ‘us’, its about your denial, I’ve had no such luxury, denial, It’s real.

      • Lamar

        “In your face racism” pure and simple.

        “Getting along,” does not mean, kissing-ass “apologetically for being black” or gay for that matter, but you can be forgiven for being gay- as long as you’re white… Blk+gay, seemingly not; gotta do some “passing,”= hide your orientation; serious ass-kissing, unless, you have a very liberal manager who’s wing you would be under, protection.

        I’m a rather shockingly-honest, strong, masculine, out-spoken, not “shocking either, right?” lmao.) Additionally: like J.J on “Good times” (happy go lucky-type.) Very tall, reasonably handsome, striking appearance, naturally-conspicuous (things that really ignite certain kinds of men…)

        Examples of ‘some’ conversations had, based on race: someone asked me once when I was a computer operator: “do you think black Americans should receive reparations?” “Yes, of course, that was part of the Emancipation Proclamation, right 40-acres-mule?” This, was self-confessed, Nazi from Austria in Minnesota…

        In the men’s bathroom, in the stall, was a pic of me, drawn in pencil, with a noose
        around the neck, there was a caption, that said: “kill them all and ask God later,”
        My question, ask God what, exactly? Rather than give me the full-time status I had worked for by their handbook granting me benefits, the manager informed me, that “regardless of how hard you work you won’t get what you worked for.”

        They forced me to quite, by reducing my hrs., to 5per wk., I saw the nice manager who hired me (gay-wht.) He said to me, “I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but they hired someone else, white. Nothing I could do, you know.” Of course I did, he’s gay too, needs his job….

        Second corp experience: had a manager literally threaten to kick my ass! He was hired
        after my prior manager retired after 25yrs., he did not introduce himself to ‘us’, he fixated on me though; 2wks, just starring not saying a word- creepy as all hell.

        I was an award winning employee, my plaques came w/$50 gift checks (9) were in the foyer yep, senior cust. serv. agent., I’ve received more merit raises, not to mention some healthy annual ones. This position required a 2yr degree of which I did not have, but flourished, none the less for 3yrs., yrly., bonuses and all…

        When this man did speak to me, he came over to my cubicle and said: “I have black friends,” he did not introduce himself, I asked his name even though I knew already, told him mine even he knew as well, surely.

        This manager had more people wht men, women leaving that department, anyway, at the time, I was 1 of 2 black males in that office. Anyway he was sent to a “racial-sensitivity class,” long of the short of it, I fired for getting injured on the job, two surgeries now to date. Strange kind of blessing of sorts, as I was reaching my limit with corp-employment racism, ain’t for me.

        As I told a therapist, “there will be no 3rd time of this type of occurrence in my life” firm.

        I mean, its like slavery, you either escape it, survive it, or it kills you, in more was than one, while you’re still breathing. I survived, proved what I’m capable of despite having no formal education. Those “old white men” proved their fear, of what ‘we’ as black Americans are capable of, then again, we always have.

        We are all, the hands, feet and eyes and minds of our past, so saga continues….

    • Jeffrey

      Black privilege= Blame the old fucking white man.
      ” I’d kill motherfuckers” Really? Is that the response of reasonable person?
      Your right freedom (ain’t) isn’t free. Many Americans fought and died for what we have. Many where black, white, male, female, gay and straight. Some not even a citizen of this country.
      Lets be thankful for their sacrifice.
      I am also glad that you are not working. I hope you enjoy your retirement. We may have avoided another mass shooting.

      • Lamar

        No, I’m more specific than that “mass-shooting” you don’t know what I’ve seen nor experienced, in that lie about civil rights. People can only take just so much, that’s why people do what they do. I don’t blame victims for being such, neither should you. Employment racism, housing discrimination, cops (wht) pulling me over on foot, biking mind you, day and night! That’s what they call “predatory-practices.” We’re still, sacrificing, what are you talking about, you have no idea, clearly. I feel like I have a kind of PTSD of racism.

  2. Hunter0500

    Checking the facts, the Administration has not denied the display of the Rainbow flag at embassies. It has directed that the flag not be flown on embassies’ official flag pole. The Administration has said the Rainbow flag may be displayed at an assortment of other locations inside and outside of US embassies. The Flag Code dictates that on a single staff, the US flag may be flown above States’, US Military, and “society” flags (with some other distinctions not relevant here). The Rainbow flag, while a symbol, is not tied to, trademarked, owned by, controlled by, etc. any official society, organization, or entity. It can, and should, then be displayed separately. If and when “The LGTBQ Community” becomes a viable, social entity (like one with officers, employees, offices?), such discussions will become a thing of the past.

    • mpc317

      Thanks Hunter, glad to see that some people are pointing out the FACTS instead of getting their Rainbow Panties in a Wad over a made-up nonsense issue. For some people, the need to feel oppressed and victimized supersedes all reason and common sense. Oh, and by all means, blame Donald Trump for EVERYTHING. Also good to see others on here are not falling for the fake hysteria.

    • Nick

      I wanted to write the same thing you did when I finished reading! Thanks for saving me some time and a possible headache.

