Speak Out: What’s Your Best Mutual Masturbation Experience?

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When it comes to sex, so much focus is put on penetrative acts that we forget that there’s more to it than just inserting a penis into an orifice. There are so many things a person can do to make their partner feel good, using different parts of their body.

One such thing that can be done is to give a handjob. It’s simple and really pleasurable when done right. It’s also just as bonding an experience as penetrative sex, so much so that even straight men are doing it to one another.

A GQ article entitled “Why Straight Men Are Joining Masturbation Clubs” looks into the activity, mentioning the jackoff club Rain City Jacks in Seattle. Ten percent of the membership of Rain City Jacks is made up of straight men, who have called the communal masturbation sessions as “the ultimate form of male bonding.”

Mutual masturbation is also something gay couples are seriously considering. The subreddit r/askgaybros, for instance, had a number of questions about mutual masturbation over the past few months, with the most upvoted one being that of a 29-year-old and 25-year-old couple who prefer blowjobs and mutual masturbation when it comes to their sex lives. It’s something that they do two or three times a week, with penetrative sex happening just once or twice a month. Another reddit user participating in the post even revealed that he and his partner have been together for 20 years and have never had anal sex.

With all that in mind, we’d like to ask all of you Adam4Adam blog readers what your best mutual masturbation story is. Tell us all about it in the comments section below, and don’t be afraid to put in as much detail as you want! And if you need help with your masturbation, check out A4A masturbation devices!

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  1. Marc Summers

    I never have done mutual masturbation ever. Whenever I’ve seen a dick in front of me — or behind me — it ends up in my mouth or ass. Don’t judge: just the way I’m wired.

  2. B

    I have a bate buddy that I regularly stroke and edge with. They are always awesome sessions. I love masturbation and prefer it over oral and anal sex.

  3. Al

    I think the best one was my first time jerking off a buddy. We had been reading a porn novel. When we finished reading, he asked if i was hard, of course i was and I told him i wanted to jerk off and was about to excuse myself to the bath room, when he said lets. So we started beating our own meat until i asked if he needed help. That was all it took we jerked each other and repeated that many times over the next few weeks until we started giving each other blow jobs.

  4. Gentlebear55

    Met up with a hairy guy recently. . After extensive kissing, body exploration, more kissing, and sucking..I slowly stroked his penis, played with the head, rubbed precum all over it and me, stroked a bit faster, backed off when he was close, fisted it, used a single finger, then seriously stroked him….kissing him some more and licking his nipples while I stroked him. Until he came with loud moans and lots of cum…which I licked up and then kissed him one final time. It was wonderful to see him squirm until he came.

  5. MattK

    If these comments are all about us sharing our own personal views and preferences, as opposed to attempting to claim what we all believe to be what’s definitively right or wrong, I’ll jump in with my personal preferences re: masturbating: For me, getting in bed with another guy is a very very special experience. As I more or less jump from bed to bed (safely) with different guys (albeit with one or two regulars), I consider myself very lucky each time I’m with someone. On the other hand, I can masturbate by myself any given time more or less. Therefore, given the opportunity to make out, grind, suck, get sucked, rim, get rimmed, and (sometimes) fuck and get fucked, I have ZERO desire to do something I can easily do on my own when I’m fortunate enough to be able to do so much more in the arms of another guy.

    • Shoeinthebrew

      Hey MATTK…OMG.. I swear that I’m reading this as if I had written every word. You are spot on when you say “fortunate”. Fortunate describes it…I’m not “blessed” & I’m not “Lucky “ ….you’re the Captain of your own ship !! Reading this made my night! Good Karma to you.

  6. shaaty

    The hardest I’ve ever cum was with the first guy who straddled me, lubed us up, and jacked us off together. I didn’t know the term frot at the time, but it was an amazing feeling, and a huge turn on to see us both squirting on my chest. Erotic, exciting, and safe – what more could anyone ask?

