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Hookup: To Kiss, Or Not to Kiss, That is the Question

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Is this an unpopular opinion, guys, or does this statement hold true for you: that kissing is far more intimate than having sex?

Netizens have strong and varied opinions about kissing. Some say love starts with a kiss but also, others say they’ve kissed at least half a dozen guys already and yet—much to their disappointment—they’ve never experienced or felt the spark that others feel when they kiss. In contrast, there were guys who said that kissing complicates their feelings most of the time as they tend to confuse this spark or lust with love. 

We’ve also read confessions of guys who professed they have kissed way too many guys already. Not only do they love kissing, they could also kiss practically any man they go to bed with even if they don’t have feelings for them or even if they were strangers. On the other hand, there were guys who revealed that while they could have sex with any guy, they will not kiss just about anyone. It’s because, for the latter, kissing is more personal, more intimate than actually having sex.  

According to Psychology Today, kissing is “less about sex and more about emotional connections and intimacy.” The article says that for gay men, “sex comes first, emotional connection comes later” but if it’s a kiss between two lesbians or heterosexual couple then “it’s about their relationship or a prelude on the way to sex.” They also added that two straight men don’t exactly kiss each other unless “it’s a joke or used as a means to entice a woman.” 

Anyway, do you agree with the aforementioned article, guys, that a kiss is a prelude to a romantic relationship for gay men because “they’ve already had sex?” What does kissing represent for you? Share with us your thoughts and romantic (or hilarious, even awkward) kissing stories in the comments section below!

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  1. Jeffrey

    Kissing means a lot of things to a lot of different people. I myself enjoy it and it means nothing to me except to arouse me. Making out with a stranger is a means to an end.
    I also enjoy spanking. But again it is a means to an end. The two accomplishes the same thing depending on who you are playing with.
    I have played with men that don’t like to kiss. Maybe it is to personal for them. The odd thing is most of them are will to drop to their knees and suck a strangers cock. To each their own.

  2. Boomer101

    For me, sex is just not complete without kissing. I enjoy it as much if not more than the other aspects of sexual physical intimacy. It signifies that both of us really want to be with each other.

    • Don

      Kissing is an integral part a sexual intercourse, heterosexual or queer. I really do not care to hookup with someone who is averse to kissing.

  3. tek

    I feel these article continue to push the same bad stereotypes that abound and weigh down whatever your word for the population of gay men is. Sex not intimate, kissing is. Sigh. Glad everyone fought so hard to get married.

    • Adjectivemaker

      I don’t think that was the point of the article…people are going to hook up, however during said hook up, many men are reluctant to kiss…and there’s a connotation behind it that some guys feel that kissing is more intimate than the actual sex. As a whole, guys don’t put as much value in the act of sex as women do – as a whole, but I blame that on our programming from the womb. Everything we ever see is geared towards men having as many partners as we can, so why would sex be that big of a deal. However, we’ve only been led to see kissing as a very intimate affair, shared between people who say they love each other, usually between a man and a woman…it’s very difficult to break that constant mental programming, even when you know it’s ok to be the opposite of everything you’ve been taught. So if I’m with a guy that doesn’t kiss, internally I sigh, but I understand it, and I let them know that it’s gonna take a bit longer to get the motor running without kissing – so be prepared, lol

  4. Biker_dan

    I make sure a guy likes to kiss before I agree to meet up. It’s part of what I do to guarantee a hot time.
    A man that won’t kiss isn’t worth a fuck.

    • MattK

      This has been a fun exercise in that so many different guys have expressed diverse views on this. Mine is similar to Biker_Dan’s and plenty of these, but perhaps with a small twist: Being a longtime married/closeted guy for whom kissing my wife is a signal of our mutual love, when I go on the down-low for my secret gay trysts, I get incredibly excited by male-male kissing (including extensive tongue swirling, etc.) and find it completely different from kissing my wife. With guys, it’s extremely aggressive, very sexual and for me at least, it has absolutely nothing to do with love at all. It’s all part of the fulfilling gay sexual experience: kiss-hug-grind-suck-rim-fuck; part of the overall package.

      • Choptank

        I’m with both Biker_Dan and Mattk, except that I have escaped the anvil of marriage recently. I believe that the two most intimate things any human being can do is to kiss and rim [a clean asshole]. Period! It always surprises me that a man will suck a cock – fuck and ass – swallow cum – but not kiss. Mattk hits the nail on the head, so to speak, for me!