  3. JJ

    Good. This “pride” horseshit is getting out of hand. Gays shoot themselves in the foot with their asinine displays and overt stupidity.

  4. sickofit

    One of the few things I agree with him on. There is no reason whatever for an embassy to fly any flag other than the American flag, I don’t care what flag it is.

    • Jake

      They don’t fly any Confederate Flags in any US Embassy that I am aware of. If you want your Gay Pride Flag flying everywhere then the Confederate Flag should be flying also. When one group of people think they”re Flag should be on display more than the US Flag in and on all state,local and Federal property, you are not a true American. The US Flag is for all Americans not just for one group. So if your black, white, hispanic, other race, gay, bi etc. The US Flag represents all Americans.

  5. George

    This is a simple issue the State has the obligation to treat all CITIZENS equally regardless of gender, gender affiliation, ethnicity or whatever other stupid and inane reasons humans have of creating asinine groups that do not mean a damn thing. ALL PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS PERIOD.

  6. Harvey

    An embassy should not be flying any flags except those of the state. Until the US flag is replaced by a rainbow flag, there is nothing to debate or get butthurt over. Nothing but clickbait

    • Hunter0500

      …and nothing but more incessant, false, divisive Trump Hate. (don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of reasons to criticize the President. This topic is not one.)

  7. arturo23

    Another very fact free post, one wonders if the writer simply wants to discredit the President and the 200+ years of diplomatic protocol.

    There are a few ‘official’ flags that can fly below the United States flag on a government flagpole. Organizations, societies, and other good (or even not-so-good) causes can fly their flags on another pole, or hang the flag (even a massive one) from the building, but our long-standing protocol dictates what flags can share the staff with Old Glory.

    This is a non-issue and if you want the facts, go ask an openly gay ambassador appointed by the President, how is this handled in, say, Germany. Bah!


    I agree with Harvey. We are not a State. Period. We should be more concerned with this so called Straight Men Pride March. 50 yrs since our rights were fought for, and labeled “Pride”. Now, there is a group make fun of us, and using our “Pride” staple, that identifies us. Never mind a flag, these guys have a flag too, and the march is lead be a Gay Man, and helping to organize their “pride parade”. lOOK AT THE ABOVE COMMENT AT 10 JUNE 2019 AT 14.28. An evil human. Forget, Trump and Flags, stomp out this sick march. Another thing, a straight guy at the Washington DC march, with a BB gun to shoot. Please we have other hate 50 yrs later to deal with, than flags.

  9. Matt

    It’s not a “state” flag. If you allow flag flying for this, will you be OK flying one for straight pride? If you say “no” you’re an intolerant hypocrite.

  10. Geo

    At the end of the day, no one gives a damn about flying the flag on the embassies’ flagpoles. I want my equal f*cking human rights.

  11. Bryant Smith

    What Hunter500 and Harvey have said is true. Embassies are for representing countries, not individuals. So this is a non-issue.

  12. rockshot

    Thanks for a very wise and insightful post. I have heard many times that gay in general are higher in IQ in the general population, this is one exception.
    Note the original article calls the “the Trump administration”, “the Trump ‘Regime”.
    This is at the beginning from some other low IQ fag.
    I am gay, but some of these people hold Rachael as their Queen. And did you see the gay You Tubbers crying when the election results came in. What exactly has any homosexual LOST in 3 years now? Please let me know. Still they cried that now they were going back to the stone age.

    Years before Obama and Hillary “change their minds” on gay marriage, Trump was on some TV interview in 2000 or 2001 shocking everybody saying that he had no problem with “civil unions”. And further he didn’t care what people did behind closed doors.
    So he fired somebody that happen to be gay, so that is proof that he hates gays.
    Do you think he would fire anybody that was making him money? Those are just the odds.

    These low IQ, and mentally lazy identitarian fags are an embarrassment to me at least.

    They used to report the news, but now they now tell you what you should think instead and then find random details to support their agenda, and that really is the problem. Gay is not = to liberal (as it is today). Madonna, Cher and Merrill Streep are their experts. It really is nauseating.
    Liberal used to mean open mindedness and freedom. I doesn’t anymore. These male pussy hat wearers want to shut down everybody that don’t agree with them.

  13. Trey williams

    So the Pride flag flew under Obama to celebrate Pride month and now Trump says hell no and gays are just fine with it. There you go. Why the LGBT community is treated like shit. Get a fucking backbone please.

    • Gorgeous George

      Flying the American flag by itself is the backbone representing ALL Americans. We should want to be treated equal, not special. They crybabies in this country need to grow up, change their diapers, stand as one and not buy into divisive political victimization games.

      • Lamar

        That’s just it, man, all people are NOT treated equal, don’t you ‘ever’ watch the news/world news, don’t you have an alternative paper that circulates in your town/city?

        These days, it’s like in the 60’s, again, when you could actually see what was happening in the south real-time; effectively, bringing the “jim crow” era to end, it shamed America world-wide.

        …. All too often, we’ve seen black people ‘murdered’ for little of nothing. Just as we’re still seeing-hearing of gay bashing, I really hope it happens to you, man, see what you have to say then.

