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Is this an unpopular opinion, guys, or does this statement hold true for you: that kissing is far more intimate than having sex?

Netizens have strong and varied opinions about kissing. Some say love starts with a kiss but also, others say they’ve kissed at least half a dozen guys already and yet—much to their disappointment—they’ve never experienced or felt the spark that others feel when they kiss. In contrast, there were guys who said that kissing complicates their feelings most of the time as they tend to confuse this spark or lust with love. 

We’ve also read confessions of guys who professed they have kissed way too many guys already. Not only do they love kissing, they could also kiss practically any man they go to bed with even if they don’t have feelings for them or even if they were strangers. On the other hand, there were guys who revealed that while they could have sex with any guy, they will not kiss just about anyone. It’s because, for the latter, kissing is more personal, more intimate than actually having sex.  

According to Psychology Today, kissing is “less about sex and more about emotional connections and intimacy.” The article says that for gay men, “sex comes first, emotional connection comes later” but if it’s a kiss between two lesbians or heterosexual couple then “it’s about their relationship or a prelude on the way to sex.” They also added that two straight men don’t exactly kiss each other unless “it’s a joke or used as a means to entice a woman.” 

Anyway, do you agree with the aforementioned article, guys, that a kiss is a prelude to a romantic relationship for gay men because “they’ve already had sex?” What does kissing represent for you? Share with us your thoughts and romantic (or hilarious, even awkward) kissing stories in the comments section below!

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