Survey: Spit or Swallow

You’re giving him a blowjob and he is about to cum. What’s the proper thing to do, spit or swallow? 

This one’s a classic question and while the answer varies depending on the person. Other gay men confess they swallow because they either find it hot or because they find spitting rude while some say that they spit because they either dislike the taste of semen or its smell. Popular answers to this question online include “spitters are quitters” and “spit or swallow, just don’t let it wallow. Sometimes the latter varies and becomes “swallow or spit, just don’t let it sit” but the message remains the same and it’s that one should not let cum sit in their mouth for long. The reason being that “having a healthy mouth reduces the risk of getting HIV” and “it’s the length of time the cum is in your mouth that’s the risky part.”

What are the risks associated to oral sex exactly? Well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the “chance an HIV-negative person will get HIV from oral sex with an HIV-positive partner is extremely low” although the risk of HIV transmission do increase given other factors like bleeding gums, sores in the mouth or on the penis, and the “presence of other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).” CDC also reminds the public that other STDs such as syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, can be transmitted during oral sex. You can read CDC’s fact sheet about oral sex and HIV risk here.

Going back to the matter at hand, do you spit or swallow guys? Also, do you take offense when your partner or hookup spits your cum? Share with us your thoughts and blowjob stories in the comments section below and don’t forget to answer our survey while you are at it. 

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  1. ProCockSucker

    All depends on the person. There are many factors that can affect the taste of semen. Diet to some degree and especially smokers I definitely won’t swallow. But I usually avoid smokers anyway. Taste of semen changes as we age and those who are diabetic. Yes I’ve sucked a lot of cock.

  2. Winston A Callwood Jr

    Let’s start with there is no “proper” thing to do here. Whether it’s spitting, swallowing or anything else just do you. I like to swallow myself, but that doesn’t make it proper. Just do what you’re comfortable with.

  3. Hunter0500

    As with just about all things sexual, there’s no “proper” answer to the “Spit or Swallow?” question. It’s just another tool in our sexual toolbox.

    While I prefer to be swallowed, and enjoy swallowing with good buds, because it makes the blow job experience seamless. It’s not a deal breaker and it’s not something that rates the play event as “successful” or “failure”. I leave it up to the guy’s preferences. 80% of my buds swallow. The balance ensure I have a happy ending. Interestingly enough, I’ve yet to have a playmate request that I not swallow! And have never had a new guy insist I do. It’s a non-issue for me.

  4. Mr. Tomg

    As a top who loves his dick sucked well, it really turns me on when my bottom swallows my hot load and enjoys every drop. Swallowers are definitely at the top of my list along with great bottoms.

  5. Tom

    I DEFINITELY swallow. I love CUM, especially thick cum and a heavy shooter of many thick ropes of cum A heavy and hard shooter. Large thick loads usually taste so good and I can still taste it hours later. I prefer non smoker’s cum because it tastes better and if they drink fruit juice several hours before it tastes so good. Even if a guy just drinks water, I hope for a very salty load that you do not taste if he drinks fruit juice. Pineapple is the best but I do also like that “salty dog load”….It is an acquired taste but I swallowed every load. I love cleaning a dick spotless of cum with my mouth and tongue. The person must be 100% D/D free although I do not mind alcohol or 420…feed me, lol…my profile name on here is: BiLust

  6. Dave

    I don’t care. But if he looked like the model in the aforementioned article I’d make him swallow it, he wouldn’t have a choice. I’d put a g0n to his head and [email protected] his face until he swallowed every drop. Uh huh.

  7. Rick

    Swallow, of course!! I love to swallow a nice hot load that is shot right into my mouth. In fact, I love giving BJs for the prize at the end!

  8. jim

    i always swallow. if i can take his cock in my mouth, then it’s only sensible that i’ll swallow his cum. I happen to like it. and feel is shows respect. as a cocksucker, i don’t feel like i’ve completed my Job, until i swallow his gift.

  9. Ben

    Swallow always. It can be delicious if the guy has a heathy diet or gross. But if you spit, you have to taste it twice.

  10. bjjj

    I prefer swallowing. Although I have had a guy one time cum so much I couldn’t swallow it all at once, so ended up spitting some of his cum out. It think it’s hot when I swallow, knowing I end up with a bit of him (cum) inside of me, and that he was willing to share it with me as well. The same goes with those who want and is willing to do WS.

  11. GR

    I swallow and my partners. I’ve read that cum is healthy, plus I enjoy the taste of most guys cum and I love the smell. I’ve always believed that you need to finish what you start, swallow then give him a sloppy wet kiss.

  12. R L

    If he’s hot enough for me to suck, he’s hot enough for me to swallow. It’s my follow-through, and I enjoy his reaction to me swallowing. It also lets me catch his unique taste. Air shots are for porn viewers to know he got off. When I get sucked, it’s almost a letdown if he pulls off and lets me dribble, or if he takes it in his mouth and lets it run out, or jumps up to go spit. Seeing him swallow gives me a warm feeling. It’s a real compliment.

  13. Paul

    I never spit it out. There is a certain intimacy with a guy sharing his semen with me. I so much prefer a guy swallowing mine although I love when he snowballs back to me with a deep kiss.

  14. Jockn2cbt

    They’re probably right, time in the mouth is a factor, but sometimes when the guy is especially hot I like to savor his load.

  15. Greg

    I do have to spit because semen always gave me an upset stomach if I swallowed. But I love the sensation of a hot load exploding in my mouth and go spit it out and rinse my mouth out with Listerine. I’d love to swallow if it didn’t make me so nauseous.

