Survey: What is Your Favorite Lube?

Let’s talk about all things lube, guys. First off, we’ve read about some gay men’s “pre-lubing” habits so it made us wonder just how popular it is.

What does “pre-lubing” mean, exactly? Well, according to this article, pre-lubing is simply lubing your ass in advance before going somewhere (a gay bar for example), because you expect to have sex with someone else there. Some of the popular “pre-lubes” mentioned were:

  • coconut oil – the best choice when rimming is involved because it tastes great
  • “another man’s semen from a prior barebacking session” 
  • ice cubes made of lube or cum which they “insert before a party or a scene” so that “they’re nice and wet when the fun starts”
  • lubes with injector kits like these ones from CleanStream and Passion.

Some say, however, that they veer away from pre-lubing because it seems “uncomfortable” and one of them had described the feeling as similar to “having a serious ass sweat.” Others on the other hand, argued that there’s no such thing as pre-lubing, that you either “lube, do not lube, or lube more than once” but never pre-lube. As for me, I’ve never heard of pre-lubing up until now but I always say you do whatever works for you so long as you’re not hurting anyone including yourself. If pre-lubing makes anal sex more enjoyable, fun, easier even, for you and your partner then why not? 

But what about you, guys, do you pre-lube? Why or why not? And if you do, what is your favorite “pre-lube” of choice?

As you know, there are mainly three types of lubes namely: the silicone-based lubes, the water-based lubes, and the oil-based lubes. We scoured the internet for other gay men’s favorite lubes and some of the brands mentioned were Tenga Hole LotionPassion Lube Maximum Strength, and Wet Original Gel Lubricant. What about you Adam4Adam blog readers, what are your favorite lubes for backdoor fun and why? Comment below and don’t forget to answer our survey.

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    • Brian

      Ha! I agree with you. Hell, I use the stuff as lotion (sometimes in conjunction with baby fresh scene vaseline). So I guess I’m always lubed.. haha

  1. Dennis H.

    I’ve never thought about pre-lubbing. My lube of choice is silicone Gun Oil. Like the slip and slide. I don’t find it difficult to get out of sheets.

  2. Nathan

    Nathan Writes:

    I do not use “Lube” as I do not practice the required sex.

    However, if I did, I would have use “Crisco” as it all comes back but a teaspoon. “Corn Husker’s Lotion” mighthave worked, too

    “Spit & Pressure” was/is the “Poor-Man’s” lubrication. “Dippity-Do” has been known to work as it provides both lubrication and stiffness.

    “Axle Grease” was used by the mechanically-inclined and many of the “Butch-Queens” who liked to brag that they could fix their own motorcycles.

    The “Military Boys” used whatever was available…including “Motor Oil” with a viscosity suitable for all seasons.

    “Necessity” then; “Necessity,” now, remains of “Mother-of-All Inventions”!

    • Mark

      Using axle grease or motor oil would be dangerous. Would you put axle grease in your mouth? Might not kill you, might not cause immediate harm, but would you? I’m sure some people have used motor oil, that does not make it safe or an option to consider. You state you don’t use “lube” yet everything you suggested was based on ignorance and poor judgment. Is this something you read about in some fantasy sex novel or video? I’m pointing this out because by posting the use of motor oil and axle grease as a lubricant for sex could lead to someone thinking you have a clue and follow your suggestions. If you don’t have lube just spit on it.

      • Nathan


        Anyone, with more between his ears, than what hangs between his legs, would know that I am being “Facetious.”

        Obviously, since I already declared that I have never engaged in any sex act that required “Lubrication,” I was making a commentary of the ridiculousness of this blog.

        Ergo, anyone who understands what I wrote, would chuckle, and congratulate Nathan, on his sense of humor…not on his ignorance.

        • Grinch

          LOL, you guys are having too much sex! What highschool do ya’ll go to? Don’t let your parents catch you writing this… Wait. are ya’ll old enough to be on this site? Log off immediately! It’s ok to joke, but this is an adult site. And in some of the straight guys at your school catch you with this, they won’t be so friendly… and sooner or later their girlfriends will be giggling about it and they will find out!