  7. shaver6

    I was 17, and one of my best friends was also 17, and we had been fooling around for about a year. Usually I would jack him off, and he would do the same to me. One time we decided to do each other at the same time. We were naked, laying on our backs, side by side, but turned head to toe..our right sides were touching each other. We then each lifted our right leg, and slid our right hand under, and up between the others legs…then lowered our legs.. We were both Cut and our cocks were about the same size..around 6 inches. We lubed each other with Vaseline, and started stroking. This position makes it real easy to have a long session, without your hand getting tired. We stroked for about 15 minutes…and we were edging…when one of us was almost ready to cum..he would say to stop…then we would let it cool down a little bit, then start stroking again

    After about 20 minutes we were both ready to blow loads anytime, I might add, besides stroking each other with our right hands, we were reaching over with our left hands and fondling and rubbing each other balls. Finally we couldn”t hold it anymore..and started stroking, taking long strokes clear over the top the head. We started to cum, only about a second apart, and cum was flying all over each of us, on our bellies, chest, arms, and necks. We stroked about a minute, after the first shots of cum, until it was driving us crazy trying to stroke each other any more. We must of laid there for 5 or 10 minutes, letting our hearts slow down and our breathing to return to normal. We both agreed that was a fantastic experienced, and repeated it many time after that.

    • Hunter0500

      “We were naked, laying on our backs, side by side, but turned head to toe..our right sides were touching each other. We then each lifted our right leg, and slid our right hand under, and up between the others legs…”

      Have done this with a couple of my buds. It’is a great option on its own and especially during longer play times and you’re both looking to orgasm more than once. With only hands and cocks involved, its easy to focus on the intense pleasure of being stroked. Edging is an option. Lube is often a good idea.

      It’s great to have the focus off of anal sex where a pole is in a hole, someone is a “bottom”, someone is submissive. That’s often all that’s discussed when it comes to mansex. Mutual masturbation is a great tool for guys’ sexual tool boxes.

  8. Hunter4B

    While attempting a tantric technique, one in which you start and stop, over and over, again and again … after what seemed hours, I decided I would successfully hide my impending pleasure: Trust me, Spiderman had nothing on me … and no action could halt the impending ejaculation. moments later, though obviously a very evident and fruitful eruption, there was absolutely no tale-tell signs of one. We were both flabbergasted. Unbelievably, the evidence was 12 feet above, pancaked to the ceiling! We laughed uproariously, and later this escapade earned me the title (to this day) Rocket Man 😉

  9. Tony

    Me and a friend masturbate together. Were both straight guys. We start by watching porn and talking dirty about whatever kind of porn were watching. Then when we’re horned up and our dicks are hard we start removing clothes slowly piece by piece. After we’re completely naked we break out the lube and oil up our big hard dicks. Then we start rubbing and stroking and playing with our own dick still talking dirty about the porn. After a few minutes or so we move closer to each other. Then he’ll reach over and grab my dick while still rubbing his or vice versa. After that he has my dick rubbing and stroking and playing and I have his. After a few minutes of that one or thee other will move in between legs and rub them together as in frottage. We’ll go like that for a while then sit back down and Jack each others dicks until we cum. We have shot cum all over each other in different places. Sometimes he cums on my dick and I cum on on his.

  10. Ryan M.

    Though I acknowledge the point of a great amount of focus put on penetrative sex, I have a story connected to it that I have fond memories of, still. It does involve masturbation.

    One man with whom I was sexually active, for several months, shared a male bonding experience with me that truly left me enlightened.

    He was over six feet tall, and I, 5′ 5″. He placed me on my back, and he fucked my ass with my legs elevated over his shoulders until he came. Keeping his rock hard dick inside me, he stroked my rock hard cock until I came — my cum, covering my stomach and chest. Then with his dick still inside me, he’d lie onto me, chest to chest as we kissed.

  11. steamy4u99

    The one mutual masturbation session which I recall the most vividly was a number of years ago with a distant cousin of mine. He was single and moved to Dallas and he invited me to come visit for a few days. One night after an evening of bar hopping, we went back to his place a little buzzed. I remember we watched some porn and got really turned on. We got naked in his living room and started stroking our own cocks. It wasn’t long before and after a suggestion by him that we go into his bedroom and lay on his bed. I remember we got under the covers naked, facing each other with our cocks, chests, legs and feet were touching each other. We started rubbing our cocks against each other then started to slowly stroke each other teasing and edging each other for what seemed like forever. He came first and then I came with the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced. We covered each others cocks and balls with our hot sticky cum.

  12. Jeff

    My first time with a guy was my early teens. We were in his bedroom looking at a Penthouse magazine. Naturally we had to compare our huge cocks by putting them together. Our precum was flowing so we started rubbing together. Our passion building, our hands feeling each other’s bodies, pecs and nipples. We kissed and started to really thrust against each other. Our sweaty bodies and hard cocks perfectly matched. We took turns shooting our loads all over each other. After laying together coming down from our cum high, we showered together. A steamy soapy grind gave us two more loads. We were hooked after that. We spent many nights sleeping over, always naked and always nights of hot frottage and man passion. We of course experimented with oral and sex, but even today I prefer rubbing and cumming over everything else.