  16. KyleM

    I’m 59 & have had some form of sex – from mutual makeout/JO to 69’ing and mutual rimming, to topping, bottoming or flip-fucking, u-name-it – with over 250 different guys of varying ages, gay, bi, some virgins, etc., during that time. Overall, I’d estimate that at least 150 different cocks have gone down my throat, and damn if I’m not a great cocksucker – well, sort of. I say that because I’ve never let a guy cum in my mouth – ever. Why? First, having tasted my own on a number of occasions, the taste has always turned me off – to my pallet it’s like a combo of egg yokes and amonia. Second, something about ingesting stuff that comes out of a guy’s cock rubs me the wrong way. Third and perhaps most importantly, I fear the one in a zillion chance that perhaps I have some small cut inside my mouth that could absorb infected cum. To those reading this, I know – I’m crazy. But I can at least say I do love sucking cock and getting sucked – and I have cum inside many mouths over the years and find the whole act of a mouthful of cum incredibly hot – it’s just not for me. That all said, I still hold out the possibility that if I were to get it on with some young (but legal age) virgin, I’d try it – but who knows if that’ll ever happen.

    If someone would like to (nicely please?) give me some encouragement, coaching, or otherwise, I’d be all ears/eyes…

  17. Will

    Lean in to the base of his cock and take it down the throat in one swallow, leaving it there without motion, or continued sucking if he likes that. That way cum is not in your mouth much at all. If it’s a guy I know really well, and we’re both into it, I’ve snowballed after we 69, but that’s hard to time.

  18. Doug

    I love to suck cock. I really love feeling a hard, hot cock explode in my mouth. I would never think about spitting out a load of cum. I think swallowing makes the experience so much hotter for both my partner and I.

  19. Jake

    It’s an intimate act between you and another man, the desire to pleasure him with your mouth until he unloads. That final moment when you feel that gush or shots of cum filling your mouth is hot. It turns me on SO much hearing the growls, moans, groans of pleasure coming out of a man’s mouth. More so if they hold onto your arm, body, or back of your head, arching their back, their entire body tenses up while you are holding on to them. When that happens it’s male bonding at it’s best.
    I don’t normally let it sit in my mouth, I keep swallowing until he’s done because I never know how much he actually is going to ejaculate. Sometimes when a guy is about to cum I’ll give him that extra “thrill” to make the blowjob off the charts for him by taking his cock all the way down to the balls and letting him shoot straight down my throat. LOL I get a lot of “wow that was incredible” or similar things said when I do this and it makes me feel good knowing I did that for them. The cum may be the reward but what he remembers is HOW you sucked and got him there. Impress a guy enough and he’ll want it again and again.
    As far as taste of another man, it varies obviously. I’ve only had very few that were unpleasant while some I literally can’t get enough of and wish they could feed me every day of the week.
    On the receiving end having a warm wet hungry mouth eagerly swallowing for me is where it’s at. Love it when they try to get every last bit of it out and lick it off, so damn hot.

  20. Bill

    I love sucking a big dick.. and I love to take a load down my throat. All guys are different. some just dribble out a load of hot cum other shoot a load out like a cannon.. most of the time I take a big cock all the way down my throat so that I don’t have to swallow… I suck a cock to please my man, love when he tells me I am a good cock sucker…

  21. perry

    when i first started giving blow jobs i would always spit. then one day i decided to swallow a load. it was great, feeling him squirm and moan and knowing i was responsible for giving him great pleasure. plus i don’t enjoy cleaning up. now, no mess or waste, i make sure every drop is enjoyed before sending him on his way with a smile on his face and his nuts drained.

  22. soft & fluffy

    If some guy’s dick is in my mouth then he’s special enough to swallow . They might not always tell you but they really appreciate it.
    Just wish I didn’t have a gag reflex !

  23. Mark

    All depends on the vibe I get when I am sucking dick. For me nothing better then that hot cream after a good workout but yea the taste does indeed vary, I have sucked alot of dick in my time, alot and have tasted lots of cum. As when I am getting sucked, nothing better then getting my cum swallowed, every drop, no cleanup!! I love swallowing his shaft so the head is deep in my mouth and let him squirt to his content, deep down my throat, feeling every throb, mmmmmm…

  24. Cumpigzig

    I love taking a group of guys, letting them all cum in my mouth. Either one at a time, swallowing them at once, or their jacking off into my mouth, letting it accumulate, and swallowing the combined load. I also like ass-to-mouth. My a4a handle is my name here.

  25. john wilson

    well i had a man ask me if I swallowed or not ,,,and i was told if i suck a mans dick i need to swallow because it was rude to spit out what is giving so i swallowed and i really like it and i still enjoy swallowing a guys cum form time ti time i am gay and i have had sex with females but i wanted to try it well i felt dirty, cheated and i was not natural for me but i do not fill like this with guys i i rather have sex with men and i rather suck on a mans dick a hell of alot better and yes i love to swallow and i love it why spit it out its to good to waste it when you spit it out,, john..aka Fs-Dick-Sucker On. Adan4 Adam

  26. Dave R

    I had a g/f once who would snowball me. She started it as a joke by acting like she was going to kiss me after I’d cum in her mouth. She was quite surprised when I grabbed her and actually did it. From that moment on, anytime she sucked me to completion, I’d grab her and suck my jizz out of her mouth. It was a huge turn-on for both of us.

  27. David

    There is nothing better than feeling a mans load shoot down my throat as he moans and shakes pushing his hips forward, his super harden cock is exploding while his balls are being massage with my warm hand and I can enjoy that hotter than Hot moment between the two of us.

  28. Daniel

    that’s what i’m there for. i hate to see hot cum wasted, be it on the face, stomach, floor, or whatever. then why bother sucking a man.

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