  5. Bomba

    When I first started with gay hookups and meeting men I thought I was against kissing. When a guy would try to kiss me I would turn my head etc. Then one night I met up with a hot guy and he wanted to kiss. I luckily did not resist and he started and we were doing light kissing. The worked his tongue in my mouth and we french kissed and were really into it. We kissed for maybe a half hour. If they have a smooth face and young or young looking and a non-smokeer. If they want to kiss I am all for it. Cuddling and kissing could be all we do and I am satisfied.

  6. Josh

    I find that kissing is foreplay. Helps to break the ice and continue foreplay with the nips and on down to the cock.

  7. Aceventura

    OF COURSE you kiss! That come before almost anythung else. If he is unwilling to kiss, I am unwilling to do anything else.

  8. Matt

    I agree that kissing is more intimate than having sex, but the decision for me is more about the guy’s breath and his teeth.

  9. Hot-Dad-2

    The first night that my bud and I got together started with a kiss and we kissed throughout the act.
    Kissing is romantic and hot. It’s part of the passion.
    We still kiss whenever we are together.

  10. Friar Chicken

    The very notion of “hooking up” is anathema to love. It kills love, joy, all the pleasures of human interaction. That only leaves exploitive flesh-using. To walk away with no intention of ever meeting again and take pleasure in it is mean, vile, evil, and worst of all, self-damaging. How will you ever genuinely love when you routinely take and take for granted the giving of other men to you? Helping each other out sexually, in a gay-brotherly fashion is still a positive context. But if you turn it negative, you make it bad for everyone. It is completely irresponsible. The idea you can show up, have sex, and disappear is a diseased idea. You are inherently responsible to your partners, and they to you. That is community. Caring. And we have too little of that in our lives.

  11. buz

    Personally, I don’t have to kiss a guy to have sex with him. I do think kissing is much more intimate than sex. Kissing can be fun with someone who is really into kissing and making out. Just getting lost in the act of kissing but it’s not necessarily sexual. Depending on who you are with it can be a part of having sex but it’s not always required or even sought.

  12. Tommy

    I am a bisexual man and I have never and will not kiss a man. It is all about his dick, his cum, my mouth and my ass. I do not want his tongue in my mouth. I want his dick and cum in my mouth.

  13. Hunter0500

    Like just about every other matter of sexuality, kissing is a act that falls on a spectrum. Some guys feel they would die without it, some can take it or leave it, and some are repulsed by it (and that last one could be for several reasons.

    Relationships (emotional and sexual) can be successful across that spectrum as long as the partners preferences fall in line.

    For me, kissing is highly important. It also, so far at least, has always become an indicator of how our relationship will develop. So far for me, there’s always been a correlation between how well a guy kisses and how he behaves during sex. For me, if a guy doesn’t kiss (or doesn’t do it well), the sex ends up being flat, uneventful, one-sided, and/or “get ‘er done” from his side of the bed. When I tell non-kissers that for me kissing is highly important, most often they’ll pull the plug on the prospect of meeting.

    I do understand that for some guys, kissing is gross from a hygiene standpoint or so highly emotional and personal that they’re just not equipped to share themselves deeply. Those both are to be respected and handled gently.

    Feelings about kissing should be discussed, along with several other topics, before anyone gets in the bedroom.

  14. wesley

    Kissing is part of foreplay for me. If the guy is a great kisser, it immediately makes my dick hard.
    Kissing, for me, is part of lust. It doesn’t, necessarily, lead to a romantic relationship.

  15. Michael A Babcock

    For me its part of the foreplay that leads to sex but it also has to be a mutual decision for both partners involved.

  16. Ron

    Kissing is usually the first intimate act with a guy. I enjoy it a lot, but not everyone does. I dated a guy for a bit for awhile and we had a great time kissing; He responded in kind with his tongue and with body language. After a few dates, he asked if we could skip kissing as he didn’t enjoy it. Since then, I’ve been more careful I’ll ask(usually after we’re naked) if he’s into kissing and take it from there. If the other guy is into it, we can spend a lot of time kissing.

  17. Chad

    Even when I hook up, either you’re into kissing/making out or I am not interested. It’s a requirement for me, emotional connection BS or not.

  18. Intheblack2

    Kissing is a part and joy of sex. Yes it’s an intimate act but so is intercourse depending on position. Kissing, be it eyes opened or closed, is pure heaven if done right!

