News: Netflix, TripAdivsor Issue Cease-And-Desist Orders Against Straight Pride Parade

While Boston’s Straight Pride Parade’s public event application has been approved by city officials, it looks like the group behind the event is going to have some trouble acquiring some corporate sponsorship. This is because Netflix and TripAdvisor have both sent out cease-and-desist letters to prevent organizers from listing them as a “prospective sponsor.”

The cease-and-desist letter from Netflix came late last week, saying that the event being held was “about hate — not pride.” The letter then went on to say that the Netflix legal department “is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.”

Read the entire letter below:

“Dear John, Mark, and Samson,

You are using the Netflix logo to promote your event, which despite its name is about hate — not pride. That’s gross and deeply hurtful, but it’s also deceptive misinformation and infringes our legal rights. Netflix has nothing to do with your organization or event. Indeed, it’s telling that you feel the need to lie to gain legitimacy.

We write to you for two reasons: (1) to set the record straight that you are spreading misinformation about Netflix’s involvement or sponsorship of your organization and its events; and (2) to notify you that you are infringing our trademark and other intellectual property rights and if you do no cease such use immediately we will have no choice but to consider further legal action. Whether you like it or not, you are infringing our legal rights and we demand that you cease doing so immediately.

You should know that we’re unafraid of bullies. Our legal department is here, it’s queer, and it’s telling you to steer clear.

We expect removal of our name and logo from all of your materials within 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, TripAdvisor issued its cease-and desist letter over the weekend, peppering it with titles of gay pride anthems such as “Vogue,” “If I Could Turn Back Time,” Born This Way,” “YMCA,” and “Believe,” just to name a few.

Part of the letter reads: “There is nothing Vogue or acceptable about making false claims about others merely to support your own cause. If I Could Turn Back Time, I would tell you not to use our name in the first place. But now that you have, TripAdvisor demands that you remove all uses of our name, mark and logo from your website (and anywhere else you might use it) within 24 hours and not use them again. In other words, Black Me Out with an “X” on the above webpage. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) disappointment that you thought this might be an acceptable way to do business.”

Read the letter in its entirety below:

The Straight Pride Parade, organized by the group Super Happy Fun America, is set to happen on August 31.

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  1. Matt

    This just shows the intolerant and bigoted culture that lesbians and gays have constructed around pride. If they were truly tolerant and inclusive people, they would celebrate straight pride’s right to exist. But because the lesbian/gay mafia goes all histrionic and psychotic when they are so easily triggered, companies will acts as pit bulls on behalf of them so as to avoid the bullying that gays do politically of anyone and everything they hate (and the list is long). But make no mistake. These companies have been illegally coerced.

  2. Nathan

    Nathan writes:

    When you accord rights to either an individual or a group, you open up “Pandora’s Box.

    This a fact that the “Liberals” never seem to grasp: things do not happen in a vacuum; they affect all around them.

    Therefore, whether we like it or not, if Gays can have a Pride March, so too, can Straight have a Pride March.

    This is Cause & Effect, and equality as it is defined, is equality for all and not for some.

  3. Daniel Benitez

    Why do they need a straight pride event when ever other event already screams straightness?? Mardi gras, spring break in multiple places, nude beaches, nude Bicycling events, the list goes on. There are already titties shaking at all these events so why do they have to blatantly commit cultural appropriation and steal our ideas too??? Bunch of losers. There will be plenty of gay men & transgenders at the “straight” pride hooking up with “straight” men anyway.

  4. Edward

    Ehhhh… They have a picture of a ton of corporate sponsors that supported gay pride, and are crossing them off as they chose not to support their straight pride.

    That is clearly fair use of their logos. There is no deception about who supports what.

    This right here is the problem with corporations having opinions of social issues. Netflix as a company shouldn’t be supporting any social (or political) cause, because all it does is alienate users.

    As a gay man, I do question why companies would support gay pride, but not straight pride. Would / Should the support black pride? Asian? Hispanic? White?

    They are getting (rightly) called out here because they are hypocritical.

    They are getting themselves into a no-win situation here because they wanted cheap “woke” social points, and it’s bullshit. Make movies and TV for me to watch, stop sponsoring (all) parades.

    Then you won’t have to have your lawyers try and hide the fact that you aren’t supporting straight people.

