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Sexual fetishes are a taboo topic, there’s something about it that somehow shamed people into silence regardless of their sexuality. But thanks to the internet and the cloak of anonymity it provides, people have become a bit bolder, propelling them to be honest enough to admit that yes, they have a sexual fetish. What about you though, what is your fetish? And how popular do you think it is?

A recent survey, which was participated in by more or less 3,000 gay and bisexual men aged 18 and up, revealed what the most popular fetishes are. The first on the list is partialism at 9.54 percent followed by role play at 8.54 percent and narratophilia at 7.55 percent. When a person gets turned on by a “specific part of the body other than the genitals” like feet (podophilia), armpits (maschalagnia), or buttocks (pygophilia) then they are said to have partialism. Narratophilia, on the other hand, is when a person finds dirty talk sexually arousing. Rounding off the list of the top ten most popular fetishes are the following: 

  • Uniforms – most common are those of a police officer, firefighters etc. at 7.41 percent
  • Bondage at 7.31 percent 
  • Submission at 7. 3 percent
  • Exhibitionism – exposing oneself or having sex in a public place at 6.28 percent
  • Voyeurism – when one gains sexual pleasure from watching others have sex or from observing or peeping at others when they are naked at 4.7 percent
  • Maschalagnia – when a person gets sexually aroused at the sight or feel of someone’s armpits at 3.4 percent  
  • Macrophilia – when one has a fetish for someone who is significantly larger than them at 2.79 percent.

Other less popular fetishes are olfactophilia [sexual arousal by smells and odors at 2.52 percent]; clothing fetishism [fixation on a particular type of clothing such as leather or rubber at 2.14 percent]; underwear fetishism [jockstraps, thong, G-Strings etc. at 2.01 percent]; ablutophilia [a paraphilia involving sexual excitement by baths or showers at 1.78 percent]; and technosexuality. If you are a technosexual, then you are someone who “is sexually and socially involved in relationships with technology” like robots and toys to name a few at 1.4 percent. 

What about you, guys? What is your fetish? Sound off in the comments section below!

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