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What do you think about spanking, guys? Do you find it hot or not? Why or why not?

According to Nichi Hodgson, sex expert and former dominatrix, a spanking fetish is quite common, and is often linked to one’s childhood experiences.

Hodgson observed that adults who have been spanked as a child are more likely to enjoy spanking as adults. While childhood spankings may not have been perceived as erotic, as people age, their perceptions evolve, and the discomfort associated with childhood spankings may transform into an erotic sensation. This shift in perception could be seen as a form of coping mechanism. Further, Hodgson also noted that there are “a lot of nerves in the butt and anus,” thus making spanking popular to others. Read more here.

As for techniques, well, one can opt for a more straightforward option, which is the bare-handed spanking. This is as opposed to the other that requires additional tools as some people find enjoyment in using “switches, belts, floggers, paddles, wooden spoons, and hairbrushes. The choice also depends on the kind of interaction between the spanker and spankee, whether it’s a friendly slap in bed during a sexual romp or formally bending a partner over a chair.”

But why do people enjoy spanking?

Nikita Fernandes, M.A., M.H.C.-L.P., a sex psychotherapist based in New York City, explained:

Spanking can perpetuate a power dynamic where the person doing the spanking is holding the power at a given moment. This power exchange can make the kink very alluring to people who might hold power in other areas of their life and are looking to let go of control and be spanked.

For the person giving the spanking, the fetish can be rooted in control of holding the power and authority to spank someone. It’s important to note that spanking is a power exchange, because someone is offering power and someone is taking hold of that power.

Read more about this here.

Having said all that, do you like getting spanked, guys? Perhaps, you enjoy spanking someone instead of being on the receiving end?  Do you prefer a firm or gentle spanking? Do you use your hand or a paddle? And what do you like about it? And is the spanking made during sex or is it just that – spanking? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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