  19. NCKayaker2

    I enjoy kissing and “making out”. But, not nearly as much when the guy has facial hair. And, while I really enjoy tongue play, don’t try to choke me with your tongue, go easy, let our tongues dance – not wrestle. If you’re a good kisser it’s a great way to get me started on placing small kisses on your body from your mouth all the way to where you want my lips to go.

  20. Bill

    Kissing is a hot part of passion. I start the random meet with a deep kiss if I can. And kiss throughout sex. I kiss to swap cum. For me it is not an indication of love. It gets me hot. It helps get my partner hot.

  21. CityguyUSA

    A kiss is more intimate than most anything. And if you are a good kisser I’m going to want some repeat performances because we are having a moment that might lead to something real and if the sex is good then I’m feeling you. Sure it’s initially lust but after 7 years we’ve past lust. Some guys want to hear those 3 little words but actions speak louder than words and if I’ve kissed you firget about those 3 words we’re beyond that because my actions are telling you I’m in love.

  22. Lamar

    Well, like most men, it starts with the visuals, we look good enough to each other to eat, lol, conversation is good, it flows, we like each others conversation. As astute men, we sense when to move-in for a kiss; I only kiss this man, if I feel affection-really like his personality/character-energy first of all. There’s the lip-kiss a peck, then there’s the longer one, the ultimate though, is the French-kissing, that’s where the deeper intent is.

    I know for myself as gay, sometimes I just want to feel human, need the male to male contact/intimacy, it is kind of food for our souls/spirits really, I think. Sex, is something all together another level, if, the aforementioned dynamics went well…

    We establish ‘why’ we’re going to have sex (sex is not love) is it just lust-feeding a hunger, is this a “one night stand?”

    When it’s, actually, love you feel for one another, only then, is when the two of you are making love…. That is what is much preferred for me. I’m pretty analytical, though.

    Sometimes, as well, you maybe sexually compatible, but you know you’d both be lousy together as lovers for multiple reasons, “sex-partners”, “fuck-buddies” perhaps? I’m very specific/mindful these days about what I’m doing or not doing and why as with whom.

  23. Bob

    For me kissing is the prelude to any sexual or sensual activity. It’s always a disappoint to me to find someone who prefers not to kiss.

  24. Michael

    There are different levels of kissing..wouldn’t you say ? just as there are different levels of hook ups..after a club and you’re ready to take that dance floor grinding to the next’s probably going to be a tonsil wrestling session where you break away gasping for air.. a calmer scenario like a wine shop..walking down the street might not lead to as high energy kissing and I think here you can better gauge whether this guy is worth a second meeting or not…are you being kissed back or are you forcing the the end of the day if your dick is going to be in my mouth..your tongue better get ready to be there too…kiss kiss

  25. DaIceKing81

    Kissing is not so intimate, when there are those who hold conservative beliefs/standards true to them. As much as one like myself, that would enjoy kissing, these lips of mine do not kiss the lips that eat…

    -swamp creatures

    …in other words, the lips that are friendly with bottom feeders, will never intermingle with these lips of mine. For the guys who don’t like that, oh, well…salted garbage breath is NOT a pheromone, instant mood killer and the quickest way to get dismissed. Kissing isn’t so amazing when you have food allergies of any sort to take into consideration…

  26. GWM66212

    Personally, if he can’t or won’t kiss me then naked fun will not happen. It’s a requirement for me. It gets me mentally ready for sex. Even if it’s a temporary hook up. There has to be some type of connection. That said, I have met many men that say kissing is “too intimate” for them when it comes to casual sex.

  27. Dave

    For me passionate kissing expresses animal lust. It is foreplay and part of the process of getting each other excited. Kissing while we disrobe each other and naked flesh caresses naked flesh very much enhances the experience – even if we’ve never seen each other until five minutes ago.

    Romantic kissing is a little less intense physically but much more so emotionally. It expresses love rather than animal lust.

  28. Listen up

    Be careful who u kiss.
    True story.
    I got a drug test a day after kissing a hookup. Didn’t do any drugs but tested positive for cocaine. Was then fired from a transportation job six months after hire.

    Drug testing is a joke, arbitrary numbers, lots of people faking samples, etc. Same thing happened to an Olympic athlete whose kisses partner who took an Indian cold drug. Google it.

