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Survey: Top Ten Most Popular Fetishes Among Gay and Bisexual Men

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Sexual fetishes are a taboo topic, there’s something about it that somehow shamed people into silence regardless of their sexuality. But thanks to the internet and the cloak of anonymity it provides, people have become a bit bolder, propelling them to be honest enough to admit that yes, they have a sexual fetish. What about you though, what is your fetish? And how popular do you think it is?

A recent survey, which was participated in by more or less 3,000 gay and bisexual men aged 18 and up, revealed what the most popular fetishes are. The first on the list is partialism at 9.54 percent followed by role play at 8.54 percent and narratophilia at 7.55 percent. When a person gets turned on by a “specific part of the body other than the genitals” like feet (podophilia), armpits (maschalagnia), or buttocks (pygophilia) then they are said to have partialism. Narratophilia, on the other hand, is when a person finds dirty talk sexually arousing. Rounding off the list of the top ten most popular fetishes are the following: 

  • Uniforms – most common are those of a police officer, firefighters etc. at 7.41 percent
  • Bondage at 7.31 percent 
  • Submission at 7. 3 percent
  • Exhibitionism – exposing oneself or having sex in a public place at 6.28 percent
  • Voyeurism – when one gains sexual pleasure from watching others have sex or from observing or peeping at others when they are naked at 4.7 percent
  • Maschalagnia – when a person gets sexually aroused at the sight or feel of someone’s armpits at 3.4 percent  
  • Macrophilia – when one has a fetish for someone who is significantly larger than them at 2.79 percent.

Other less popular fetishes are olfactophilia [sexual arousal by smells and odors at 2.52 percent]; clothing fetishism [fixation on a particular type of clothing such as leather or rubber at 2.14 percent]; underwear fetishism [jockstraps, thong, G-Strings etc. at 2.01 percent]; ablutophilia [a paraphilia involving sexual excitement by baths or showers at 1.78 percent]; and technosexuality. If you are a technosexual, then you are someone who “is sexually and socially involved in relationships with technology” like robots and toys to name a few at 1.4 percent. 

What about you, guys? What is your fetish? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Jockn2cbt

    Kinda dumb on the voting system. Cum drives me nuts, I like it rough on my cock and balls, I’m mesmerized by dark thick bush, a guy fresh from the shower with dark hairy pits doesn’t have a chance, that blonde fuzz across some guys’ asses, hairy forearms, legs, crack, that awesome T chest hair pattern on a fit guy, cocks drooling with precum, bound helpless studs and so on. What makes it a fetish versus extreme attraction?

  2. Nathan


    Pure, Unadulterated, Lilly-White, Vanilla Sex!

    Pure as Cane Sugar or the Freshly-Fallen Snow!

    Contented to get in-between a hot pair of legs and work magic!

    Older, yes… but my ‘Pit-Bull’ Jaws are “Forever Young”!

    • Hunter0500

      Totally agree. For me personally, fetishes are like cotton candy; they seem like a good idea until you get in the middle of them. Whether it’s underwear, leather, bondage, role playing … they all just seem to get in the way. I so enjoy body to body (and body part to body part) contact that other items in the bed become a distraction; they get in the way. There are so many great things to do with a bud “vanilla”, I just don’t get the added ingredients.

      For those that it does, great! Whatever the guys are into and are willing to do. That’s what matters. For me, make it vanilla.

  3. MattK

    Seems to me that a number of fetishes involve “forbidden zone” portions of the body or funky odors. With that in mind, I wonder why rimming isn’t in the list. I’m only into licking armpits and assholes (during or post-shower only).

    • Sky

      A fetish is something that’s essentially nonsexual and not related to sexual organs but elicits arousal or a sexual response.

        • MattK

          Well, sure seems though there’s a sexual connection to most fetishes. I mean, otherwise wouldn’t you then have to consider 2 people sitting at a dinner table playing casual “footsie” under the table a fetish then? Sure doesn’t seem like one to me.

  4. Dave

    Hey Dave, this survey is limited to just one choice which is bias to a point. If I have to pick just one choice I’d have to choose Leather. Oh! a hot muscular body clad in leather gets me up and running. If a partner pulls out a collar & restraints sign me up. Perfer a partner to smell like a man. Let me get a whiff or a taste woof. I can get into over half of you choices depending who Im with. I’m sure Im not the only guy who has more than “1 fetish ” I chalk it up to satisfying, enjoyable sex

  5. Just me

    I’m not sure all of these count as fetishes, but here’s my list from mild to wild. friends, kissing (everywhere), cuddling, hugging, body contact, threesomes and groups, sucking, fucking, cum sharing and swallowing, underwear, ass play, rimming, breath sharing, rimming, WS, farts, sharing spit/snot, piss swallow, and even some light scat play, and anything I haven’t tried yet.

    Turnoffs are bondage, pain, and paying for sexual play.
    Partners can be young (legal), older, black, white, or any culture that is willing to play around with me.

  6. Andrew

    I love that the statistics borne out by your non-scientific poll are nearly 100% diametrically-opposed to the article’s findings (e.g., underwear at 2.01% in the article, and a whopping 16.42% currently on the site).

  7. Cold_Monkee

    The author’s first sentence casts a serious doubt of writing a professional or accuracy. A fetish is not a taboo. These are 2 seperate things. If i had a bucket full of fetishes, it does not and should not imply a taboo centric way of thinking unless this writer is wanting to imply or suggest that his view of sexual fetishes is taboo. To lump all fetishes as taboo is liken to saying all black men are hung or some other wrongful sterotype.

    • bjjj

      Yea, I guess when you put it that way a fetish and taboo can go hand in hand, but still are 2 separate things. Also I agree not all black men are hung, and some white guys have super huge hung cocks. I am white, average cock, and my BF lover is black, and he just has an average cock, but he is the greatest person ever.

  8. David

    Why do I have to pick just one? 🙂

    Bondage is a way of showing trust. When you allow me to bind you, you are submitting to me and trusting me that I will treat you well. If I ask you to tie me up and am giving you a high compliment that I already trust you.

    Likewise submission is again about trust. My favorite submission is to allow a couple (or more) to gang bang me. They could easily overpower me and do whatever they want but, that they observe limits and have the patience to “wait their turn” with me, knowing that I will do everything I can to please them while they have me. I truly love having a cock in my mouth and in my ass at the same time.

    New York used to have a club called “The Vault” It was a great place to be an exhibitionist without being distasteful. One time a dominatrix had me naked and tied, standing with my legs spread and arms out wide. I noticed three couples of men and women watching. The men seemed bored but, they were allowing their women to watch. Being watched by these three gave me an rock hardon and the women loved it. My dominatrix noticed my change and turned around to see what I was looking at and gave the women a wry smile and then stood and turned around and made eye contact with the men while she was stroking my cock and spanking my butt.

    I wish I knew of such a club near where I live now, in Asheville.

  9. DeLuca Wannabe

    Kind of strange to have a “survey” designed to only indicate ONE particular kink/paraphilia. I don’t know ANYONE who is only turned on by ONE thing about another person…. straight or gay. WTH?!?

  10. Tim

    I’m not sure if it is a fetish, but I’ve always had a fascination for men with a pronounced “adam’s apple”. Other than that, my vote goes to the hairy butts, chests, and legs!

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