    • R L

      When I used to bottom, I liked to prepare when I thought it might go places, because I never liked discomfort. But I also didn’t like carrying evidence on me, in case we decided to be someplace unusual. I wanted something that would not hurt a condom, would ease the burn, would feel soothing, and would not drip. I also could have it accidentally found in my home with nobody guessing I liked anal sex.

      After a BM, and a shower, I would use clear aloe vera gel in a thin layer in my rectum, using a finger or a dildo to insert and spread it. It was slick at first, but wouldn’t drain out. When the moment of fun came, if it felt too thick, a little spit would make it slick, and it would last longer than plain spit. That thin layer helped reduce odor, but didn’t cover the waxy man musk smell, and it was non toxic for rimming.

  3. Bill

    all I can do is tell you from experience…this guy had a cock that was so huge.. when I saw the size of it I was scared…he put me on top of him. rubbing that huge dick back and forth in the crack of my ass…I was begging him to put it in…but I had on no lube at all. he said no. you got to cum first… I finally shot my load all over his stomach.. he scooped it up and lubed my ass with my own cum… then he slipped that big huge cock in my ass. it was the biggest dick I had ever taken.. and it went all the way in ball deep with very little pain…he gave me the best fuck of my life

  4. Tray66

    My new fav lube is coconut oil – the best choice when rimming is involved because it tastes great and doesn’t dry out. Plus it’s a great skin conditioner

  5. Paul Smith

    Natural aloe vera gel from a fresh leaf is the best ever. It will not turn into gummy worms as it dries, it will absorb into the skin and make it smooth. You can reapply it as much as you want! Look online for preparing it for use.

  6. RIck

    Whatever the top uses so he can ease his cock deep into my hole then once I have adjusted, he can pound me until the cows come home. Water-based ones usually are just fine.

  7. R

    Pjur Lube from Germany found that to be the best and long-lasting for me. Like using lube shooters as well either for solo play and or with a partner.

  8. Dsyr

    Biotone Duel Purpose massage cream. It’s thick and it’s glide lasts the whole massage. It’s made from botanical oils and tastes okay . I’ve used it top and bottom and never found anything to equal it.

  9. Ray Dalton

    First I used Vaseline. In the 90’s I used water-based with Nonoxynol-9 like everyone else did and got rashes from it. Now at 52 I use Silicone on the ass I’m fucking and vaseline on my dick. Water-based lubes irritate my skin and jezuzfuckingHChrist ya have to reapply and reapply…..besides, as an adult performer (and all things that often accompany that world) I have a very broad sampling of guys and ages that I have sex with…..98% of water-based lube users are: 1)Condom users 2)In rural areas 3)rarely have sex 4)Are not openminded or seekers. ***QUALIFICATION: this is STRICTLY based on MY experience***

  10. Paul Smith

    I tried silicone based anal lube and it made me dizzy after a few days. I use a water based lube now for internal applications. It is called “Liquid Sex”. Thick so it doesn’t run down your legs and else where. Very smooth ride.

  11. john gault

    I’ll agree that coconut oil is the best for anal penetration but for fisting I rely on good ol’ Crisco to light the way to my traverse intestine,,,just sayin’

  12. Choptan

    From my limited experience, I find that after a deep cleansing shower douche that my ass makes it own ‘mucus’ lube and that is all that is necessary for a rare, but fun time. If it is a really thick cock then Amity Jack’s water based Premium silicon BANG Oil is great

  13. Tim Stinnett

    I like Jizz. Looks like it and smells like it. But I have only used it to jerk off. I don’t hook up with anyone very often because my phone and computers are always messing up. It stimulates the imagination, though I prefer to be with one rather than jerk off (which I don’t do often either, lol). You are very handsome and sexy; I have enjoyed several films you were in. Thanks.

  14. sexdad

    I Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. I will also prelube if I am going to get laid. If I know the guy is hung I will work my ass over with a lubed up dildo so its pre stretched and pre lubed.

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