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News: Chicago Police Release Videos from Jussie Smollett Case

(Photo Credits: Dominick D [CC BY-SA 2.0])

Chicago police released investigative files related to the Jussie Smollett hate crime case including almost 70 hours of footage alongside hundreds of pertinent documents like texts and emails to name a few. 

One of the videos that began to circulate online is the body camera footage with audio taken by the police officers themselves. It can be seen in the video shown below that the police were greeted by Smollett’s manager himself upon their arrival at the actor’s apartment building. The manager could be heard telling the police, “He doesn’t want this to be a big deal, you understand what I’m saying. The thing that makes me emotional is they put this makeshift loop, what do you call that thing, a noose around his (expletive) neck. I’m sorry, you know. And that is what bothers me, the cut thing doesn’t bother me at all. If that makes any sense.”

According to Los Angeles Times, the noose is a “stand-in for vigilantism, for murder by community, an unveiled threat and a symbol to brandish to keep blacks, especially, ‘in their place.'”

The clip also shows Jussie Smollett’s conversation with the two police officers inside his apartment while the noose was still wrapped around his neck. This happened at around 8:45 a.m. which is reportedly, according to BBC News, almost seven hours after the controversial attack.   

In the same video, an officer could be heard asking, “Do you want to take it off or anything?” To which Smollett replied, “Yeah, I do, I just wanted you to see it.” He proceeded to take the rope off his neck while he told the police, “There’s bleach on me. They poured bleach on me.”  

In a separate short clip taken during the night of the reported attack, the Osundario brothers can be seen inside a cab while they were allegedly “leaving the scene of the crime.” Watch it below.

The police also released the footage of the arrest of the Osundario brothers at the O’Hare International Airport after their trip to Nigeria although in the video, the brothers did not speak much except to ask why they were being detained by the police.

This latest develpment on the Jussie Smollett hate crime case came just a few days after a Cook County judge ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor to probe the sudden dismissal of all criminal charges against Smollett last March which means he could be charged anew. 

Take a look at what the netizens are saying on Twitter about this case:

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  1. Josh

    True that most white people and cops are obsessed with jussie Smollett. Millions of people White people get off all the time with true hard crimes do I need to point out a few like the white guy that killed several people got off with probation, white guy that raped a women no time. I’m white get over it, investigate those crimes. Also need to investigate these judges that’s letting these white man off with no jail time.

  2. Luigi Nonono

    It doesn’t matter worth a crap what people are posting about this. If there were witnesses who saw two OTHER guys on the scene, then it is a credible story. Period. I am sick to death of trials in the media.

  3. Hunter0500

    In a CBS report entering the media today after that outlet looked into what’s being released, Jussie’s behavior was consistently odd. 6 hours after the aledged attack (after his friend alerted the police even though he said he did not want the police called), at his residence he met them with the noose around his neck and wearing the shirt pointing out to them he had been splashed with bleach. Also, CBS reported that his Manager told the police he did not want an issue made of it. CBS also reported that he texted the brothers right after the incident that he needed to meet with them on the down low. Also, CBS reported he Googled himself over 50 times in the days after the event.

    All behaviors that sure appear inconsistent with usual traumatized victim behavior.

    It’s all lining up like a movie or documentary script. How the Justice system unravels it all will be interesting.

  4. Matt

    Jussie (sic) falsely reported a crime, but not only that what his did is a racial hate crime. Jussie needs to be thrown into jail over this. Everyone wants to give him a pass because he’s black but that’s not equal protection under the law. If a white person committed a vicious hate crime like this all hell would be breaking loose. Jussie must be punished severely for this.

  5. Dylan

    All he did (for the gay community) was make it weaker. The next time someone is assaulted, beaten, raped and files a report this bs he did is at the front of everyone’s memory. He weakens their story. This is the boi who cried wolf.

    On that note: I still think he is HOT as FUCK and I fuck him until my cock fell off. Jus saying.

    That’s just how my brain works

  6. Libertarian Queer

    Smollet is a sorry excuse for a man if I ever saw one. He has no personal integrity, he attempts to smear an entire race because of his own fucked up racism, and he’s a shitty actor besides which is why he dreamed up this whole fabricated lie – to draw sympathetic attention to himself in hopes of promoting his dull and flagging career. What a total loser. Anybody who would defend his actions is a loser, too, with an equal lack of integrity.

    • Matt (Black)

      Lol. How dare you talk about President Trump like that. You described him to a tee!!!! I agree with you totally when you stated: “anybody who would defend Mr. Trump actions is a loser, too with an equal lack of intergrity”. My point is society in general, regardless of race is following the lead of the leader.

      • tek

        Dude, your derangement over the current president is insane. This isn’t even the topic, and the two things are not mutually exclusive. But go ahead and worship at the hollywood shrine.

        • Matt (Black)

          Dude, you need to open your eyes and closed mind to understand my point. I’m 100% against racism and shall bash racist people every chance I get. Sad to see Donald jr. follow the current President lead with his racist tweet toward Kamela Harris. I’m not surprised because racism unfortunately is a generational problem that is pass down from one generation to another…. Yes this segment is about Jesse but I’m making it about what I see. Hopefully this glaring situation will get resolved and we can all put it to rest.

      • Libertarian Queer

        No, that’s not your point. The fact is you don’t have a point unless it is to denigrate the current president. I will concede, however, that historically many societies have made the mistake of playing follow the leader. The end result was millions upon millions killed in the name of Marxism, communism, and socialism. Yeah, societies can be dumb that way if enough of it’s members are.

  7. Jeffrey

    It’s men like Smollet. That keeps racism alive and well. His story is nothing more than fuel for a fire. False claims blaming the white man.

    Black lives matter/#meto movements are nothing but hate and racism defined.

    Black privilege = Blame the white man for all my bad decisions and actions.

  8. Johnny Wadd

    He really isn’t much of an actor based on the video. Complete and total fool. Still, when ends up doing clips for Pornhub, I’ll probably watch. Especially when he breaks the record for taking on the most studs while wearing a gimp suit in a chain sling. Can’t imagine him being in any other type of film. The obnoxious little b*tch has pretty much fouled the sheets for himself and anyone that thought they were helping him. Sweet Juicy Jussie, cumming to a Bath House near you! With autographed pillow cases complete with bite marks

  9. Lamar

    ‘Show me the white guys’, is all I’m saying. So that’s where I have a problem believing this whole alleged incident. If, this incident did not occur, he really seems to have screwed himself but good; shouldn’t have been so greedy. I have no idea where his career is/was, I think if there was/is to be another “How to get away with murder”, something just as hip; he’d be a shoe-in for something like that, however, Shonda Rhimes might not be having any of that, now…nor any other producer.

  10. rparktop

    JS is a boil on the ass of the LGBTQ & Black communities. Getting caught on cam smoking weed on a “family” vacation in Hawaii demonstrates his total disrespect for everyone in his life. I don’t care that he smokes weed, but why give more people a reason to dislike & distrust him? He could have been a role model for so many but his continued bad choices just alienate more and more people every day. Doubt if he’ll be the grand marshall of any of the parades this weekend.

  11. Amaretto

    LMAO the level of denial and caping for this trashy ass dude is astonishing but then again it’s expected. It’s about accountability I know that’s a dirty word for many. Jussie ain’t shit period he faked a crime for attention and clearly he’s a bit off. How anyone is blaming police when it was Jussie who started this crap is beyond me. I hope they reopen and lock his ass up for the REAL victims of lgbtq crimes.

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