  13. Lamar

    It’s pretty-much the only way I let it fly these days, I love masturbation-edging with another man. I love hand-jobs, foot-jobs, or grinding, kissing like mad. I love to lay on him and grind against his stomach while we deep-tongue each other. The human body is a play-ground to the creative and passionate minded; nothing wrong necessarily with a good blow-job, now and then either or anal-penetration. However, those I would only do in a monogamous relationship, considering the realities. For me, its about discipline= safety, peace of mind.

  14. Bob

    One of my best masterbation memories, was one of my first . I was cruzing a park nearby me after I discovered by accident that bi men frequented there for sex . I had had some experience and was really curious to gain a little more. The park is next to a river and has several trails that lead to secluded spots and as I walked the trails I encountered several couples engaged in different acts . I was shy so I enjoyed from a distance and then I’d move on searching for I’m not sure what when I came apon an older man maybe twice my age who was watching from a distance a couple who were really going at it ! He had his nice size cock in his hand and was masterbating to the scene unfolding in front of him . I stood still for a little bit watching and feeling my excitement rise . I was stroking myself through my jeans and becoming mesmerized by him as he stroked himself to the couple! He noticed me and smiled and all of a sudden I felt a fear rise in me and maybe some embarrassement as I realized he had caught me watching! I was trying to figure out what to do? Should I hightail it out of there , what would people think , what if I’m caught by more people and the guilt kept rolling around in my mind ! But then I noticed he was smiling at me and turned towards me keeping his steady stroke on his wonderfully engorged cock , my fear faded and my curiosity returned. He was waving at me to come over closer to him , I wasn’t sure what to do but felt my curiosity was moving my feet towards him , it felt as though I was moving in slow motion but I eventually was in close proximity not knowing what to do ? Without saying a word he reached for my hand , my instincts made me pull away, but then he said in a soft voice bearly audible “it’s ok “ “ it’s all right “ and I let him take my hand . He placed my hand on his glistening and warm soft cock . It felt wonderful! I squeezed it a little and just held it but he had more in mind for me to do. He wrapped his hand around mine and gently stoked his manhood with my hand ! I felt myself getting more excited and I was just starring at my hand under his going up and down his shaft, it was a little awkward but it felt good holding his cock in my hand . I felt myself using my other hand squeezing my own hardness and pretty soon realizing I was stroking him on my own.
    He was awkwardly helping me stroke mine through my jeans and asked me if I’d like to take it out , which I did . The couple was still going at it in front of us but now I realized that they were watching us watch them? Here I was standing in the thick brush my pants now at my ankles, my hand wrapped around a strangers wonderful tantalizing cock , my own pointing to the sun feeling the masculinity of his hand keeping me at attention and I was enjoying it and I was excited by it and the fact that someone saw me doing it was even more exciting! We stroked for a long time watching the other couple watching us , they were now cumming to a conclusion and one was lapping up the other ! I could feel my mouth drop as I saw the couple cumming and although you didn’t see one as he was deep in the others mouth, you could see his body convulse and the other gag and you could see the gagging ones body doing the same as his own grip grew tighter around his own pumping cock and you could see his spert of whiteness as it exploded ! I could feel my grip tighten on my companions cock and my thoughts raced that I’d like to feel the warmth of that whiteness, I could feel the sticky ness on my hand and I could feel him starting to tense . He must have anticipated my growing need as he gently grabbed my shoulders pushing me towards my knees and guided his warm moist cock to my lips as I parted them! I felt him enter my mouth and tasted a sweet but musty taste as I started hungerly sucking his engorgement ! I felt his body tightening, I felt his cock swell and then his warm fluid gushed in my mouth slightly gagging me but tasting wonderful like nothing I’ve tasted before! I didn’t want to lose a drop ! I felt his creaminess slide down my throat and feel warm in my belly and all though he had finished, I had not ! I was stroking myself furiously feeling my own warmth rise ! I still was sucking his cock and I felt extremely sexy , sluty and especially hungry to keep his cock in my mouth as it still tasted incredible and although it wasn’t rock hard now it was still engorged enough to feel wonderful and was still feeding me droplets! My cock now burning with my strokes my cum now flowing as if I had no control getting everywhere! I could feel the intensity like I hadn’t felt before and it felt like the cum had risen from my toes I came so hard and now, my body was relaxing and I was feeling satisfied, my new friends hands moved from my shoulders to my head as he gently said keep sucking, I’ve got one more treat for you ? And although I was satisfied and felt done ? Odly I kept sucking with pleasure and soon felt the hardness return to the cock in my mouth! His grip tightened on my head as I felt him grabbing my hair pulling me deeper onto this wonderful tasting shaft ! Moving his hips now in rhythm to moving my head ! I could feel his intensity grow , I could feel the engorging cock swell as he pulled out cumming on my face now rubbing it in and I realized I had cum again too , only this time both my hands were on his thighs giving myself entirely to this stranger and had cum without touch just the incredible feeling of sucking that cock and now I realized the other couple had never left, they had sat , watching and fondling waiting for our scene to unfold… I felt incredible

