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Chemistry is everything; don’t you think so, too? If there is this one thing that could tell whether we have hope or chance of ever becoming anything to someone at all—our fuck buddy, friends with benefits, friend, etc.—it’s our chemistry with them. Or lack of it.

Which brings us to our question for the day: what are the traits that attract you to a person? What are these traits, whether physical or mental, that is an instant turn on for you? 

The gay men on Reddit have spoken and below are some of the male traits that they find attractive: 

  • According to user vilify97: “I’m not sure why, but long hair on guys makes them 10 times hotter to me.”
  • For user Jackmanjoe111, it’s the guy’s legs (calf muscles) + socks
  • Willowman321 said, “Green eyes!”
  • A reader named quitehopelessguy on the other hand, answered, “body hair, the more the better.” This seemed to be a popular answer although the other respondents were more specific like Cryso_L who said, “Facial hair! If you have a nice beard you’ll catch my attention for sure.” While pweqpw quipped: “hairy forearms.”
  • But attractiveness isn’t just about a person’s physical looks, for others like DEprEsED-HomosExual, it is possible to get sexually attracted due to someone else’s voice. He asked, “Is voice à physical trait? Like I can get hard just because a guy has a deep voice.”
  • For user pelecypod, it’s all about posture. He said, “A great body with terrible posture turns me off.”
  • According to user andieee919, he is attracted to “tall, thicc guys.” He added that he “doesn’t care about the dick size, as long as they love me.” He also said the guy must not be “racist to all races,” that he must be, “nice and understanding,” and “smart and has a good future for himself.”
  • User Freudian-Slip93 on the other hand, answered, “Height. At 6’4 I see a lot of shorter guys mostly so the tall men are a nice treat.”
  • A user named okjk0123 revealed that it’s “natural big lips” for him. 
  • For Aelronn however, it’s a number of traits not just one. He cited, “a smooth and flawless neck.” Further, he said, “Maybe add a mole or two. Ooh and with sweat. And when they tilt their heads back showing their Adam’s apple.”

What about you guys, what are the traits or things that men do that turn you on? Please don’t forget to share your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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