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But first off, why is constructing erotic scenarios in our head important? According to sexuality counselor Dr. Ian Kerner, without fantasies, “comfort sex” can become “stale or routine” and routine equals boring.  Not to mention that in the end, Dr. Kerner says the brain is actually the biggest sex organ which is why stimulating our brain by fantasizing is the easiest way to spice up our sex life. 

What is your favorite fantasy, guys? Is it something that you would like to try in the near future or is it something that you would never explore or act out in real life? Why or why not? 

That being said, we scoured the internet to find out what gay men fantasize about, can you guess which the most popular ones are? Here are seven of their hottest fantasies, let us know in the comments section what’s yours!

  • Group Sex – this is by far, the most popular as many gay men on Reddit admit to fantasizing about being spit roasted, having threesome, foursome, moresome, or gangbang and being used as a “cum dump.” Most of them though, also admit that it will never happen in real life and group sex to them will forever remain a fantasy mainly because of health concerns.
  • Bareback – same sentiment as above. This fantasy, they say, is something they’ll “never go through with.”
  • Sex with the massage therapist / sensual massage
  • Pet play 
  • Double penetration
  • Having sex in public or semi-public places like while in a car or while camping or in a public swimming pool
  • Watersports

What about you, guys, what are your wildest sex fantasies and would you try doing it in real life? Share with us your stories and your hottest sex fantasies in the comments section below.    

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