  15. C

    My first time was a total shock and surprise for me. Met up with a friend who he claimed wanted to have a 3some with the 2 of us, she was a sexy older woman so I was definitely game. I went to his house and we all sat and had a few drinks to set the mood.

    As we sat on the couch she begin to hint how much fun it would be to see both of us stroking our dicks and getting ready for her. Was my first time doing a mmf 3way so figured what the hey, I’ll go along and give her what she wants. So we both wiped them out and begin to stroke. Her next request was to see us stroking each other…WOW…this was definitely not in my comfort zone. However “he” was more than willing to show her what she wanted to see and reached over.

    Feeling his hand on my dick was both scary and exciting. He begin to stroke my dick like I never had. He sat in front of me and used both hands as he stroked my dick, making me harder than I had ever been. Soon one hand begin to go lower and I felt him playing with my ass, nervous I didn’t know what to say, but definitely enjoying all that was happening. Forgetting that our female friend was even there, I watched as he opened his mouth and took all of me in, devouring my dick from tip to base. As soon as he slid he finger in my ass, I exploded deep in his mouth and on his lips. Coming to as I felt her hand on my shoulder, asking if I liked what just happened and saying she loved seeing what just happened, then asking did I still want to have the 3some.

  16. Nathan

    Nathan, says:

    Being ambidextrous has its advantages and neither hand ever gets tired. Also, hands do not say “No.”
    They are never tired or disinterested. They are always at your command. They are always agreeable…never argumentative.
    They are willing servants and need not be paid.

    The best experience?

    The first time I used either/both hands and understood “Ambidexterity”! Truly, man’s best friend!

  17. 2hot2hot

    I have a bud who is a bottom like me. We often connect and have a drink and chat, then we get naked for some mutual bate fun. Being bottom men, we have invested in a double headed dildo to share. We lube our asses and the dildo, sniff some poppers then each take a head of the dildo. As we let it enter, we are both hard already. We slowly take it in as we face each other. Once we both are fully entered, we stroke one another as we each squirm on the dildo. We edge and then back off, sniffing poppers, kissing, and feeling waves of prostate sensation. We try to keep it up for an hour before we each shoot huge cum wads on each other and ourselves. So hot, and it shows the pleasure two bottom buds can share.

  18. Eric

    I’m a member of a male/female nudist club near Slidell, LA. About two years ago I was there and walked down one of the nature trails where guys go to “secretly” get away for m2m fun. There was a muscular, tanned, hairy guy sitting on a bench at the end of the trail, gently playing with his very fat cock and dripping pre-cum profusely while two other guys stood by and watched. I asked him if he’d like some help. He said “gladly” so I sat next to him, grabbed hold of his hard, thick cock and began jacking him with my right hand. I started playing with his right nipple with my left hand. Within a couple of minutes, he let out a moan, threw back his head and shot one of the biggest loads I had ever seen. He continued to drip for a full minute after he shot. I was so horned after that, I used some of his drippings to lube my cock and ended up shooting my own nice size load. Best mutual jackoff session I’ve ever had.

