Have you ever had car sex before, guys? If your answer is yes, then our next question is: how was it for you? 

Perhaps it remains a fantasy for you, at least for now, and you are contemplating to try it in the near future, like this user on askgaybros named nedzhmi194 who had posed the same question. He said, “I think the fantasy is cool but in reality it might be strange. How was your experience? 🚗 (Asking because a friend of mine would like to bump me there).”

Some gay men replied and shared their stories. One of them called Lapsed2, said sex in the car was, “too uncomfortable.” User Heavy_Cobbler_8931, on the other hand, confessed, “I lost my virginity in a car. And now that I think of it, until my mid 20s I think cars were the most common place I had sex in….” Further, he shared, “But I digress. To answer your question… you should try it. It is a way to have sex with a view. Say, the beach at night. Under a starry sky. As for the sex itself, mehhh. Especially if you’re big boys, or the car is small, there is little room for maneuvering.”

Meanwhile, user biggersjw said, “It can get a bit stuffy unless you have some windows cracked or you have the car running for the AC.” He suggested, “Otherwise, back seat has been perfect for getting a blowjob or fucking. In the driver’s seat, it’s a BJ or hand job. Had someone lean on the car trunk and topped them.”

User Active_Plantain3186 however, cautioned the readers and reminded them, “Don’t get caught by the cops.” TBCyoutube, on the other hand,shared: “It depends on the car and if the air is on. But it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

If it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, why is it a popular fantasy and why do over 6,600 Americans google “how to have sex in a car” monthly? 

It’s probably because it’s a welcome change from the usual bedroom sex and because there’s the thrill of getting caught. According to the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Kinkly, Tara Struyk, it all boils down to urgency and risk. “There’s something about the urgency of wanting to be able to rip off your partner’s clothes in the throes of such intense passion that’s a super-common trope in sex scenes for a reason, Struyk explained. “It’s preeeeetty hot.”

Having said all that, have you ever had a steamy car sex with your boyfriend, partner, or fuck buddy? If you’re planning to have sex in a car parked outside, what does your area say about having sex in public? You may want to read more about it here

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