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Is age an important factor for you guys when it comes to choosing a potential hookup or date or boyfriend here on Adam4Adam? 

We are asking because we stumbled upon this thread on askgaybros where the original poster (OP) said that he had noticed over the years how “a lot of guys never seem to change their ages on their profiles.” He related instances like his old roommate when he was still at school and how the latter would brag that he was able to pass himself off as 19 when in fact he was already 21 or 22. He also added that there was this one guy who is perpetually 32 years old on his profile for the past five years. Some respondents reacted by affirming that yes, they’ve noticed this, too; while others said it’s “shallow to be so hung up on someone’s age number.”  

We did a little digging online and some people who admitted that they lied about their age said they shaved 3 to 5 years off, while others confessed they took as much as a decade off their real age.  

But why do gay men and LGBTI people in general lie about their age on dating apps? 

A study conducted by Gay Star News revealed that “one in four gay and bisexual men lie about their age on hook-up apps and on dates.” There were over 3,000 respondents, 35 percent of them were retired, while the rest (65 percent) were still working. As to the why they lie, their answer is simple: it’s because “LGBTI people fear being rejected on hook-up apps and on dates because of their age.” Check out the result of their survey in full here

According to this article, “lying about one’s age is considered socially acceptable.” For others however, it is a deal breaker. That being said, have you ever lied about your age, guys? Have you ever been lied to by a hookup or a date before? If yes, did he get a second date from you? Why or why not?

Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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