  19. jjfree547

    Probably the first time I ever experimented with another guy. My best friend and I were both around 12 years old, horny all the time, and both of us had just discovered internet porn. Whenever we were alone we would talk about all the new types of porn we had found and which were our favorites. One day I mentioned him to him that I found a category called “shemales” while I was just clicking random links. He said he’d seen them too and found it really weird that someone who looks exactly like a girl can have a dick that works. I agreed with him and asked if he thought they were hot. He said “Yea the girl parts of them were but I didn’t know how to feel about the hard penis.” A few days later I gave him a link to a site with shemales fucking other real girls. I told him what it was a link to and I could see him trying to hide his excitement and could practically hear him getting hard as well. I didn’t call him out just then but waited until the next weekend when he was sleeping over. We did our usual routine after school; video games, eat dinner, play outside; more video games. When my parents went to bed I suggested we get on the computer and show each other our favorite porn sites that we’d found. He was more than eager and practically sprinted into the basement to boot up our PC. We got online and I let him go first at picking a site. It was a faux incest site, mostly sister-sister and brother-sister. I thought it was hot as shit too, and he told me that he’s seen the way I check out his younger sister (she was only a year younger than us, hitting puberty as well) and he couldn’t help but notice as well. I jokingly said I would let him watch when I get the chance to bang her. We both laughed, and then I noticed he had gotten a lot harder at that mention. I played it off like I didn’t notice since I was also sporting a raging hard on. We continued back and forth showing each other different sites and categories until he eventually “accidently” clicked on a shemale link. It wasn’t shemale on girl tho, it was shemales topping guys. I was initially shocked but couldn’t help but notice the now almost erupting cocks tucked under our gym shorts. Neither of us said a word while he just scrolled through the site for a good 5 minutes. He broke the silence by asking me “Want to show me yours? I’ve seen you glimpsing at this whole time and it’s really got me curious about you now too.” I was taken aback, shocked at the suggestion but at the same time was uncontollably reaching to pull my shorts off. Before I knew it my raging preteen cock was staring him right in the face. He was in the chair and I was standing next to him, cock not more than 6 inches from his gaping mouth. He instinctively pulled his pants down as well, revealing his pulsing cock as well. I couldn’t help but stare at it, almost longingly. Without asking, he reached for my shaft, I pulled back a little bit at the inital surprise of the act, but my hormones got the best of me and then let it happen. He jerked me off for a minute or so until he asked me to do it to him too. I got on my knees and started jerking him off as well. We were both moaning from the excitement of the new experience of having someone else’s hand doing the work. After a few mintes of mutual jerking he asked me if I wanted to look at gay porn to see if we could maybe get some more ideas about how guys can play together. I nodded in agreeance and before I knew there was a site up withpictures of guys 69ing, rimming, fingering, fucking, breeding, and swallowing. I asked him if and what he wanted to do. After some thought we both agreed that oral was the best place to start. I took the lead and sucked him first. It felt weird, but awesome at the same time. Before long he said he was about to cum. I pulled his cock from my mouth and finished him with my hand. He shot his load all over my chest. After he came to, I asked if he wanted to do it to me as well. He asked what it was like to suck on one and I told him it actually felt pretty good. He took the advice to heart and leaned me back in the chair and began to blow me. It didn’t take long for me to reach orgasm and in my blissful state didn’t think to let him know. I came in his mouth, he was a little grossed out at first but once he got a good taste he said it was pretty good. He asked me if I had ever tasted my own, I said no, and then he asked if I wanted to because there was a little left aorund his lips. I hesitantly said yes. He leaned in to kiss me, I met him half way pecked him on the lips and then used my tongue to clean the rest of my spunk off him. It was better than I ever imagined. We then cleared the history on the web browser and turned in for the night. The next morning wasn’t awkward between us at all. We talked about it when we woke up and agreed that we would do it every chance we got and keep trying new things. This went on until our freshman year of high school. Jerking, sucking, fucking, breeding, and swallowing eachother every time we were alone. Eventually his sister “caught us” and we thought we had to stop but it turned out much better than expected. That’s another story for another day tho. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.

  20. Bill

    met this guy in LA,, He was tall slim hot looking …packing some serious meat… I ask him what his sexual fantasy was so I could make it come true…he wanted me to pull the skin back off his big uncut dick and massage the big head…then when he got ready to com catch it in my mouth…then let him rest for a minute then repeat it.. he cumed 8 times that night…I finally fell asleep laying next to his big hard dick…yes. his big huge dick was still hard after shooting 8 loads…

  21. bslave101

    I think the first time was probably the best we were around 13 and 15 i had found box of porn mags me and my best friend took them back to out fort in the woods.We had done some truth or dare kind of stuff taking clothes off flashing streaking but nothing more we starting looking threw the porn mags we both got so horny he said im so hard and I said me to he said lets see so i dropped my pants and he did the same when he did it was the first hard cock i had ever seen in person . He was 2 years older black pubic hair i had light blond hair and i said wow your cock is so big he said touch it so i did then he showed me how to stroke it and we laid down next to each other and jerked each other off untill we both shot loads onto each others hands and that was the first of many times in all kinds of places .