  29. SirBunBun

    I feel that the idea that sex comes before emotional connection for gay men is homophobic slop. All humans want emotional connections. I think gay men habe been socialized to not expect it and that has lead to a kind of sickness within our community.

    Too often, the guys that don’t want to kiss are bi or identified heterosexual men and we’re possibly made to trade in our need for emotional connection for access to dick. Ok. But that’s not about gay men, but the fact that sexual identity lines are so blurry.

    Healthy gay men kiss other men because they understand emotional connections trump sexual conquest. Emotional connections are necessary for sexual relationships, but also for friendships.

  30. Eric

    Oh hell yes, kiss. It makes sex so much better. Also, guys that are good kissers can make me hard immediately. When a guy is buried balls deep inside of me, I want him kissing me while we’re moaning together. Sex without kissing is like getting fucked with a dildo.

  31. Charles

    I am one of those people that don’t have sexy unless kissing is involved. I mean how ridiculous is it for a guy to say he doesn’t kiss, but he would be your personal rimchair, and might be likely to use your fucking toothbrush if he was running late for work …… If all it takes is a kiss to cloud your feelings, then you need to check yourself. For me, it all about the connection, part of that connection is kissing, period. When I first came out, I would mandate that if you were gonna fuck me you had to kiss me, first. Only once but it had to be “a big red Commercial” kiss. Once I started doing the fucking, I quickly realized that for me to get turned on enough to fuck, I really needed my partner to kiss me back and mean it! Connection being key, why not look somebody in the eyes and kiss them, especially if they are gonna fuck you. I may be versatile but I tend to set the bar a little higher for the guys I know I would let fuck me (and yes, I know when I meet them if I’m open to being topped by them). The times that I have had my mind blown or my heart [strings] pulled, it wasnt the kissing that made that happen, it was the whole experience and the guy, hello! It was everything about him, in each instance and the sex, too. I should also mention that whether I want to admit it or not in will always make it clear that repeats are an option and who wouldn’t let a fuckbuddy relationship blossom into something more….if you get along in bed, outta bed, and socially then things begin to evolve as soon as you realise it.
    It does for me.

  32. Jack

    Kissing is essential and it is the most intimate act two men can share with their clothes on. You make yourself vulnerable when you kiss: your eyes are closed, you are standing less than 1 millimeter from the other man. Those who, sadly, view gay sex as transactional — get in, get off, get out — kissing may be a turn off because they assume every other man is just as indiscriminate (and who knows where that mouth has been!?) Kissing is my litmus test. If a man cannot kiss, it’s been my experience he can’t do anything else.

  33. Gary Morgan

    I love kissing. More than anything. And am so disappointed in men who refuse to kiss. And then there are those who are horrible kissers. Men really are emotionally disabled when it comes to understanding what the kiss means, a prelude to an amazing act of passion. And with the kiss comes an intense feeling of intimacy, and letting your guard down. It is therapeutic. And I am so sad that men do not give it a chance to resonate.

  34. arturo

    Good headline, not sure about the rest of it…
    For most of us, sex happens due to arousal. You’re attracted, you are excited and you want that guys body! I never understood how good sex could include “not kissing” and won’t bother to go back, or even finish with some of these guys who are afraid to touch their lips to mine. Everyone is entitled to their own preferences, but how can it be real sex without a kiss?

  35. Jim

    I believe a kiss can be both. It can absolutely be the doorway to an intimate relationship, if that is the intention. It can also just be two really turned on guys making out as a prelude to other things. Either way for me personally, it is a deal breaker if a guy doesn’t kiss.

  36. Jb

    Kissing is for me acceptable for 2 level….making love and having sex…for me there is atleast a little emotion involved….now the 3rd level for me never includes kissing even if it’s done with someone I’m emotionally involved with….Kissing is never a part of f*cking…

  37. Darrell1

    I get very aroused when I intimately kiss a guy. It does not mean I am in love with him. It is a sexual thing. Love to kiss sensuously for a long period of time. Slowly undressing each other. Hands roaming each other’s body. All before we begin to touch our cocks.

    Love to masturbate him as we kiss. To feel him breathing heavier and faster on my lips. And to feel his moan on my lips as I bring him to orgasm. These thoughts got me horny…

  38. Just a guy

    For me, kissing is a whole other level of personal. I’ve had hook-ups where the guy wanted to kiss right from the start…sorry, not my thing. And there have been times,when kissing happens naturally. That usually takes whatever we’re doing…hanging out or having a more sensual level.

