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Gay bars are important because it’s where the LGBT people found a sense of belonging, a community, a safe space to be while having a good time but if you’ve noticed, a lot of them are now closing down.

For example, the Divas Nightclub and Bar—a trans bar in San Francisco which is just one of three in the US—will be closing its doors after one last party on March 30.  Meanwhile, Blow Buddies—dubbed as the “largest sex club in San Francisco”—may have to close as well after almost 31 years in the business as its building has been put on the market for $3.25 million.

It’s not the first time this has happened and the list continues to grow. Moreover, it’s not just in the United States but also in other many countries. 

The phenomenon has got the netizens asking: why are gay bars disappearing? 

These are the questions that experts have been trying to answer for almost two decades now because whether it’s in the United States, Israel, or London, gay bars have been steadily disappearing. Is it because of gentrification as more and more gay bars are actually being converted into condos, high-end apartments, or stores? 

Or, maybe, is it because times are indeed already changing? Is it perhaps because the LGBT community is now accepted in these aforementioned countries that we no longer feel the need to be segregated and in a ghetto, that’s why most of our “gay villages” are dying? Is it because we can now go out and explore other places without the fear of being beaten up or bullied? Not to say that it no longer happens today, of course it still does, but the times are definitely better than before.

Or, at least it is for others, in some parts of the world. 

A few weeks ago, I spoke to a friend who is from Moscow, and he said that over there it is the contrary. That in Moscow, Ghettos are very much important and the gay scene is very strong and we know why. 

All that being said, why do you think gay bars are closing? Where are you from and are the gay bars also closing down in your area? Share with us your thoughts and awesome gay bar stories in the comments section below!