  22. Darrell

    As a teenager living in the islands, my best friend and I would go scuba diving. We’d anchor and dive down to the bottom not too deep about 30 feet. Kneel on the bottom and reach over and jerk each other off. When we came the fish would come and eat the strings of cum floating through the water.

  23. Dave

    I’ve only ever had one mutual experience in my life. I was in sixth grade, back in the 60’s, and a classmate and I were always talking about sex. One day we decided to go out in the woods after school and masturbate together. We both dropped our pants, facing each other and jacked ourselves until we came. I wanted to drop to my knees and suck his hard cock, but was too afraid to even mention it. For whatever reason, we never did it again.
    I’ve had a lot of sex with men over the years, but never just mutual masturbation.

  24. Disey

    I had just turned 30 and had recently dropped out of the service. I had been a Navy Seal since I was 20 and had the body built for the service. I was blessed with good genes and a great cock.
    I had just started a new job and had only been there a fee weeks when I noticed a great looking guy that worked in a office down the jall from my office. He was a hunk with curly blond hair, deep blue eyes and a body that was tight and muscular in all the right places. He noticed me the first day I started my new job and had this cute grin every time he saw me. We were both working late one evening when I decided to drop by his offkce and say hi. When I looked in on him I found him and another of his coworkers in a side office both naked and in a 69 position giving each other a hot hand job. I just stood there at first looking though the crack in the door and before I realized it I had my pants down and was beating my hard 8″ cock. Just before I was about to blow a load of cum these two guys looked up from the floor and looked right at me and grinned and invited me into the room. I approaced them and the both got on there knees and grabbed my cock and balls. I soon was shooting cum all over their bodies and they both jacked off in seconds. I still remember what my new JO buddy said to me when he got to his feet. “Man that was the biggest load I have ever seen a guy shoot” We now meet at least once a week and have started pleasing each other orally. This is only the second guy I have ever let a guy blow me (the first being another Navy Seal buddy). Is it right that I so look forward to our time together or how great it feels shooting my load of cum down his throat. I still get a big smile when he finishes. We occasionally get a friend to join us in a jerk off but after the third guy leaves we both enjoy going down on each other. We both still consider ourselves as straight but we both seem to love the taste of cum.

  25. Eric

    To each their own, but there is nothing remotely exciting to me about JOing with someone else (and nothing more is going to happen, of course when it’s part of getting to oral and anal, then yeah because we’re getting somewhere)… it bores me to tears.

  26. MikeB

    a couple months ago, on my couch at home watching a movie with a cute twink, got high, started making out, hands started wandering, it felt so damn good, prob. best j/o session of my friggin life, we both shot off at the same time, all over the blanket lol

  27. Jackson

    My 1st experience was when I was about 12 years old. My best friend and me would always hang out after school at his house playing board hockey games. The one day I noticed that he was touching himself and not making a big deal about it, I just kept watching, he looked at me and said do you want to see what I am touching? I said sure I do. He stood up and dropped he pants and his nice big cock popped out, he asked me if I wanted to feel his cock and being curious I touched it and that was the start of us playing with each other for the next 4-5 years. We would J/O just about day after school. We started to 69 each other which was a great experience. We went our separate ways after we left school and now 50 years later I still enjoy mutual masturbation and enjoy giving oral. More to Cum!!!!

  28. Bert3512

    My first time with some besides my step dad was in the Navy, taking a shower and starting to jack off, this black man came into the shower area and asked if it was ok to use this one because his barracks was having an inspection sort of put me off cause it was just starting to feel really good. Well he stripped and came into the shower area, I was in the end left side with two shower heads putting nice hot water all over me, he was two shower heads to right of me also getting wet, he soaped up and started slowly to jack his cock, mine took notice and got really hard, he said go ahead I know you were jacking when I came in so I started again, felt so good but I could not stop looking at his beautiful black cock. He said why don’t we help each other and walked over to my area and we took each others cock and started jacking. His cock felt so wonderful and I really wanted to get on my knees but we both were to close, my ejaculation was so much better than if I had finished by myself, and his cum shot allover the wall and looked so good. We later got together and I got to suck his beautiful cock and swallow his cum, so loved that.

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