  39. Derek

    Kissing is a major part of foreplay for me and essential to have total arousal and passionate sex. Without it I’d sooner just jack off

  40. jadedashell

    Yeah I find it really odd that a married guy will eat my ass, but not kiss. Personally, I don’t buy into the ‘intimacy/love’ argument. That entire mentally is something made up by women and movie industry. Men are still basically animals.

  41. Deltonabigguy

    if you won’t kiss me I sure as hell am not gonna out anything else of yours in my mouth. Passion and affection are part of sex and has nothing to do with love. If you keep getting this old excuse I don’t kiss its because they aren’t really into you and just want you to get them off or they are str8 and just want to get off and then we are back to answer one. If it makes you happy as part of sex shouldn’t you have it or shouldn’t you just walk away. Maybe that’s what we should be doing and showing these people that we are not just sperm receptacles and to be used when they get horny and want someone to take care of them.

  42. Jack

    As far as I’m concerned kissing is part of having sex! At least a fulfilling sexual encounter. I’ve been with guys that don’t kiss, and not to say the sex is bad but it would be so much more with. Nothing like having a powerful tongue rammed down my throat while at the same time his powerful cock is rammed deep in my ass!

  43. Joe

    Personally, no kissing ruins things for me. Kissing revs up my motor. It’s known to release “hormones” from your brain that get you aroused. So I guess my take on it is…why have half-ass sex. Go for the Real McCoy. Just sayin’……

  44. jimmyt

    kissing isn’t the problem I love to kiss and make it, its trying to find a guy who will make out with you . weird huh they will put your cock in their mouth but not your tongue?

  45. nabundance

    I prefer to kiss. If you will put someones dick in your mouth, what is wrong with kissing. I like it to be as sensual as possible and feel like we are both attempting to please the other. It just goes hand in hand with sex, I think.

  46. Funlovinguy5

    There is no hard wire between my lips and my emotions. There is however a hard wire between my lips and my …

  47. doug

    I can never understand guys that don’t like to kiss. Even if it is a first one time hook up, or a encounter that has the potential to be more, I love to kiss. The sex is so much better with a warm up. I’ve done it both ways but really like those guys who love to kiss. I’ve been with a partnered guy about 8 times now. We both only want the sex and we both know that. Our 5th session got so hot be began kissing before we fucked and it was so hot. Session 6 and 7, no kissing. We talked about it the last session and I don’t think we will go without it again. I understand and can appreciate those who don’t like to kiss. I can live without the kissing, but making out before a good fuck session is so hot!

  48. kisserxx

    For me kissing is a turn-on, an additional connection. Having sex without kissing is a form of masturbation. To me the sex feels incomplete and therefore frustrating.

  49. Howard

    Rule of thumb: The ones that refuse to kiss are usually bad kissers, NOTE to self. People might rationalize that kissing initiates intimacy and sex does not among gay men but having sex is an act of committing intimacy in itself whether it is a good intimacy (good sex) or not (bad sex). Kissing is an essential part in the art of having hot sex otherwise sex is too mechanical and unfulfilled like a quick fuck or a bj/jo in public place . I want passionate sex not necessarily emotional entanglement otherwise I don’t want to waste my time to be later on disappointed or I just stay home and watch my porn instead. Don’t tell me you want a “human connection” when you hook up with guys all over town….Whatever you say it is still creating intimacy whether you mean it or not. LoL

  50. Nakedinsantafe

    I find kissing very personal and intimate, I won’t just lock lips with anyone especially a random hookup. It’s something I do when I’m dating or in a relationship. Now I have kissed with hook ups don’t get me wrong, if he’s hot and letting me have it like ravaged beast yet comes in close to lock lips with me, oh Moses I won’t even have to touch myself, it will be good, n he will come back, we might even and up dating but if not, we will end up hooking up at least one more time.

  51. Kyke

    I’m a bi guy and once was chatting in here with another bi guy. He told me that since I kiss I must be gay. I told him that sucking dick wasn’t exactly the straightest thing in the books. He quit talking to me, haha.

    I liken kissing. It can be intimate. But so is sucking dick, eating ass and fucking. It never made sense to me that a guy will put a dick in his mouth but not a tongue. Or that he will stick his tongue in an ass but not in a mouth.

