Sexuality : Would You Buy Condoms From A Fashion Brand?

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There’s a reason why the stereotype of the fashionable gay man exists — it’s because there’s quite a lot of us who follow fashion brands and pick up a lot of the products that they put out. But would even the most fashion-obsessed among us go for branded condoms?

This is because the revered fashion house Saint Laurent just recently launched its range of condoms, available exclusively at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite boutique located at 213 rue Saint-Honore in Paris’ first arrondissement. It comes in gold, heart, and zebra designs and costs two euros. That price point is above what other brands of condom would cost on average.

As French Vogue points out, this isn’t the first time a fashion house has come out with a line of condoms. Last year, Trojan and Alexander Wang partnered up for a safe sex campaign that included the hashtag #ProtectYourWang. The fashion brand Vetements didn’t come out with branded condoms but did use black and fuchsia pink condoms as invites to its Spring/Summer 2020 show.

It’s also worth pointing out that these Saint Laurent condoms aren’t specifically targeting gay men or the LGBT community. Fashion houses often do that during Pride with rainbow-themed apparel like Nike’s “Be True” Air Max sneakers, Calvin Klein’s Pride Collection, Converse’s 2019 Pride Line, and Abercrombie & Fitch’s Pride collection. Sales from these collections often go to a charity or an organization connected to the LGBTQ community, which is not the case with these Saint Laurent condoms.

We’d like to hear the thoughts of our Adam4Adam blog readers. Are these Saint Laurent condoms something you’d be happy to add to your bedside drawer? Or would you rather stick with tried and tested brands, even if they don’t have the gloss of a fashion brand? Share your thoughts and comments with us in the comments section below!

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  1. N.Z.H.

    A “Designer Condom”?

    What is the point of spending money on a “Designer Condom” when it will buried into hole…sight unseen.

    And, when it is spent and pulled out, the “Designer Condom” is either discarded into a garbage can or a toilet.

    Talk about an “Oxymoron”!

    • Hunter0500

      If you can afford them…
      If they somehow make the sex better…
      If the guy your screwing finds you a better partner because of the label …
      Buy them. Use them.

      I have yet in years, however, to find a guy who even glanced at the logo on the label
      when he tore a condom open..

      Maybe if there was some.performance/quality omg aspect about them, it’d be different. But a logo? Even with a portion of the proceeds being donated … buy the ones you usually buy with a lower price point and donate the difference. The charity will better off.

    • N.Z.H.


      If someone told you that Colgate has come out with a Boutique Toothpaste that would guarantee total whiteness and fresh breath, would it enable you to give a better Rim Job or a better Blow Job?

      If someone sat on your face, would the whiteness of your teeth or you fresh breath matter?

    • Rusty

      It doesnt matter who brands
      Condoms. A condom is a condom and most don’t like using them. Having a high end designer name will not change this fact.

    • txbbbottom

      I really don’t want them to do this, I also only take it BB and sometimes its already a chore to talk the top into forgoing the rubber. can you imagine if I asked him to not wear Gucci, some guys would lose their minds?

  2. Barry

    I would not buy condoms from a fashion name brand just because the name is on the package. The condom has to be the right fit depending on how a guy is built in the penis department. Why pay a higher price just to show a name on the wrapper? Of course I am not a fashion hound and do not worry about those things like some people do. If they want to pay a lot more for a name…more power to them.

  3. hardtopftl

    I’m happy with free ones from the bars/baths/HIV assistance organizations/Dr’s offices/clinics/Pride Parades, thanks…

  4. Brad

    How about Vin Diesel autographed? Or a Brad Pitt model dental dam? Or Andy Dick monogrammed Depends for those rough trade weekends?

  5. Bob

    I love fashion, but name brands in general are usually overpriced, tacky, ans gaudy. A piece of rubby is still a piece of rubby… and as mentioned in other post… the item will be mostly unseen and discarded. There’s literally no logical purpose for this concept.

    Besides, condoms are generally best used for whorish men, “players”, dl, disease riddled types, or even casual dating to be safe. But if you’re in a monogamous relationship altho still a safer options, with loyalty isn’t as necessary

  6. OAndy69

    It would have to have some kind of performance gain over others for myself to purchase. But then again i have never been fashion trendy.

  7. jim markus

    Not at all, it’s in no way better simply because it has some dipshits name on it. Stay with condoms that you know and trust, these “name brands” will be made in China and substandard.

  8. James

    That’s just pointless when the lights are out and your getting it on who cares about what brand of condom you are putting on your cock, unless it is a cheap one that will not hold up well, sometimes you only have a certain amount of time to get ready to bone him in the bum, or her in the pussy, before it goes limp again unless you had just taken a viagra or another kind of erection pill that does work, it’s pointless are you really going to stop mindless and exciting sex time just to find a condom you spent 35 dollars on, the put on your dick, by then the moment and excitement is lost for good.

  9. Marko

    There are certain things in life that you buy simply because they are the best. The best example is that Levi’s makes the best jeans. When it comes to condoms I believe the Trojan is the best. I wouldn’t want to shred some Ralph Lauren condom when I could have my member wrapped in rubber and be a Trojan Warrior. Some things in life just aren’t worth compromising over.

    • Dave

      Terry, we will soon have it on our store. We did that underwear for Pride Montreal event, and now everybody wants them so we are producing more!

  10. Alex

    i have absolutely no respect for anyone that defines their lives around a brand name. It tells me the person is soulless consumer zombie swayed by advertising, there’s WAY more to life than that.

    • rparktop

      Newsflash Alex, EVERYTHING in your closet is a knockoff or ripoff of a brand name. Where do you think Sears, Penneys, Carsons and every other store gets their ideas? Buyers go to all the designers’ shows. take the collar from a Ralph Lauren shirt, the placket from John Varvatos & the cuffs from a Paul Smith. They choose a cotton-poly blend instead of 100% cotton or a cheaper grade of cotton. Plastic buttons instead of shell. Now they find a factory that will make it for a price that will assure the desired profit margin when only 30% of the total number of pieces made sell at full price. That’s why they’re always on sale.
      I’m not judging what anyone chooses to wear, perhaps you could think about doing the same.

  11. tek

    This goes back to the 90s even, various brands had condoms, sub pop even had branded condoms in its store in seattle (that’s a label a bunch of famous bands were on for people too young or too into the scene to have noticed). Slow news days…

  12. rparktop

    A designer condom would be a license issued by the designer. It would be a Kimono or Trojan or Durex condom with some unique color or pattern approved by the designer’s team. It’s not like John Varvatos or Ralph Lauren has come up with something new or unique. No designer would spend money developing a product like that. They would get paid by another company to put their name on a condom that meets their standards. Similar to most designer socks and underwear. will put any artwork on the foil packet for under a dollar apiece. Wouldn’t your date be more impressed with condoms that match the original artwork over your fireplace?or the color scheme of your play space?

  13. SeazBiGuy

    Most likely the condom in the “designer” wrapper is coming from the same place all the other condoms are being made.

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