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Cliches exist because there’s some truth to them, and there definitely is some truth when it comes to the cliche of gay men always being up for spontaneous sex.

One doesn’t have to look any further than the r/askgaybros subreddit to find this out. A post by user u/JayEli asking “What’s the most spontaneous sexual experience you’ve ever had?” has already garnered more than a hundred replies sharing spontaneous sexual experiences in dorm rooms, bus stations, and even a nude beach in Cuba. Some of the stories are a woozy!

For instance, user u/Southern-bro got a hand job from an older cable guy who was in his shared dorm room. As he tells it, the two of them were talking, things got personal, and then got even more personal once they both realized they’re both attracted to men.

“He came up close to me and reached down and started gently feeling my bulge through my jeans. Well, I was a horny college dude not getting any and moaned and pushed forward my pelvis,” he shares. “He smiled and said, ‘You like that, buddy’ and unzipped me, carefully pulled my throbbing junk out (cock and balls) and started jacking me with my own pre-cum and his spit and cupping my balls.”

“I was eventually doing all the work by pumping my cock in his lubed fist. Finally, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I cried ‘I’m gonna cum!’ and nutted a load,” he continues. “He seemed happy and left. I just fell back on the bed relieved. Never saw him again. Best hand job I ever had.”

User u/malferink’s story is short and not quite so sweet: “I was on the bus to work very early in the morning and chatted with the bus driver, he asked me if I had a girlfriend and I replied I was gay. He then went on to suck my dick at the station. Wasn’t that good tho.”

User u/pofortin88, on the other hand, went to Cuba to get a break from work and ended up getting so much more.

“I was exploring the area and found a nude beach that stretched for miles with literally no one. I got to a nice spot, got naked and just sunbathed for a few hours. A Cuban guy passed by and showed me his ass,” he says. “As I laughed and smiled, he turned around and came to chat. He didn’t speak much of English nor French, so communication was quite difficult. I ended up blowing him and he blew me. Nice afternoon.”

Adam4Adam blog readers, do you have any stories of spontaneous sex that you want to share? Do it in the comments below and feel free to be as detailed as you want!

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