    To each his own, but I don’t hook up without kissing.

  52. MattK

    Not sure I’ve read any posts about kissing more than one guy at the same time. Strictly sexual, in a threesome experience, I find it absolutely incredible having all three of our faces come together for a three-way kiss with all six lips and three tongues all intertwined. Great way to keep all three of us involved from the get-go, not to mention how amazing it feels!

  53. Ken

    Sex is not sex without kissing. It’s part of the intimacy between 2 (or more) people – kissing makes the experience complete. Sex without kissing is like rain without clouds, meaning something essential is definitely missing.

  54. LuckyBiChucky

    I don’t understand those that say that kissing is more intimate than sex. What makes kissing more intimate or romantic? I’d consider a guy sucking my dick or my dick in a guys ass pretty intimate.

  55. R L

    Kissing means different things at different times. I know myself, I can kiss without sex but I don’t like sex without kissing. I don’t have to be in love o have sex, but I do have to feel connected. I can have sex with an acquaintance or friend. But I have to fondle him attractive. I might do oral with somebody who doesn’t like kissing, but anal isn’t happening if we can’t kiss. There’s a sensual energy in kissing, and it makes everything else more intense.
    I found guys who don’t like to kiss tend to dodge body contact, and direct focus on the genitals is like gobbling a slider when you could have had a steak dinner.
    Kissing and making out can ride me on a pleasure wave that’s close to orgasm. But a rushed BJ with no kissing can be as frustrating as one potato chip.
    I like kissing.

  56. R L

    Kissing means different things at different times. I know myself, I can kiss without sex but I don’t like sex without kissing. I don’t have to be in love to have sex, but I do have to feel connected. I can have sex with an acquaintance or friend. But I have to find him attractive. I might do oral with somebody who doesn’t like kissing, but anal isn’t happening if we can’t kiss. There’s a sensual energy in kissing, and it makes everything else more intense.
    I found guys who don’t like to kiss tend to dodge body contact, and direct focus on the genitals is like gobbling a slider when you could have had a steak dinner.
    Kissing and making out can ride me on a pleasure wave that’s close to orgasm. But a rushed BJ with no kissing can be as frustrating as one potato chip.
    I like kissing.

  57. Art J Liegl

    I never feel completely satisfied unless the sex is passionate. For me Kissing is a major part of making a passionate connection with a guy. A mouth is as much a sexual organ as one’s hole or dick. Without kissing it’s just sex. If I’m just lookin’ to just bust a nut, It’s easier to J/O than go through the process of getting a hookup.

  58. Robert

    Kissing is all part of foreplay and makes the encounter much more intimate.
    It helps to break the ice and gives both that close connection that makes the meet more enjoyable.
    I am usually up front with the guy I’m meeting, whether it is just a meet and fuck or not.

  59. bjjj

    I don’t understand as so many on this blog seem to like kissing, but when I hookup with someone, and I approach him for a kiss, and he says, “I don’t kiss” I say well OK. then it’s just sex, suck and cum. Seldom do I find guys that are into kissing. Deep kissing is just as important as sucking, fucking, and body contact.

  60. Wayne

    I love to kiss as well as sucking nipples, but I won’t do it if you’re not smooth with a sweet breath. I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs and prefer the be with someone who feels the same.

  61. Dave R

    Kissing for me is an act of intimacy between one masculine and one feminine partner. I won’t kiss another masc partner, but a trans woman or woman, yeah.

  62. Ken94110

    Sex w/o kissing is worthless! I might as well masturbate alone!! Then again, having been a germophobe all my life, I’ve always wondered what gross stuff is exchanged during kissing?! What if they were with someone else within the past 2 weeks of meeting you? That’s not enough time for that promiscuous slut to know whether he has STDs or not! And many hookup apps facilitate the spread of STDs by making hooking up easier these days, whereas before, you waited, at least for the weekend, to go to bars to meet your one night stand!!

    Even if they had a complete bill of health STD-wise, what if they had h-pylori or gingivitis? Both are allegedly contagious.

  63. Maleek

    I remember two occasions of having sex with a guy who didn’t want to kiss. Both experiences with the same guy. He was very hot to me but it took every once of strength in me to eventually cum. It also didn’t help that he was a lump on a log everywhere else, (he barely touched me) a hot lump but a lump nonetheless. I never had to work so hard to get off.

    Never again.

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