        Nobody’s wants special treatment; needing to be protected. People in general, tend to have a sense of pride about themselves, just want to be left to their own devices-groups; safely, legally; to prosper, regardless of country. People regardless, should, within there own countries where they serve in whatever capacity they’re capable, they/we should be free without persecution.

        If, I chose to go to say, Israel, I’d feel so much more at ease, if I saw the flag waving, and ‘if’ you, are at least bisexual, at least as much as that; would feel more welcome too.

        • Gorgeous George

          Actually, I quite extensively research this info and always backup my statements with hard evidence, not regurgitate Koolaid from Don’s Lemonade stand, or run my brain on feelings, like the old bitter wretches of The View. I have to say, that is one hell of a statement that you’d actually ‘hope’ for violence against another human being. I feel sorry for you. Give up the victimization fetish, get out for a breath of fresh air, surround yourself by people who truly want the best for you and go live your life. There will be bumps in life’s road, more for some, less for others, but you have two choices, either live your life a victim on someone else’s leash or go live your life a survivor with the independent dignity that you, yourself own. The choice is yours.

          • Lamar

            … There’s nothing like personal experience, George, like those who hated gays, until, they have to parent one, then their ‘tune’ changes…this is what I’m saying. Otherwise, like yourself, totally tone-def.

          • Lamar

            I’m surrounded by people, whom share the same experiences, George… We support each other, encourage each other, soothe each other, just like women’s support-groups, gay men’s support-groups, you know “minorities,” supporting each other.

            “No man (or woman) is an island unto themselves.” We give each other strength and yes, we do speak out, you yourself are a victim, difference is, you don’t know it, yet….

            There’s just nothing like personal experience as a teacher of the realities of the past, present, real-time (which is still with us, clearly.) Cellphone cameras don’t lie, George.

            Ask the Jewish communities, those that have lost love ones, blown to bits, while in the house of God.

            Ask the African Americans that died, shot to death, again, while on their knees, praying, with someone they were gracious enough, to include…. George, he shot them to death!

            I think you and others like you, suffer, frontal-lobe issues, George, no ability to experience empathy… This is ‘why’ a personal experience of extreme victimization, would wake you up.

            “Black like me” an experience conducted, by a white man, he darkened his skin to have the personal experiences in ever-day life like “we” do. George, I forget how long he “intended” to, but he didn’t last nearly as long as he intended; “it was utterly horrendous” on ever last conceivable level of American life.”

            Ever hear of “red-lining,” George? Remember the young man whom was murdered for being gay (and many others) in Colorado?

            I remember a time when women, were blamed for getting raped, routinely blamed: “what were you wearing; did you make eye contact with him; let me see you walk, etc., “blame the victimized!” It’s a Jedi-mind trick.

            What do you say about our indigenous brothers and sisters, george? Were they not-still being victimized? We’re all on some kind of leash George some of us know it, where others, their color or lack thereof; blinds them.

            What do you say of the our vets coming home, only to be let down, committing suicide, George, huh? There victims, george, of their own country, which they serve…. like most victims, dead or alive. George, It’s guarantied, that if I’m with one of my white friends, caught with narcotics, that I will do more time than he.

            “Blinded, by the white, lmao!” Victimization, George, is most like cancer, insidious.

  14. Lamar

    Who made it up? You know, they actually mentioned it on “The View,” point being: “you’re safe here, to be who you are,” about the flag flying, yeah, I get it. It’s saying, no discrimination here, welcome.” Ha, anything good, that defies trump, I’m for!

    To “liberterianqueer” if one group is not free, then no one is really free. We’re at a tipping point for that be realized globally, actually. But “the states” well, looks like the supreme courts once again is full of bigots, mostly, and one “step& fetch-it/token” as far as I’m concerned, he’s not a swing-voter.

    Look up that hist., that’s how rights in general were broadened, or at least for a while anyway. They voted-out all the bigots of the past decades, starting from the 60’s: Civil-rights, Women’s rights, 70’s gay rights-coming out of the closets, in that exact order…

    Look up the term “Borked,” “McConnel, is having his revenge” this, is what this dude has been
    wanting for decades, turn back the hands of time, with everyone’s rights revoked/rescinded.
    Try the Utube, you find it there, learn something. The pendulum, could, very well be swinging back to the other position, “the dark ages.”

    If, you don’t know by now, what they’re conserving, I mean, you really cannot connect the dots.

    Hell, we’re in what seems, permanent wars, abortion is back on the block, civil-rights is laughably a cruel joke, gay white folk-are going back in the closet, willingly or shoved?

    See, you/we are really in the same boat, “oppression” and/or the threat of. I guess the “elites” think that their freedoms, are threatened by ‘our’ freedoms… class, race, gender. Yeah, you’re right, we are hysterical, we ‘got a taste of first-class-like citizenship.’

  15. Jim Marchesani

    Fly The Flag Get Over It Nobody going anywhere Get It Right Republican Bigots. Trump Administration Is Crooked and Stupid. Mike Pence is Closet case don’t let his cover up marriage fool you.

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