  5. Aaron

    Wait so we can have a whole month for Pride and share our beliefs, ideologies, and lifestyles with everyone but straight people can’t do the same? I literally haven’t heard one single thing come from this that spewed hate towards the LGBTQ community. They even said they’re looking forward to celebrating “straight pride” with people from all walks of life and different sexual backgrounds. When can we stop creating these false narratives and learn to get along and love each other? Straight Pride, Gay Pride, Lesbian Pride. Who cares??? We tell the world to be more inclusive of us but we can’t reciprocate? That’s a double standard. Ugh I’m done, rant over.

  6. Clif

    Sickening. We beg for tolerance and to be treated like human beings, then pull this kind of bigoted shit.
    Who is it harming to celebrate heterosexuality? Why would we choose to go low? I cancelled my Netflix subscription. I refuse to support bigots in ANY form.

  7. Huntert0500

    It’s clear the organizers of the event come up short when it comes to Copyright laws. Using Netflix and TripAdvisor logos without permission was not correct.

    I often wonder about what the Blog here uses for blogs. Simply because a picture, or logo, or Intellectual Property is on the internet, does not mean its in the Public Domain (free to use). Stating it’s source is most insufficient. “Used with permission from (fill in the blank) is necessary. Of course, with documentation to back that up better be on hand. Given the size of the presence of A4A on the Internet, the excuse “we just didn’t know” would not fly with His Honor.

    So about the NETFLIX logo at the top of this blog…

  8. tek

    This site sure has a hard on for this silly throw away idea. But let’s just forget about the Iran thing, or Korea, or…. Some straight bros are taking a joke on us.

  9. anonimatovato

    I’m glad these companies are fighting back, even beyond what this foolish straight parade is suppose to be about, you can’t just take netflix or any other popular company logo and paste it to your event without permission. So against copyright laws. This straight parade is conducted in a troll like matter. Why are the alt-right always so angry and act very (yes I know that word) “Snowflake” like all the time? Isn’t America great again?

  10. buz

    This is crazy. There is absolutely nothing wrong or hateful about having a Straight Pride Parade. I was at the first Gay Pride Parade and attend one every year in different cities (I’m 71). If I were in Boston I would attend The Straight Pride Parade also. Just because I am gay there is nothing that is hateful about a Straight Pride Parade. Or that heterosexuals are proud of their sexuality. What went wrong here when we can’t share in the pride of people with all sexual orientations? Everybody should be proud of who they are and supported by all!!!

  11. TiredOfIt

    Despite what you post-pandemics might “feel,” the hate is still there, just as it was in my pre-pandemic days. Good luck trying to wish it away by throwing some shade here and there. You might wind up learning the same lessons we learned back in the day…and it won’t be pretty.

  12. Dexie

    Wow, every response here is from the same person with different names. C’mon, you seriously think no one has figured that out? Almost every response is from a ‘Gay’ man who is livid that straight pride is being treated badly. Yeah, not suspicious at all.

  13. tek

    The fact that they take the logos and cross them off is an obvious troll and hilarious. And for the guy talking about ‘copyright’ you obviously have no idea what you are saying, this is a trademark issue. Also, trolling isn’t always anger or hate, a lot of it is people just being stupid and trying to get a rise. And it is working, and it is funny to watch from the outside. For all the guys here on article who talk about how hot it is to sleep with “straight” men you think there would be more support. hahaha

  14. Bruce

    Afraid the Straight Pride Parade may be a better venue than Gay Pride Parade? Get over it. If you can have one, so can they. And yes, I’m gay, but not hung up on myself. The gay community is the most intolerant and hateful group on the planet.

  15. bjjj

    Straight pride is sort of stupid. Straight sex and marriage has always been accepted. Unfortunately there are those that are bigoted and non accepting of gays. Us gays need to show the world that there are gay and bi people out there and that we are just as normal as the rest of society. If people would just accept people for who they are and quit judging on looks, sexual orientation, nationality and race this would be a much better world. I support gay pride and it’s events. My BF and I are both gay and I am white and he is black. As others see us in public etc, some wonder and give a second look, but more and more those that we run into on a regular basis seem that they are becoming more accepting of us being seen together. The more the public is exposed to the presence of the gay rights and lifestyle the more accepting the public will see the gay lifestyle.

  16. Hunter0500

    It was announced yesterday that another Straight Pride event has been proposed for August 24th in Modesto CA. A permit request has been submitted to the city.

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