Adult novelty stores in the UK and the US are having a hard time meeting the market demand for full size sex dolls, according to this article. As we have blogged before, there has been a spike in the sex toy sales around the world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The demand for sex dolls is no different and as consumers go on panic buying before lockdown, stores are left with depleted stocks leaving them with a new problem: when and how will they restock their sex doll products? 

The owner of a store in the UK says that sex doll products are popular with “socially awkward people” and with those “who can’t – or don’t want to – go out a lot.” This is perhaps the reason why sex doll sales had been enjoying a steady rise of 5% to 15% before the COVID-19 pandemic broke. And with the COVID-19 crisis that made many people stay at home, a surge in the demand for sex dolls doesn’t come as a surprise. But the problem is that factories which manufacture sex dolls are also close during this time, leaving adult novelty stores unable to procure new stocks.

This is why Adam4Adam is happy to announce that not only did we restock our line of sex dolls, we have also added new models. You’ve heard it right, guys, it’s because we find ways for you! Take a look at our latest sex doll models below: 

  • Asher Adult Fantasy Doll – Asher is a bad boy who can be whoever you want him to be: a little bit Romeo, a little bit rascal who’s always down to fuck. 
  • SWAT Team Thomas Adult Doll – Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Sexy SWAT officer Thomas knows exactly what to do with bad boys, and he’s willing to play good cop or bad cop to get what he wants. 
  • Builder Brett Adult Doll – Brett is a rugged blue-collar worker with all the skills you’re looking for. He can hammer, drill, and screw. He knows how to handle pipe and work with wood. If you’re okay with getting a little dirty, Brett has a couple holes he needs help filling. 

Buy any sex dolls mentioned above and get a massive discount at 40% off. What’s more is that we currently have a 10% OFF storewide promo as thanks to everyone who are staying home right now so you can buy Asher, Thomas, or Brett at 50% off for each sex doll that you buy! Simply input the code STAYHOME upon checkout to avail of the promo. You may check our complete list of sex dolls here.

And the good news is that we are giving away a free Onyx Vibrating Silicone Anal Plug right now to A4A customers who will purchase at least $29 worth of products on Adam4Adam Store. You only need to add the product in your cart and enter the coupon code ONYX2020 upon checkout.

What are you waiting for? Hurry! Offer is good until supplies last only!

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