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Hey, guys! Some gay netizens took to Reddit to share the very first LGBT film they’ve ever watched and along with it came the confession of how some of them were terrified to bits about getting caught by their parents while they watched their first LGBT film. Another one revealed that when he watched the film Maurice, he remembered seeing two guys kissing and thinking, “Wow… this makes sense to me.”

This brings us to the importance of the LGBT representation in films and the media in general. Often, I’d read confessions of gay men online about how a gay romance book they’ve read or a certain movie they’ve watched was the first time they’ve read or watched romance between gay people. That, and how important it is for them to be able to watch two men kiss onscreen although of course there’s more to it than that. It is actually about saying loudly that gay people exists, that we don’t have to hide, and that we can be ourselves. It’s also more about the LGBT community being able to relate and identify with the characters and circumstances depicted in the film or book. At the same time, LGBT representation in the media would give other viewers/readers a glimpse of a gay person’s life and hopefully, this would help them see the LGBT community in a new light.      

The list of reasons as to why there should be LGBT representation in the media is long but going back to the topic at hand, what about you, guys? What is the first LGBT movie you’ve ever watched? Without further ado, here are some of their answers:

1. Shelter (2007, Jonah Markowitz) – this multi-awarded film stars Trevor Wright, Brad Rowe, and Tina Holmes. It tells the story of Zach, an aspiring young artist with a complicated family life, and how he fell in love with his best friend Gabe’s older brother, Shaun.  2. Love, Simon (2018, Greg Berlanti) – Simon Spier, a 17-year-old gay high school student, holds a closely-guarded secret. What will happen if this secret comes out? 

This coming of age film is based on Becky Albertalli’s book titled Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (2015). It stars Nick Robinson, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Jennifer Garner to name a few. 

3. Beautiful Thing (1996, Hettie MacDonald) – tells the love story of Jamie (Glen Berry) and Ste (Scott Neal). Jamie—who is crushing on Ste—is an introvert making him an open target for bullying at school. He is just discovering his sexuality while Ste on the other hand, is the teen who lives in the flat next door with his drug-dealing brother and abusive, alcoholic father. 4. Maurice (1987, James Ivory) – follows the coming of age of Maurice Hall (played by actor James Wilby) as a gay man in Edwardian England, an era when homosexuality was regarded as “the unspeakable vice of the Greeks” and was punishable by law. The film also stars Hugh Grant as Clive Durham and Rupert Graves as Alec Scudder.

Happy viewing!

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