Let’s talk about all things lube, guys. First off, we’ve read about some gay men’s “pre-lubing” habits so it made us wonder just how popular it is.

What does “pre-lubing” mean, exactly? Well, according to this article, pre-lubing is simply lubing your ass in advance before going somewhere (a gay bar for example), because you expect to have sex with someone else there. Some of the popular “pre-lubes” mentioned were:

  • coconut oil – the best choice when rimming is involved because it tastes great
  • “another man’s semen from a prior barebacking session” 
  • ice cubes made of lube or cum which they “insert before a party or a scene” so that “they’re nice and wet when the fun starts”
  • lubes with injector kits like these ones from CleanStream and Passion.

Some say, however, that they veer away from pre-lubing because it seems “uncomfortable” and one of them had described the feeling as similar to “having a serious ass sweat.” Others on the other hand, argued that there’s no such thing as pre-lubing, that you either “lube, do not lube, or lube more than once” but never pre-lube. As for me, I’ve never heard of pre-lubing up until now but I always say you do whatever works for you so long as you’re not hurting anyone including yourself. If pre-lubing makes anal sex more enjoyable, fun, easier even, for you and your partner then why not? 

But what about you, guys, do you pre-lube? Why or why not? And if you do, what is your favorite “pre-lube” of choice?

As you know, there are mainly three types of lubes namely: the silicone-based lubes, the water-based lubes, and the oil-based lubes. We scoured the internet for other gay men’s favorite lubes and some of the brands mentioned were Tenga Hole LotionPassion Lube Maximum Strength, and Wet Original Gel Lubricant. What about you Adam4Adam blog readers, what are your favorite lubes for backdoor fun and why? Comment below and don’t forget to answer our survey.

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