A4A Partners with Drag Superstar Manila Luzon

It’s not everyday that we partner with someone here on A4A, so you guys know it’s something special when we actually do! This Pride Month, we’ve decided to work together with RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Manila Luzon, sponsoring her new music video “Gay Man.”

“Gay Man” is a catchy song about acceptance and love which is how Adam4Adam ended up working with one of RuPaul’s Drag Race show’s most popular contestants — Filipino-American drag superstar Manila Luzon. Manila is one of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s most popular queens of color, and is a fun, bubbly personality that fits perfectly with Adam4Adam. Her music video “Gay Man,” is a visual treat celebrating the diversity within the LGBTQ community and beyond.

Diversity is just as important for Adam4Adam, with the ethnicities of our members ranging from Black, Hispanic, Asian, to Middle Eastern and White, just as colorful and diverse as Manila’s music video. Trans, bisexual, straight curious and queer folks have always been welcomed on Adam4Adam too, so users looking for a diverse dating pool, can definitely find what they’re looking for here.


Curious about the music video? In an interview, we asked Manila Luzon about the creation of “Gay Man,” her musical process, her tribe, and her ideal man.

A4A: Why did you create “Gay Man”?

ML: A lot of my music revolves around my drag experience. So when I was writing my album “Manila Luzon Rules!” I wanted one song that celebrated my life as a gay man! People know me from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 as Manila the drag queen, but they also know me as Karl the artist behind the make up! I live most of my life as a man, so it’s fun to show off that fabulous side!

A4A: What comes first? The song or the music video concept?

ML: I’m a very visual person, so in the early stages of writing this song I was already conceptualizing how the video plays out in my mind. So I guess the song and music videos are conceived at the same time!

A4A: What is the concept of the video?

ML: The video follows a straight man at a Pride party. As more straight people are welcomed into our gay clubs, the more they see the diversity and the freedom of expression within our community. I want to show how we can all exist in one place and be fabulous together no matter who you are or how you identify.

A4A: What tribe/s do you consider yourself?

ML: I am a drag queen through and through! As a drag queen I’ve always felt I have the ability to thrive within all tribes! But as the years go by, I’m excited the boys are calling me daddy! The fans already call me “Mom” hahaha!!

A4A: How were you able to get all the different types of guys in your video?

ML: Haha! I have lots of friends who were all so excited to be a part of this project! The video shoot was like throwing a birthday party for myself! And real tea, the rest of the sexy guys we found on Adam4Adam app! It’s not just for finding hook ups!

A4A: Describe your ideal gay man in three words:

ML: My husband Michael! That should get me extra points, right?!

Watch Manila’s new music video for “Gay Man” below and let us know if you like it!

Happy Pride Month to all! 🏳️‍🌈

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  1. Brian

    Just goes to show you you can’t lump us all in the same box. The LGBTQI community is as divas the heterosexual community. Happy Pride Week all. Know your history and thank an old queer for paving the way.

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